Giants will reportedly work out Brandon Jacobs, Willis McGahee, Joe McKnight

David Wilson GiantsEither the New York Giants are trying to send a message to second-year running back David Wilson, or they are legitimately nervous about his fumbling problem. Wilson, who was expected to be a major part of New York’s offensive attack in 2013, put the ball on the ground twice during a loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Because of that, the Giants may be looking to add a veteran to their backfield.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, New York is planning to bring in Brandon Jacobs, Willis McGahee and Joe McKnight for a workout this week. Jacobs became irrelevant after leaving New York in 2011, McGahee was phased out by the Denver Broncos last year and McKnight was a failure with the New York Jets, but the trio could bring veteran stability to a backfield that is littered with question marks.

Prior to Andre Brown suffering a broken leg, he and Wilson were expected to share the workload in New York this season. Still, Wilson was seen as a far superior talent who would get the bulk of the carries. On Sunday night, he was benched after losing two fumbles in his first seven rushing attempts.

Third-year running back Da’Rel Scott replaced Wilson and rushed for 23 yards on five carries, but he also failed to handle an Eli Manning pass that was intercepted by Dallas and returned for a touchdown.

The Giants really have no option talent-wise aside from Wilson, so they need him to figure out a way to secure the ball. Last season, Wilson infamously cried on the sidelines after losing a fumble on his second career carry. You have to believe his fumbling issue is as much mental as it is physical at the moment. New York has dealt with this before with Tiki Barber, who lost six fumbles in 2002 and 2003. The Giants may need to take a similar approach with Wilson and tweak his ball carrying style.

Allow the doughnuts to tell the story about Jets and Giants fan loyalty

Rex-Ryan-JetsThe expectations surrounding the New York Giants and New York Jets are a bit different heading into the 2013 season. The Giants are not exactly a Super Bowl contender, but few people would be surprised if they snuck their way into the playoffs. The Jets? Not so much.

At this point, less than seven wins is looking like a legitimate possibility for Rex Ryan’s squad. Mark Sanchez is injured and Geno Smith threw three interceptions in his last preseason appearance. And if you need any further proof of how fans are feeling about the team heading into the new season, look no further than these football-themed pastries.

Jets fans can try to convince themselves that their doughnuts were freshly restocked before the photo was taken, but we all know that’s not the case. The reality is people are sick of circus moments like this, and they’re taking it out on the doughnuts. Either that, or Rex used to buy up all the Jets doughnuts before he lost a ton of weight.

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Victor Cruz does not feel New York Giants paid him what he is worth

Victor-Cruz-GiantsVictor Cruz and the New York Giants are happy to have gotten the 26-year-old’s contract situation squared away, but that does not mean he feels he was compensated fairly. Once a player signs on the dotted line, he no longer has a right to complain. No one forced Cruz to sign a five-year, $43 million extension with New York, but the Pro Bowl receiver was quick to point out on Monday that he feels the Giants got a hometown discount.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s tough. It’s tough,” Cruz told Sirius XM NFL Radio, via Ralph Vacchiano of the NY Daily News. “When you understand from a numbers standpoint, and the numbers you put up you feel like deserve a certain amount of money … and you want your team to owe that to you.”

In other words, Cruz thinks he could have gotten more. His deal includes $15.6 million guaranteed, which is close to the $17.8 million in guaranteed money Greg Jennings got from the Minnesota Vikings. However, it falls well short of the $30 million in guaranteed money Mike Wallace will receive from the Miami Dolphins as part of his $60 million deal. Does Cruz think he could have gotten that much?

“I think playing in NY, you can’t take that away,” Cruz said. “You ask yourself, ‘Would you want to play for this amount in New York and play in the best city in the world and play football, and — I’m a hometown kid — be close to home and your mom and your family? Or do you want to take a big pay day and go somewhere like Kansas City or Minnesota where your family might not be able to come as often as you want and you’re living in a city you’re not too familiar with and it’s an adjustment for you?'”

Again, he signed the contract. But that didn’t stop Cruz from basically admitting he wanted to be paid more like Wallace.

“But I’m not going to say it’s easy when you see guys getting these huge paydays and you feel like you’re at the same caliber, if not better than some of those guys,” he added.

Through two seasons in New York, Cruz has caught 168 passes for 2,628 yards and 19 touchdowns. Those are elite receiver numbers, but every team’s situation is different. The Giants would also like to keep Hakeem Nicks, and they’ll need a good chunk of their salary cap to do that. Considering he is locked into a winning franchise for several more years, Cruz’s deal sounds pretty good to me.

Giants PR director Pat Hanlon rips Warren Sapp

Warren-SappWarren Sapp annoyed many people who are connected to the New York Giants organization last week when he made the argument that former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Simeon Rice deserves the make the Hall of Fame before Michael Strahan. Sapp framed the comments in a way that they were just as much of an insult to Strahan as they were a compliment to Rice.

