Rod Marinelli nicknamed Nick Hayden ‘Golden Cock’

Nick HatcherDallas Cowboys defensive line coach Rod Marinelli might give out the best nicknames in sports.

The Cowboys are 2-1 and the defense has been a strong point through three games. The team is currently second in the league in rushing yards allowed per game (66.3) and sacks (13). Jason Hatcher has three of the 13 sacks and was the focus of some media attention Wednesday.

Hatcher was asked about the influence Marinelli has had on the defense. Things got really interesting when he shared the nicknames Marinelli gave the front four.

Here are the nicknames, as shared by the Dallas Morning News:

    - Jason Hatcher is “Big Daddy”
    – DeMarcus Ware is “Long Arms”
    – George Selive is “Bricklayer”
    – Nick Hayden is “Golden Cock”

The first two nicknames are boring, but Marinelli more than makes up for it with the Golden Cock nickname. Naturally, you’re question is where did that nickname come from?

“He’s the only white guy,” Hatcher told reporters. “You ever seen the Fearsome Four? Nick is the only white guy.”

Hatcher was asked whether Hayden likes the nickname and said yes.

“Oh yeah,” Hatcher said. “The Golden Cock, that’s a sweet name, the Golden Cock.”

That still doesn’t really answer the question about where the nickname comes from, but since one player was already named after his physical characteristics, we can only figure that the same was done with Hayden.