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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Articles tagged: Nick Saban

Nick Saban admits to helping his players cheat on Wonderlic test

There are already many people who think the Wonderlic is a bogus, pointless test. It’s supposed to be a measure of intelligence for football players, but how important is it when quarterbacks like Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw scored poorly on it but went on to reach the Hall of Fame? Perhaps Nick Saban does…Read More

Nick Saban: Days of smash-mouth football are over

The Alabama Crimson Tide may be struggling to find high-quality play from their quarterbacks this season, but that does not mean they are going to roll the clock back to the old days and become a running team. That’s because Nick Saban believes the days of smash-mouth football are over. Saban took some calls from…Read More

Nick Saban said to be ‘frustrated’ and unhappy at Alabama

Nick Saban is signed to be the football coach at Alabama through 2022, but there is no guarantee he lasts that long in Tuscaloosa. In fact, one latest speculative piece of info suggests it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Saban leave Bama before too long. Football Scoop posted a story asking writers to…Read More

Nick Saban rips Monte Burke for ‘unauthorized’ biography

Alabama coach Nick Saban is not a fan of the recent biography that Monte Burke wrote about him. The book, entitled “Saban: The Making of a Coach” (buy it here), has produced several nuggets of information that Saban clearly has no interest in discussing. On Thursday, Saban told reporters he is done talking about the…Read More

Nick Saban: I told my agent 15 times I’m not interested in Texas

When Mack Brown left Texas in 2013, Nick Saban was immediately mentioned as a possible replacement. While there were reports that Saban gave serious thought to starting a new chapter with the Longhorns, the four-time national champion insists he never contemplated leaving Alabama. Last week, an excerpt from a new book about Saban quoted Texas…Read More

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