On Monday, former Giants running back Tiki Barber became the first person to publicly defend Strahan. Pat Hanlon, the teams senior director of communications, joined him with a funny tweet on Tuesday night.

Hanlon is quite popular on Twitter (more than 35,000 followers) and is known for tweeting some entertaining stuff. For those of you who don’t get the reference, Brian Cashman ripped Alex Rodriguez with some vulgar language on Tuesday for being too open with the public about his rehab.

While some people feel that Hanlon’s tweet was unnecessary, so too were Sapp’s comments. Having said that, Warren is simply looking for attention per usual. In a way, Barber and Hanlon did him a favor.

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Ahmad Bradshaw: Giants thought games would be handed to us

Ahmad-Bradshaw-GiantsThe New York Giants released Ahmad Bradshaw last week, and it’s a mystery how many potential suitors are going to line up for the oft-injured running back this offseason. Bradshaw had his ups and downs in New York last year, but the season ultimately ended in disappointment as the Giants missed the playoffs. One of the issues with that team, he says, was a sense of entitlement.

“We couldn’t come together as a team,” Bradshaw told the NFL Network on Tuesday, via The Star-Ledger. “Everybody seemed to think the season would come together in one game. We didn’t have the chemistry we had the year before … We didn’t play together, take advantage of the opportunities we had. … Everyone thought the games would just be handed to us. It was a tough season.”

That sounds to me like the definition of the Super Bowl hangover. One of the reasons it is so tough for a team to win back-to-back Super Bowls is the inability of players to stay as hungry as they were the year before. When you take into consideration the fact that the Giants defied the odds twice in four years and won championships as an underdog, it becomes even more difficult. Plus, it didn’t help that the back end of their schedule was so brutal.

As for his future, Bradshaw raised more than a few eyebrows when he essentially began selling himself to the New York Jets immediately upon his release.

“The New York Jets are a team that I’m excited to hear about, just to stay home, not make a big move from New York,” Bradshaw said. “It’s just right across the street from where I am now.”

The Jets have many needs outside the running back position, so Bradshaw would likely have to take a significant pay cut to stay in New York. He could also return to the Giants on a new deal, which he has not yet ruled out. He better sort this thing out fast. Fantasy owners are already curious.

Eli Manning: Bad loss to the Ravens was ‘shocking’ and ‘confusing’

After an embarrassing loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, the New York Giants will need a ton of help next week in order to make the playoffs. The G-Men have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles at home and have the Dallas Cowboys lose or tie, the Minnesota Vikings lose and the Chicago Bears lose. Stranger things have happened, but the chances are looking slim.

As for that 33-14 loss in Baltimore, Eli Manning was baffled that his team has put itself in the position it is currently in.

“It’s shocking,” Manning said according to the NY Post. “It’s one thing to lose and it’s one thing to be in there and something happens at the end of the game and [another to] not give yourself a chance. To get down early and getting no momentum, get no spark that can get us going and consistently not making plays that are there and not executing to our ability, it can be confusing.”

Since starting out the season 6-2, the Giants have lost five out of their last seven games. They have been outscored 67-14 in their last two games, during which Manning posted a passer rating of 58.5. The only thing New York can do now is attempt to take care of the Eagles and hope for the best.

“All we can do is go out and try to get back to playing better,” Manning said. “Whatever happens after that, you can’t worry about it. … So whether we make the playoffs or we go into the off-season, at least we go into that last regular season game and … we have a sense that we played well and ended on a good note.”

The Giants have stumbled into the playoffs and gone on to win the Super Bowl twice in the past five years, so in a way this is their style. They seem to enjoy digging themselves out of a hole, but the one they’ve created this year could be too deep to crawl out of.

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Ahmad Bradshaw: ‘A lot of things would have been different’ if I played

Ahmad-Bradshaw-GiantsThe New York Giants suffered their most embarrassing loss of the season on Sunday — a 34-0 throttling at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons. In the process, the G-Men allowed the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys to climb into a three-way tie with them atop the NFC East. Ahmad Bradshaw missed the game with a knee injury, and the running back feels he could have helped the team spare some embarrassment had he suited up.

“It was just a couple pieces missing, a couple things we couldn’t finish,” Bradshaw said Monday according to the Star-Ledger. “I just would have liked to have been there. A lot of things would have been different.”

Bradshaw, who said he expects to play against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, is one of the better backs in the league when healthy and certainly plays with passion — even taking it too far in some instances. However, to think one player could have done much to change the fortune of a team that lost by almost five touchdowns would be ridiculous.

Rookie David Wilson ran for 55 yards on 12 carries, meaning he averaged an impressive 4.6 yards per carry. When a team digs itself into that big of a hole on the road by way of turnovers and missed field goals, there’s very little a running back can do. New York is certainly a better team with both Bradshaw and Wilson healthy in terms of versatility, but it’s tough to agree that much would have been different if Bradshaw played. Total domination is total domination.