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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: NFL Picks 2013

NFL Picks Week 14 against the spread – Del’s picks

After a 5-10-1 week against the spread in Week 13, Del has removed any and all doubt that this will go down as his most embarrassing year of NFL picks to date. With just four weeks remaining in the season, Del currently checks in at 43% against the spread overall and 38% in the top…Read More

NFL Picks Week 13 against the spread – Doc’s picks

Doc has been struggling most of the season on his picks and is at the point where having a .500 week against the spread is striking it rich. But … the good news is the Doc has gone 2-1 on his Top 3 the past two weeks, so at least those are looking strong. Below…Read More

NFL Picks Week 13 against the spread – Del’s picks

It’s official, folks — picking NFL games is no longer fun. The 2013 season has completely gotten away from Del, who posted a 6-8 record against the spread last week that included 0-3 in the so-called “locks” of the week. That’s pretty much par for the course with the way this season is gone. We…Read More

NFL Picks Week 12 against the spread – Doc’s picks

The picks this season have been disastrous for Doc and Del, and there are only six weeks left to make a turnaround and head for .500 town. The only good news is Doc locked in for a 2-1 week on the Top 3, which is no small victory these days. Hopefully the trend continues in…Read More

NFL Picks Week 12 against the spread – Del’s picks

Unfortunately, Del has run out of commentary to go along with his pathetic picks for the 2013 season. 4-8-3 against the spread last week. 0-2-2 with the locks of the week. It’s getting worse when it desperately needed to get better. You know the drill. Here are Del’s Week 12 NFL Picks, for those of…Read More

NFL picks Week 11 against the spread – Doc’s picks

Doc has already abandoned the Costanza Plan after only one week. You go .500 and don’t see many good results, and that causes you to abandon things. The past four weeks have really been a rotten run for the Doc. Is Vegas raking in the dough and making their money? You bet, but that doesn’t…Read More

NFL Picks Week 11 against the spread – Del’s desperation

At this point, all we can really do is roll our weekly picks out there and see what happens. Del followed up an abysmal 2-11 week against the spread in Week 9 with a less-than-impressive 6-8 record in Week 11. The only positive we can take from last week is the 2-1 in the top-three…Read More

NFL picks Week 10 against the spread – Doc’s revenge

Doc has been destroyed on his picks over the past few weeks. Frankly, it’s been embarrassing. So we’re trying out a new strategy this week, and it already worked on the Thursday night game. We’re going with the Costanza plan. If every instinct Doc has had lately has been wrong, then the opposite must be…Read More

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