Shake Shack delivers burgers to Mets clubhouse after Braves sweep (Picture)

When your team kicks off the season with a three-game sweep of a division rival, you do your best to keep them happy. What’s the best way to keep 25 grown men happy after they just delivered on the field for three games? Greasy fast food burgers is a start. On Sunday after their 7-5 victory over Atlanta, City Field’s Shake Shack outlet did their best to congratulate the Mets. Rumor has it the Shake Shack is in high demand at Citi Field, but the photo above that Mets team chef Theresa Corderi tweeted shows us that the restaurant took the time to ship over a tray of fresh burgers to the winning team.

I’m sure the team appreciated it after all the hard work they put in, but as the Red Sox can tell you fast food during and after games isn’t the best way to sustain winning. The Shake Shack should probably just make this an April thing. Then again, crap food seems to work just fine for Justin Verlander.

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Mets are offering $2.50 tickets as 50th anniversary throwback special

As most of you know, the Mets are celebrating their 50th anniversary as a franchise this season. As even more of you know, the Mets are not expected to have a very good year. They have struggled the last few seasons and expectations are low for 2012. How low? So low that New York is offering $2.50 tickets for Wednesday’s game against the Nationals. As if that wasn’t enough of a value buy in itself, the starting pitching match-up is expected to be Johan Santana vs. Stephen Strasburg.

On the surface this looks like a fan appreciation move or a blast from the past, but you have to consider what has transpired over the past couple of weeks. After it appeared as though the Mets would fall short of an Opening Day sellout for the first time since 1997, pleasant weather and successful walk-up sales helped the team avoid embarrassment. Phew.

The Red Sox are celebrating their 100th anniversary this season and are off to a brutal start, but I’d be willing to be about 100 $2.50 tickets that they won’t be running a special like this at Fenway Park this year.

New York did, however, begin the season with a three-game sweep of the Braves. Maybe we’re all wrong about the 2012 Mets. Perhaps the $2.50 tickets are just a way for the front office to show the fans how much they care. Maybe they’ll win the N.L. East and quiet all the critics. Stranger things have happened, right? Yeah, not really.

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Mets still have ‘several thousand’ tickets available for Opening Day against Braves

Remember the days when an Opening Day game between the Mets and Braves was all you could ask for? Two of the National League’s most exciting teams — even if one of them is a perennial heart breaker — squaring off to signal the official end of winter and the return of our favorite past time. At Shea Stadium, Opening Day sellouts were the norm. The Mets sold out their first two home openers at Citi Field, but unless something changes that streak may end on Thursday.

According to the NY Post, Mets executive vice president of business operations Dave Howard says ‘several thousand’ tickets remain available for New York’s game against Atlanta on Thursday. He remains optimistic that they can still sell out the 41,800-seat stadium, however.

“I think we have got a chance,” Howard said. “Tickets have been selling well, and since Johan (Santana) was announced as our starting pitcher it has given us a surge of energy. We have a shot at selling out. If not, we’ll be close to it.”

Howard says the Mets will need solid sales Tuesday and Wednesday with about 2,000 to 4,000 walk-ups on Thursday in order to sell out. If they don’t, it would be the first time a Mets home opener failed to sell out since 1997. The cheapest ticket for the game right now is $40, which may have to come down if all the seats are going to be filled. #NewYorkMetsProblems

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Mets get ‘Underdog’ t-shirts courtesy of Jeff Wilpon (Picture)

If there’s any team in baseball that fits the underdog description, it is without question a franchise playing in the country’s largest media market. Yup, the New York Mets are easily one of the biggest underdog franchises in sports. Well, at least that’s what out-of-touch COO Jeff Wilpon believes.

Wilpon, already known as a feisty character, had t-shirts with the U logo from the cartoon Underdog sitting in each Mets player’s locker Monday.

Manager Terry Collins is either kissing up to his boss, or he likes the idea.

“I thought Jeff had a great idea. He made some T-shirts up — ‘Underdog’ stuff,” said Collins. “You know what? If it ticks you off, then we’re doing our job. You’ve got to know how you’re being felt out there.”

Third baseman David Wright was less of a fan, but he understands the message.

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Mets Going Back to Retro-Look Uniforms for 50th Anniversary in 2012 (Picture)

The New York Mets will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next season.  Considering they have won less than 80 games in each of the last three seasons, a 50th anniversary celebration might be an opportune time for a little identity change.  What better way to start than with a uniform tweak?  As Uni Watch shared with us, the Mets have decided to take some of the black out of their jerseys and unveil more classic-looking uniforms for 2012.  Take a gander:

You can have a look here at the old uniforms for comparison.  It looks like the Miami Marlins won’t be the only NL East team with a new look when baseball resumes.  Considering New York and Miami finished fourth and fifth respectively in the division last season, I suppose a change certainly can’t hurt.

Fist pound to Hardball Talk for the heads up on the picture.

Mets Had a Porn Room at Shea Stadium?

The Boston Red Sox have been scrutinized ever since collapsing in September. Initially we heard about some internal problems they may have had, which included pitchers drinking in the clubhouse during games. A more elaborate report was published by the Boston Globe, saying that some pitchers drank, ate junk food, and played video games while their team competed.

While nobody thinks that is a good approach for a team during games, most people understand that this is part of the environment in clubhouses.

In an effort to prove that the Red Sox clubhouse environment is nothing new, Dan Patrick referenced a supposed “porn room” the Mets had at Shea Stadium.

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Mets Pull Jose Reyes After Bunt Single in 1st Inning to Preserve Batting Title

On a normal day, I could not possibly care any less about a New York Mets baseball game. At the moment, the Mets are nothing more than a team that is widely mocked, and run by an owner who does not believe in them.  Today, however, I felt the need to pay attention.

Heading into the final game of the regular season on Wednesday, Jose Reyes held a one-point lead over Ryan Braun for the National League batting title.  Reyes was hitting .336 with an upcoming afternoon game against the Reds while Braun and his .335 average will play the Pirates Wednesday night.  Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we heard some rumblings about the Mets considering pulling Reyes in Wednesday’s game if he got a hit early.  Even the Mets wouldn’t be that classless, would they?

Of course they would; we’re talking about the New York Mets.  In fact, they went a step further.  Reyes dropped down a bunt single in the first inning and was immediately replaced with a pinch runner. The maneuver solidified Reyes’ place ahead of Braun for the time being, and the Brewers left fielder needs to increase his average by two points to surpass Reyes.  Can you say bush league?

When Ted Williams set the all-time batting record by hitting .406, he had the record on lock after game one of a double header.  Rather than sit out the second game and guarantee that his average remain above .400, Williams went about his normal business and ended up increasing his average even further.  I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope Braun somehow manages to go 4-for-4 in tonight’s game.