Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Went too Far With Prostitute Question

It isn’t out of the ordinary for NFL teams to sit town with perspective draft picks to get to know them better. But for the Miami Dolphins‘ GM Jeff Ireland, he went a little too far with his questions. Prior to the draft, Ireland sat down with Dez Bryant, a wide receiver out of Oklahoma State, and began asking very personal questions about his mother. Ireland asked Bryant whether his mother was a prostitute and whether she was still doing drugs. Excuse me? Bryant handled the situation really well:

“No, my mom is not a prostitute. I got mad — really mad — but I didn’t show it. I got a lot of questions like that: Does she still do drugs? I sat and answered all of them.”

Please tell me what that has to do with how this kid plays football. Not only is that question just plain rude, but it’s also none of his business. Ireland tried to justify this by saying that it’s his job “to find out as much information as possible about a player that [he's] considering drafting.” I disagree. You look at the talent this kid has on the field and the way he presents himself. His personal family background should have nothing to do with what you are looking at.

At the end of the day, I think Bryant is the one who benefits from Ireland’s poor judgment. He is receiving sympathetic media coverage because of this situation, and he was also the Dallas Cowboys’ first round draft pick. Just a hint of advice Mr. Ireland — don’t ever say anything bad about anyone’s mama.

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Houston Texans might ask you to Break Dance

We’ve all heard the maddening stories of the NFL combine and interviewing process leading up to the NFL draft. They ask you off the wall questions, measure everything on your body including your choade hair count, and they proceed to bombard you with tests to see if you’re fit to bang into people a couple hundred times on Sundays.

Despite all the wacky stories that have come out from the combines and interviews, I’ve never once heard of a team asking a player to break dance, which is what Alan Branch says he was asked to do. Branch was appearing as a guest on Fox Sports Radio with Sean Farnham and John Fricke when he said this:

The thing that got me was I used to break dance with a bunch of my friends back in high school so I told the coaches that’s something I like to do and they didn’t really believe me.  So they cleared out the room a little bit and I actually wound doing a little bit of break dancing right in front of all the coaches…I believe it was the Houston Texans.

I guess with the hundreds of interviews, it’s hard to keep track. If it was the Texans staff that asked Branch to break dance, it makes me wonder what secret talent they asked David Carr to show off before they drafted him.