Yankees fan returns lost Red Sox World Series ring

Red-Sox-ringDrew Weber owns the Lowell Spinners, which is a minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Because of his affiliation with the organization, Weber received a championship ring after the Red Sox won the World Series last year. If not for an incredibly kindhearted New York Yankees fan, Weber might have only had the hardware for a few months.

On Thursday night, Luke’s Bar and Grill owner Luigi Militello found Weber’s ring on a sink in the restroom of his Manhattan restaurant.

“I was like, geez, it’s big. Who would leave this here?” Militello told The Associated Press, via CBS Boston. “I’m a big Yankee fan. What are the chances of this happening?”

Apparently Weber, who is from New York, had eaten at the restaurant earlier that day. He accidentally left the incredibly valuable piece of jewelry in the bathroom after wearing it out in public for the first time.

“I went looking around my apartment and started having palpitations,” Weber explained. “Sweat was pouring off my forehead. I’m looking at my finger and it’s not there.”

Weber called Militello’s restaurant and was relieved to hear that he left the ring there. Naturally, Militello had to crack his stones.

“But this being Yankees-Red Sox, I started razzing him,” Militello recalled. “I told him he wasn’t getting it so easily. I was playing with him, a lot.”

Weber and Militello met at Luke’s the next day so Weber could get his ring back. He offered to pay Militello, but the Yankees fanatic declined. Instead, Weber will be making a contribution to a charity of Militello’s choice. And they all lived happily ever after.

Yankees selfie girl OWNS the selfie game

Yankees-fan-selfieLook, selfies annoy me as much as the next guy. For the most part, I don’t get it. This girl has changed my opinion of the selfie game forever.

An attractive New York Yankees fan wasn’t going to stop until she got the perfect selfie at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. We haven’t seen the results, but I bet she killed it. You don’t put that much effort into something and not come out satisfied. Those of you who are obsessed with selfies should take notes.

GIF via @KFCBarstool

Yankee fans boo Robinson Cano cardboard cutout in hilarious Jimmy Fallon bit (Video)

Robinson Cano is returning to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night to take on his former team for the first time as a member of the Seattle Mariners. New York Yankees fans are expected to boo him for leaving the Bronx for financial reasons, so Jimmy Fallon gave them a chance to air out their frustrations a little early on Monday.

In one of his best bits to date, Fallon sent out a large cardboard box with Cano’s picture on the front and had a reporter tell people to give the five-time All-Star a piece of their mind. Little did the booing fans know, Cano was inside the box. Their reactions when he popped out were priceless.

The guy at the 2:45 mark was by far my favorite.


“I, I, I, I, I, I won’t b — I won’t boo you — I won’t actually boo you. I’ll, I’ll be rooting for you to … play well but not win.”

Yankee fans have already been holding signs about Cano chasing the money when the Mariners aren’t even in town, so you know he’s going to hear it on Tuesday. That’s the mob mentality for you. It would be interesting to see if fans would react the same if Fallon did the same bit with Alex Rodriguez. Something tells me there are a few fans who would boo him right to his face.

Yankees fan holds Robinson Cano ‘it’s all about the money’ sign


Robinson Cano is not scheduled to make his return to Yankee Stadium as a visiting player until April 29, but that didn’t stop one angry New York Yankees fan from heckling him during the Seattle Mariners’ game against the Los Angeles Angels on Monday night. The way the fan went about it will amaze you.

Believe it or not, the middle-aged Yankee supporter actually had the balls to hold a sign taunting Cano for signing with the highest bidder.

“CANO, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!” the sign read.

Yup, a Yankees fan. You know, the team that has one of the highest payrolls in baseball year in and year out. The team that throws $25 million a year at guys like CC Sabathia to assure that they cannot remain with the organizations that brought them into the big leagues. The team that is known as the Evil Empire largely because of it’s endless pile of wealth.

Come on, guy — you can do better than that.

Photo: Twitter/Jimmy Traina

Anonymous player says the Yankees were ‘spooked’ by the fans booing

If any excuse the Yankees could make for their poor ALCS showing would be off-limits, I would have to think it would be blaming the fans. Nothing New York fans say should surprise the players, no matter how vulgar, inappropriate or unsupportive it may be. According to one anonymous Yankee, it did this year.

“I really think the booing spooked a lot of guys,” the player reportedly told John Harper of the NY Daily News. “A lot of guys hadn’t been booed before, and they couldn’t believe how nasty it got in the stands. A lot of guys were talking about it in the clubhouse. I was surprised by how much it bothered them. I really don’t think they ever recovered.”

It certainly bothered Nick Swisher, who was open about the fact that the criticism he heard from Yankees fans at the start of their series against the Tigers was hurtful to him. Robinson Cano was one of New York’s most beloved players throughout his monster regular season at the plate, but even he was booed in the postseason because of his horrendous slump. And A-Rod, well, that’s a novel in itself.

As Aaron Gleeman of Hardball Talk pointed out, the Yankees played two games in Detroit in the ALCS as well. They embarrassed themselves on the road just as badly as they did at home. It all came down to poor play and an inability to get the bats going. It didn’t help that the Tigers’ starters are as hot as they’ve been all season. When your payroll is as high as New York’s, the team shouldn’t expect any sympathy from the fans.

Florida’s favorite baseball team? The Yankees, of course

The people of Florida have spoken, and their favorite baseball team is the Yankees. The New York Yankees.

Quinnipiac University recently conducted a poll asking Florida baseball fans about their favorite team. The Bronx Bombers came in at the top with 20 percent of the survey, edging out Florida’s own Tampa Bay Rays, who had 18 percent. The Miami Marlins, despite winning two World Series (once against those ever-popular Yanks) in their brief existence, placed third with 15 percent. The Boston Red Sox rounded out the top four with 8 percent.

Nearly 2,000 Florida adults participated in the poll, which was conducted between May 15 through 21 and has a 2.2 margin of error. According to the survey, 46 percent of the state’s adults are “very interested” or “somewhat interested” in pro baseball.

“Florida has only a 19-year tradition with Major League Baseball, so there is less fan interest, with the possible exception of those transplanted New Yorkers and their offspring,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Yankees have a huge following across the country and draw huge crowds on the road because of that fact. So, they would probably poll near the top in most states, while, ironically, polling possibly just as well in a survey on the most hated teams.

Photo: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Fan Christian Lopez Gives Derek Jeter’s Home Run Ball Back, Gets Sweet Loot

Fan Christian Lopez was the luckiest man in Yankee Stadium Saturday. The Highland Mills resident recovered Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball, a home run to left field off David Price in the third inning. Lopez says his girlfriend bought the tickets for him as a birthday present. He received an even more valuable gift in return.

Lopez decided to return the home run ball to Jeter without asking for anything in exchange even though it could have easily sold for a six-figure sum.

“[Jeter] deserved this,” Lopez said in an interview on the YES Network. “He worked so hard for this. He’s been in the league for so long. I’m not really the kind to take something away from him.”

The Yankees rewarded Lopez’s honorable deed by offering him some sweet gifts in return. He’ll receive signed bats and balls, and he was promised a meeting with Jeter after the game. The best gift from the Yankees is four suite tickets to every game for the rest of the season, including all Yankees playoff games.

There’s already a fan movement on Facebook to try and raise $300,000 for Lopez to reward him for the outstanding gesture.

The honorable thing to do is return the ball to the batter, but it’s awfully hard to turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let’s commend Christian Lopez for the tremendous deed, which is the second great story we covered this week.