Colorado TE Nick Kasa says NFL team asked him if he likes girls

Nick Kasa ColoradoThe NFL Combine is a time when teams can spend time with some of the players they may be drafting. Teams like to interview players to learn more about them, and they are known to probe and ask some odd questions. But at what point do questions become too personal?

That subject was discussed three years ago when many felt Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland went too far with this question he asked wide receiver Dez Bryant. The debate is coming up again after tight end prospect Nick Kasa said he was asked about his sexual preference.

Kasa, who was a tight end and defensive lineman at Colorado, appeared with CJ and Kreckman on ESPN Radio in Denver Tuesday to discuss the combine. He called the combine “hectic” and said that teams are trying to catch you off guard a lot.

“I think the whole point of the week is to play with your mind to see if you stay focused and stay driven. There was a couple of questions by coaches … they try to catch you off guard or try to say something you wouldn’t normally say … to see if they can get a reaction. They’re trying to see how badly they can get in your mind,” said Kasa.

Kasa was asked if he was asked any weirdly personal questions.

“They ask you like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ Are you married?’ Do you like girls?’” Kasa told the hosts. “Those kinds of things. It was kind of weird. But they would ask you with a straight face, and it’s a pretty weird experience altogether.”

The subject of a players’ sexual preference has come up recently for a few reasons. As San Francisco 49ers DB Chris Culliver showed us, there are football players who would not feel comfortable having a gay teammate. Some people even thought that Manti Te’o was involved in the girlfriend hoax to cover up being gay. Clearly the NFL is not ready for a gay player, otherwise we already have one.

But, we have to ask, why would a player’s sexual preference matter to a team? It shouldn’t, therefore these questions should not be asked.

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DT Dontari Poe impresses at Combine with bench press, 40-yard dash

The talk of the NFL Combine Monday was Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe.

Poe pumped 44 reps on the bench press Sunday, making him the strongest guy at the Combine. Then he wowed folks with a 4.87 unofficial 40-yard dash time. Poe’s 40 time was officially a 4.98, but for 6’5″ 350-pound defensive tackle, that’s still extremely impressive.

Consider that USC running back Mark Tyler clocked a 4.76 40. That means a dude who’s 350 pounds is nearly as fast as a running back.

Once he begins playing we’ll learn if he is just a workout warrior or an actual difference-maker, but there is little doubt with his showing at the Combine, Poe will be a first-round pick.

Vick Ballard falls while attempting 40 at combine (Video)

Mississippi State running back Vick Ballard was trying a wee bit too hard to make a good impression at the Combine Sunday. Attempting to run the 40-yard dash, Ballard took a few steps before stumbling out of the gates. He ended up crashing into a tripod and taking it out.

Hey Vick, we know the Combine is pressure-packed, but ease up and chill out bro. You try too hard you end up crashing and burning. Ballard’s final 40 time was a 4.65, which placed him toward the bottom of the running back list.

Helmet knock to SB Nation via Kegs ‘n Eggs

Time to welcome back the NFL Combine aka the Underwear Olympics

This week marked the opening of the NFL’s post-lockout franchise tag window. If that sentence all but made you plotz then let’s face it, you are a diagnosable football fan. If you are not at that level yet perhaps you are aware that Wednesday is the beginning of the NFL’s annual cattle, er, casting call, the NFL Scouting Combine. If you have made it to this sentence without fully understanding the significance of the initial two statements written here, first I applaud you. Second, just know that over 300 prospects for pro football’s April draft will be descending upon Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the next week where they will be judged on a number of variables, from speed and agility, to math skills, and presumably their ability to interpret the sardonic irony imbued by a New Yorker cartoon.

I should probably note at some point that I have always been envious of the awe-inspiring physical talents of sports figures. I, too, desired to be an athlete once, but that dream died at some point during my conception. Alas, I am left to make half-hearted attempts at trying to recreate what an athlete experiences or at least make bad puns while doing so.

To its credit, though its meteoric rise in popularity has proven to be confounding at times, the growth of the NFL Scouting Combine has respectably kept pace with that of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s head. The NFL now follows this event in lockstep. If a muscle contracts, you will see it. If a player contracts indigestion, you will hear about it. Failure to perform? Yep, you’ll be hearing about a player’s reduced contract come summertime. Fortunately, though, the network heads have decided not to televise the drug screening. Yet.

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