Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Run Video, Goes Beast Mode on Saints

In one play, Marshawn Lynch justified Seattle’s mid-season trade with Buffalo. The former Cal running back went beast mode at the best possible time, late in the game when the Saints were coming on and looking to defeat the Seahawks. Check out the Marshawn Lynch touchdown run against the Saints that will go down as one of the best playoff runs all-time:

By my count, Lynch broke nine tackles on that run, and there were five times I thought for sure he’d be tackled. Never happened. I guess the play signified that Seattle was destined to win that game. The only good news about a 7-9 team winning a home game in the playoffs is that the NFL may finally change the bad rule. What a freaking play.

Who Steps Up Between Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick? Doc and Del Playoff Picks

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If you couldn’t already tell on Monday when we posted the TV schedule for the weekend NFL playoff games, we’re absolutely salivating over the Packers-Eagles matchup on Sunday. It’s a rematch of week one, but so much has changed since then. Namely, Michael Vick — an MVP candidate — is now the quarterback of the Eagles instead of Kevin Kolb. Doc and Del, who each picked at over 65% ATS in their Top 3 throughout the year, are providing their picks for the Wild Card Weekend playoff games before heading over to our local T.G.I Friday’s to get our Jack Daniels grill on. Here are our picks:


Doc’s Pick: Forget the toe sucker and Mr. Dead Arm, this is the marquee matchup of the weekend. Vick says he’s recovered from a quad injury that kept him out of the season finale against the Cowboys. Though he was spectacular most of the season, the Vikings, Bears, and Giants (for 52 minutes) were able to shut him down. What’s the common thread with all three teams? A speedy, athletic, and stellar front seven. The Packers have similar personnel and can contain Mike Vick. The question is whether or not Green Bay’s offense, which can be explosive some games while struggling to find a rhythm in others, can score points. As much as the Doc loves Aaron Rodgers, he sees another slow-starting game for the Packers that ends in disappointment. Eagles 24 Packers 21

Del’s Pick: Had Aaron Rodgers not suffered two concussions during the regular season, the Packers likely wouldn’t have to face the Eagles on Wild Card Weekend. Such is life in the NFL. Michael Vick is obviously one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the game, but Rodgers is right up there with him. Like Vick, Rodgers can even do some damage with his legs. Green Bay’s pass defense ranked 5th in the NFL this season, so they have the ability to make Vick beat them on the ground. In fact, LeSean McCoy could end up being the most important player in this game. Del envisions the Packers’ offense jumping out an early lead which could force the Eagles to become more one dimensional. Green Bay is a lot better than their six seed indicates, and they should prove it right out of the gate. Packers 28 Eagles 21

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NFL Playoff Schedule: FOX Has Best Wild Card Weekend Matchup

The 2010 NFL regular season is in the books and the playoffs are set to begin on Saturday. The Pats and Steelers earned first-round byes in the AFC and all the teams in that conference have at least double-digit wins. The Falcons and Bears earned the byes in the NFC while the Saints (the second-best record in the NFC at 11-5) got in with a wild card berth. Oh yeah, and for the first time ever, a team with a losing record won its division, keeping two 10-6 teams (the Giants and Buccaneers) at home. Here’s your NFL playoffs TV watching schedule to prepare for the next month via NFL.com (all times Eastern):

Wild Card Weekend

Saturday, Jan 8th: (5) Saints at (4) Seahawks 4pm NBC; (6) Jets at (3) Colts 8pm NBC

Sunday, Jan 9th: (5) Ravens at (4) Chiefs 1pm CBS; (6) Packers at (3) Eagles 4:30pm FOX

Divisional Round

Saturday, Jan 15th: highest seed left between Colts/Chiefs/Ravens at (2) Steelers 4:30pm CBS; lowest seed left between Seahawks, Saints, Packers at (1) Falcons 8pm FOX

Sunday, Jan 16th: higher-seeded wild card game winner at (2) Bears 1pm FOX; lower-seeded wild card game winner at (1) Patriots 4:30pm CBS

Conference Championships

Sunday, Jan 23rd: NFC Championship Game 3pm FOX; AFC Championship Game 6:30pm CBS

Super Bowl XLV will be played between the Patriots and Falcons on Sunday, February 6th 6:30pm on FOX.

Patriots, Falcons, Eagles, Steelers Biggest Super Bowl Favorites

Heading into week 16 of the NFL season, the question amongst fans and analysts has become more prevalent: who’s headed to the Super Bowl? The easy answer is the teams with the best records — the Patriots and Falcons. In addition to those two powerhouse teams, there are six other squads that have double digit win totals. But of those six, which ones have the best odds of making the Super Bowl? For the answer, let’s take a look at the Super Bowl Picks found at BetUS.

The 12-2 New England Patriots are the current favorite with odds of making the Super Bowl at 5:2. The 12-2 Atlanta Falcons are next up at 5:1. Now comes the interesting part: the Steelers, Ravens, Jets, Eagles, Saints, and Bears are all 10-4, but their odds vary greatly.

Unsurprisingly, the Eagles behind the spectacular Mike Vick are just behind the Falcons with 6:1 odds, making our Power Rankings look good. The Steelers are 17:2, while the Saints and Ravens are next up at 12:1. The Jets and Bears are receiving the least amount of respect amongst 10-4 teams — they’re both 20:1.

Of all teams still eligible for the playoffs, the Buccaneers (250:1) and Raiders (200:1) have the longest odds. Seattle, San Francisco, and St. Louis are all listed as 150:1 shots to make it to the Super Bowl, indicating the homefield advantage helps tremendously.

And how about this? The 8-6 Chargers are a 14:1 shot, while the 8-6 Colts are 16:1 — both ahead of the Bears and Jets who have superior records. Supporting San Diego’s strong odds are the NFL stats that show they have the second-highest point differential in the league, behind only the Patriots.

As long as both teams clinch homefield throughout the playoffs, I see no reason why the Pats and Falcons should not reach the Super Bowl. After all, that was my pick last year — better a year late then never.