Peyton Manning just wanted a Bud Light after beating Chargers (Video)

Peyton-Manning-Bud-LightPeyton Manning had only one thing on his mind after the Denver Broncos defeated the San Diego Chargers to advance to the AFC Championship Game on Sunday — an ice cold beer.

During Manning’s postgame press conference, a reporter asked him if he is concerned about his upcoming neck exam after the season and what it means for the future of his career. Peyton said he has not taken any time to think about it.

“Truly not,” he replied. “What’s weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth after this win. Priority number one.”

The press room erupted with laughter after Manning made the comment. We already knew Manning was hilarious with scripted stuff like his incredible DirecTV commercial or that SportsCenter interview with Ron Burgandy, but who knew he was such a good improviser? That’s why people love Peyton.

Ron Rivera does not regret play-calling, decisions on goal line

Ron Rivera PanthersThe Carolina Panthers lost at home to the San Francisco 49ers 23-10 on Sunday and were eliminated from the playoffs. The Panthers’ inability to score from the goal line may have been the difference in the game, but coach Ron Rivera is not second-guessing their play-calling in those situations.

“We believe in what we do,” Rivera said after the game via the Charlotte Observer. “I’m not going to second-guess anything that we did, this year or before. We’re going to learn from it.”

The Panthers were first stuffed at the goal line on their second drive of the game. They were down 6-0 at the time and had three shots at scoring from inside the three but were unable to convert. They tried a run with Cam Newton that gained two yards, then a handoff to Mike Tolbert that was stuffed, and then they went for it on 4th-and-1 instead of kicking a field goal. Cam Newton came up short on his QB sneak attempt, keeping the score at 6-0.

The Panthers ended up getting their touchdown after forcing a 49ers punt from the 3, returning it to the 31, and throwing a TD pass on their first play to go up 7-6, so all worked out well. But after scoring their touchdown, the Panthers were stuffed again.

Carolina had a 2nd-and-1 at the San Francisco 1-yard line while up 7-6. They were unable to get the touchdown and settled for a 24-yard field goal to go up 10-6. They didn’t score any more points for the rest of the game.

“You get the ball on the 1, you’ve got to figure out how to score,” Panthers offensive tackle Jordan Gross said. “They stopped us two different times down there. We’re normally a very good goal line, short-yardage team, and we weren’t today. That was a big, big part of why we lost.”

It sure is. The momentum for the game may have drastically changed had the Panthers gone up 14-6 instead of 10-6. But they were stopped twice, and that’s a big reason why the 49ers are moving on.

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Julius Thomas fumble call was the wrong one (GIF)

Julius Thomas catchThe referees made a bad call by determining Julius Thomas fumbled in the second quarter of the San Diego Chargers-Denver Broncos playoff game on Sunday, but luckily the call didn’t hurt the Broncos on the scoreboard.

Denver had a 3rd-and-2 at midfield and Peyton Manning threw to Thomas. Thomas seemed to be bobbling the ball and never really had control, but the calling on the field was reception and fumble because he was stripped. After reviewing the play, the referees said the ruling on the field would stand.

Play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz laid out the three options for the call: incompletion, catch and down by contact, or reception and fumble. Very few people thought that they would call it a fumble, because it either looked like an incompletion or that Thomas was down before being stripped. But in what seemed to be a “ball don’t lie” type of twist, Chargers kicker Nick Novak slipped and missed on his 53-yard field goal attempt.

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Marques Colston makes boneheaded throw on final play (GIF)

The New Orleans Saints came close to pulling off a comeback against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, but their effort fell short thanks in part to an extremely boneheaded throw by Marques Colston on the last play of the game.

After scoring a touchdown and kicking an extra point to make it 23-15 with 26 seconds left, the Saints recovered their onside kick. They moved it up to their 49-yard line and had a 3rd-and-2 with 13 seconds. That’s when they screwed up.

Drew Brees completed a pass to Colston by the sidelines for a first down. Colston could have stepped out of bounds with 8 seconds left, and the Saints would have had time for two more plays.

Marques Colston sidelines

But Colston decided to throw the ball, probably as part of a planned play. The issue was he threw the ball forward, which resulted in 5-yard penalty and automatic 10-second runoff, which ended the game.

Even if the call was for Colston to throw, he probably should have realized how much time there was and stepped out of bounds. And even though he didn’t do that, at the least, he should have thrown it backwards.

Steelers fan seeks injunction claiming Chargers should not be in playoffs

Ryan-Succop-ChiefsThe NFL has already admitted that the San Diego Chargers may have benefitted from a missed call in their Week 17 overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs that sent them into the playoffs. When Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop shockingly missed a 41-yard field goal that would have won the game, the Chargers were lined up in an illegal alignment.

As of the 2013 season, teams are not allowed to have more than six defenders on either side of the long snapper on a field goal attempt. The Chargers had seven. A five-yard penalty should have been assessed and the Chiefs should have been allowed to kick again. Since they were not, Daniel L. Spuck of Mercer, Penn. has filed a motion in court against the NFL.

Spuck is urging the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania for a “temporary emergency injunction” on the basis that the Chargers should not have reached the playoffs. He claims that the game and replay officials were “negligent and fraudulent” when they missed the illegal alignment call. Here’s where it gets good.

Spuck was kind enough to present the court with some possible solutions to the problem. He said the NFL could suspend the playoffs up to 10 days, allow Succop to retry the field goal, or let the Pittsburgh Steelers — who would have made the playoffs if the Chargers lost — face San Diego on a neutral site to determine who advances.

As some of you may have noticed, the Chargers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the opening round of the playoffs. They will face the Denver Broncos this weekend. Did the officials miss the call? Yeah, but it happens. It wasn’t even the only call they missed in the Chiefs-Chargers game. It’s kind of too late to go back and change it. Sorry, Daniel. The show must go on.

Packers came so close to blocking 49ers’ winning field goal (GIF)

Packers-49ers field goal

The San Francisco 49ers were lucky to get a win over the Green Bay Packers in their wild card playoff game on Sunday.

FOX replays showed that Green Bay came incredibly close to blocking Phil Dawson’s 33-yard field goal to win the game 23-20.

That was Davon House who nearly blocked the kick. House was actually flagged for being offsides on the play, but the penalty was declined. That’s what the explanation from the referees at the end of the game was all about.

Here’s a look at the kick by Dawson and how close House was to blocking it:

Had the kick been blocked, the 49ers would have accepted the penalty and had another chance to kick, but it’s still crazy how close we were to having a controversial ending.

GIF via @cjzero

Colin Kaepernick makes tackle on Tramon Williams after interception, gets drilled (GIF)

Colin Kaepernick tackleColin Kaepernick must have been ticked after throwing an interception deep in Packers territory during the second quarter of the San Francisco 49ers’ wild card playoff game on Sunday, because he went after Tramon Williams with a vengeance.

The 49ers had a 2nd-and-7 from the Green Bay 29, and Kaepernick tried to loft a ball to Vernon Davis nearby the end zone. Williams made a great play to jump in front of Davis and intercept the pass, and he began returning it. The surprise was that of all people on the field, it was Kaepernick who flew in to make the tackle. And he didn’t make some weak effort, either. He went head-first into Williams to bring down the Packers CB, and he paid the price with the brutal hit.

Most quarterbacks would usually let his teammates handle the tackle. How many other NFL QBs would make a play like that?

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