Young Giants fan tells Eli Manning he sucks after 4th interception (Video)

Eli Manning faceThey start em young in New York.

After Eli Manning threw his fourth interception in a 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, a fan with a young sounding voice yelled out “You suck Eli, you suck!”

The fan’s taunts were captured by FOX microphones and heard during the telecast.

Manning really was terrible in the game. He went 18-of-31 for 156 yards and five interceptions. The only thing worse than Manning throwing five picks was this idiot writer actually picking them to win the game.

Elisha now has 16 touchdowns and 25 interceptions on the season. Surprisingly, the 25 picks isn’t even a new career high for Manning yet — it just ties he previous mark.

But back to the taunting fan, let’s look at a difference in cities here.

Young New York sports fan:

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Female fan at Giants’ parade was there to see Mark Sanchez (Video)

Our buddy Todd Wright of Yahoo! Sports Radio has this thing called “You’re at the wrong game” cam, which is a phrase he uses for people wearing the gear of a team that’s not playing in the game they’re attending. I’m not sure how to even describe this one, but I think it qualifies under the same heading.

A blond girl at the New York Giants’ Super Bowl celebration parade Tuesday was asked by a reporter who she wanted to see. Her reaction was logical for anyone who reads tabloids and doesn’t actually watch the games.


Hey, at least there’s somebody in New York who still loves him.

Video via @SearsGarnett, H/T Jimmy Traina

Gisele Bundchen rips Patriots receivers in response to heckling Giants fan

Gisele Bundchen is rarely ever present to watch the Patriots play. She is obviously busy making millions of dollars, but Patriots fans probably feel as though she should stay busy more often. Once again, Gisele was on hand Sunday afternoon to watch Tom Brady and company lose one of the biggest games of their lives. As she exited her luxury box following the Super Bowl 46 loss, a Giants fan decided to heckle Gisele. She then did what a celebrity or athlete should never do: responded.

“Eli rules!” the fan yelled according to CBS New York. “Eli owns your husband!”

“You (have) to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” Bundchen fired back. “My husband cannot (bleeping) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

Known for being a great teammate and great leader on and off the field, Brady will likely cringe when he hears about the exchange.  Gisele is right about New England’s receivers needing to catch the ball. Brady’s favorite target, Wes Welker, had the most important drop of the game on a drive where the Patriots could have used a score.  Aaron Hernandez and Deion Branch each dropped a pass as the Patriots were fighting for their lives with under a minute to go.  Mistakes killed New England, but everyone on the team made them — Brady included.

Between this and the sickening email Gisele sent to family members last week, Brady’s wife isn’t earning any points among a fan base that widely considers her to be a jinx.

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This New York Giants Fan Has Really Missed Football

15 seconds in, the Jason Whitlock clone with a Giants helmet painted on his face:

Can you just imagine him putting that face paint on in front of his wife? Check that, can you just imagine him putting that face paint on in front of his supporting mother while his little brother runs up behind him and smacks him in the back of the head and threatens to eat his cheetos? Oh football season, how I’ve missed you.

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Antrel Rolle Does Not Like Giants Fans Booing the Team

The Giants-Jaguars game on Sunday at the Meadowlands featured a big second half comeback by the Giants. They were down 17-6 at halftime and outscored Jacksonville 18-3 in the second half to get the win. Apparently the fans were not pleased with New York’s performance in the first half and let the players hear it with boos.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle, who signed with the team in the off-season, said on WFAN he didn’t appreciate the boos, especially given that the Giants came back to win. Asked what he thought about the boos, he said “We’re not going to always have those dominant, blowout games. We’re not going to win each and every game. We need (the fans) to have confidence as we have confidence in ourselves. … You don’t boo your team. I don’t care what the situation is. You don’t boo your team.”

The hosts of course justified the behavior by saying, hey it’s New York — that’s the way things are. I don’t understand why fans aren’t accountable for anything. The team wasn’t playing well at the half but they wound up winning. Maybe reserve the boos next time until the team has actually lost, how does that sound?