Eagles have $18,000 rookie dinner at Del Frisco’s


NFL rookie hazing is risky business these days in the wake of the Jonathan Martin scandal, but there is no way it is ever going to stop completely. Rookie dinners are still part of the initiation process into the league. Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson reminded us of that on Friday night when he shared a photo of a $17,747.68 dinner bill from Del Frisco’s.

Johnson captioned the photo “rookie dinner,” though it’s unclear if the rookies actually had to pick up the tab. Most of the money was spent on over $10,000 worth of wine and more than $6,000 in Remy Martin Louis XIII. The veterans, who are obviously high-class citizens (or so they think), also ordered $187 worth of Voss water.

Earlier this week, Dez Bryant spoke about the infamous $55,000 dinner tab he had to pick up as a rookie, though Jerry Jones once implied he didn’t actually have to pay it. Bryant said it angered him at the time but has led to him being able to “call the shots” with his teammates. Hopefully the Eagles’ rookies earn the same privilege someday.

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Denver Broncos rookie Ross Rasner will carry all of the shoulder pads

Denver Broncos rookie Ross Rasner pulled shoulder pad duty on Monday, and there were plenty of veterans who demanded the use of his services. How many sets of pads and helmets did the former Arkansas defensive back have to carry? Let’s just say he probably bumped into a few things as he was walking off the field.

Carrying shoulder pads is one of the more friendly forms of NFL rookie hazing. Even Robert Griffin III had to do it with the Washington Redskins last season. Here’s another angle of Rasner playing the role of rookie like a champ:

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Christian Ponder pranks Matt Kalil with Preparation H, Tucks (Picture)

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder had a little rookie hazing prank up his sleeve on Thursday.

Ponder tweeted the photo you see above and said he found the items in teammate Matt Kalil’s locker. He added, “I hope you’re okay bud.”

Preparation H and Tucks are medications used to treat hemorrhoids.

Kalil, a rookie offensive tackle who was drafted fourth overall in April, wrote back “nice setup lol.”

At least he took it well. A word to the wise, Ponder: You don’t want to get on the bad side of a guy who protects you during games, much less one who is 6’6″ and 300+ pounds.

UPDATE: As CJ Fogler pointed out, Ponder’s tweet was likely payback for this one from Kalil.

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Patriots rookies rock awful hazing haircuts to formal team function (Pictures)

Over the years, we have shown you a lot of rookie hazing haircuts here on LBS. Most of them have been phenomenal and teams have done a great job of keeping things original and coming up with new ways to embarrass the newcomers every year. However, we tend to forget that the context we generally see the haircuts in is the least humiliating. Nobody cares what their hair looks like in the locker room or under a football helmet. When the rookies have to go out in public, that’s when the fun begins.

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Broncos veterans throw rookies clothes in the lobby for hazing (Picture)

If the veterans on a team are going to harass the rookies simply because they are rookies, they might as well try to do something creative. The Broncos seemed to accomplish that late Wednesday night. As you can see from the photo above that Broncos rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler shared on Twitter, some of the Denver veterans got together and decided to toss a bunch of the rookies’ clothes in their hotel lobby.

Obviously, the most annoying part of this prank for the rookies was having to figure out which articles of clothing belong to them. Aside from that, I can safely say I would much rather have to walk around picking up my clothes than get an incredibly embarrassing haircut or be taped to a goal post. Heck, even Tim Tebow got it much worse when he was a rookie with the Broncos.

Raiders back at it with brutal rookie hazing haircuts (Pictures)

If you’re an NFL rookie who thinks you have it bad, just be thankful you don’t play in Oakland. We don’t really know if their rookies actually get the worst haircuts or if they simply do a great job of publicizing it, but any rookie who plays for the Raiders might as well completely shave their own head before training camp begins. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee you won’t end up with a penis haircut.

As you can see from the photos above that Joseph Barksdale shared with us on Twitter, a couple of Raiders rookies got horrible haircuts from the veterans — one of which Busted Coverage is certain is Carson Palmer because of the distinguished chin. As we saw last summer, this isn’t the first time a batch of rookies has been demolished by the buzzer in Oakland. Jack Del Rio banned hazing haircuts in Jacksonville after the veterans decided to hand out these penis-themed haircuts, so it will be interesting to see if the Raiders do the same. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m praying they don’t do that.

Jets rookie Antonio Allen gets ‘B+’ rookie hazing haircut (Picture)

‘Tis the season for rookie hazing, and that means lots of bad haircuts have been circulating around the NFL and will continue to do so until the start of the regular season. Horrendous haircuts seem to be one of favorite pastimes of veterans during training camp, and the buzz job Jets rookie Antonio Allen received this week was a hilarious reminder of that.

As you can see, the former South Carolina defensive back had a giant “B+” shaved into the back of his head. Unfortunately we have no idea what the reference means, but we do know a number of websites gave the Jets a B+ grade for their pick of Allen in the seventh round. Allen didn’t get it nearly as bad as these Raiders rookies got it last year or Tim Tebow got it two years ago, but he’ll still get plenty of looks when he sits down at a restaurant.

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