Nick Saban rips media for criticizing Lane Kiffin hire (Video)

Nick SabanThrough his first four games as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, it looks like Lane Kiffin was a great hire. The Tide are throwing the ball more than they did in past seasons and look more rounded on offense. They rank 12th in the nation with 335.8 passing yards per game after finishing the 2013 season ranked 45th with AJ McCarron under center. Nick Saban has decided that now is a good time to rub Kiffin’s success in the media’s face.

A reporter asked Saban on Tuesday if his communication with Kiffin has improved since the former USC coach first came on board. Saban went full “D–k Saban” on the guy and insisted it was never bad to begin with. He also took a few moments to beat his chest for making what looks like a great addition to his staff.

“If I did what you all thought when I hired the guy, he wouldn’t even be here,” Saban said, as transcribed by Jerry Hinnen of Eye on College Football. “Maybe that was the assumption — because nobody thought it was a good hire, that all of a sudden [our communication was] bad. I don’t know. I thought it was a good hire. Nobody else did. Now, I got beat up like a drum for doing it, and now all of a sudden it’s great.

“You guys don’t have any consequences for what you say or do. Our stuff ends up out there on the field on Saturday and if it ain’t done right there are consequences — in front of a whole bunch of people.”

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As for Kiffin finally opening things up on offense for Alabama, Saban wasn’t shy about pointing out that he has always wanted his teams to throw the ball more and stop taking such a run-heavy approach.

“I’ve been begging the offensive coordinators around here to open it up ever since I’ve been here … My philosophy hasn’t changed at all,” he said. “I’ve always asked for this. ‘Why don’t we throw the ball on this look instead of running this play where we can’t block everybody?'”

It should be noted that Alabama hasn’t exactly gotten to the meat of its schedule, but scoring 168 points in four games is pretty impressive. Kiffin has senior quarterback Blake Sims looking like a star. If the success continues, this probably won’t be the last time Saban rubs the media’s collective nose in it.

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Guy uses Nick Saban’s office for marriage proposal (Video)

When Nick Saban was not in the office on May 2, he probably had no idea that his private room would be used for a marriage proposal. But that’s exactly what happened.

A young man named Drew Clayton pulled some strings and set up a marriage proposal from inside the Alabama coach’s office for his current fiancee, Kayla Posey, who worked for the football program during her time at Bama.

According to AL.com, Clayton arranged the proposal through some of Posey’s friends in the football office. They helped him hide in the private bathroom inside the coach’s office while Posey was out to lunch. They also replaced Saban’s 2012 BCS National Championship Ring with the engagement ring.

When Posey returned from lunch, she was instructed to clean some of Saban’s rings in preparation for a visit from a very important guest. She was scheduled to give four tours that day and was told another one had been added to the schedule.

Drew Clayton Nick Saban proposal

As you can see in the hidden camera video set up by Posey’s pals, the young lady was cleaning off the rings when she came across her engagement ring … and she was shocked and confused. That’s when Clayton emerged from the bathroom and got down on a knee to propose.

And how’s this for a detail that should not be overlooked: Clayton says he found Saban’s stash of snacks and snagged one of the coach’s famous Oatmeal Creme Pies. That was easily the best part of the story.

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Nick Saban is clueless about why Lane Kiffin is so disliked

Lane Kiffin Nick Saban

Nick Saban might be the only person left who doesn’t understand why Lane Kiffin is so disliked among the public. The real reason he is disliked is because he is an abrasive, off-putting, arrogant jerk who thinks he is Bill Belichick when he is really just Josh McDaniels.

Fans and media members know this. Saban does not.

When asked Saturday about how Kiffin did in his first game as Bama’s offensive coordinator, Saban was praiseworthy of Lane’s efforts. Then he decided to go the extra mile in his praise of Lane.

“You know, the guy’s a really good coach,” Saban said in his postgame news conference. Y’all need to fess up to that. Most places that don’t like him is because he left and they were made because he left. They weren’t mad about anything he did while he was there. Just do a little research on that.”

Sorry, Nick, but I think you might have been buried recruiting, watching film and coaching to pay attention to why everyone hates Kiffin.

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For starters, many feel Kiffin was privileged because his father, Monte, had a great reputation in the NFL. The guy seemingly got three head coaching jobs despite not having proven success — and each job seemed to be better than the next. He got into a big fight with Al Davis and was accused of being insubordinate. Then he bolted Tennessee after just one season, which showed zero commitment or loyalty to the program and was overall a disrespectful move. Then USC got mad because he brought the program down to sub-par levels and was fired for his crap job as a head coach. The players were happy to see him go. That’s a big reason why Trojans fans don’t like him.

But, hey, keep enjoying him, Nick, and keep talking him up.

Nick Saban frustrated with his soft D (Video)

Nick Saban angryNick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide went into halftime Saturday with a 20-17 lead in their season-opening game against West Virginia, but the head coach was not satisfied with his squad’s effort.

During his halftime interview with ABC, Saban expressed his frustrations.

“The big thing for me is we gotta play better on defense and special teams,” said Saban. “Defensively we’ve made a lot of mental errors. We’re not doing the stunts right. We’re soft. So we really need to get ourselves some poise on defense.”

Well said, Mr. Nick. Let’s see if we can make your D harder in the second half.

West Virginia QB Clint Trickett: Nick Saban’s daughter was my first kiss

Nick Saban Alabama

If Nick Saban calls for a few extra blitzes during Alabama’s season-opening game Saturday against West Virginia, you’ll know why.

West Virginia starting quarterback Clint Trickett, whose family has a good relationship with Saban, admitted Tuesday that his first kiss was Nick’s daughter, Kristen. The admission came up when asked if he knows Saban well.

“His daughter was my first kiss back in the day,” Trickett said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“So yeah … I don’t know if I should have said that,” Trickett said. “She’s actually engaged now.”

Trickett moved to clarify quickly.

“For clarification, we were like six years old! Just so everyone knows that.”

For more context, Trickett’s dad, Rick, who is currently the offensive line coach at Florida State, used to coach on Saban’s LSU staff. Trickett’s brother, Travis, was once a graduate assistant for Saban. But Clint’s ties to Saban clearly trump everyone else’s.

I know he doesn’t do social media, but if Saban saw this tweet Trickett sent, he probably would be thankful his daughter broke things off early in life.

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Alabama fans race onto field for Nick Saban’s autograph (Video)

Never underestimate the passion of Alabama fans.

Sunday marked “Fan Day” for Bama football fans, so many supporters of the program showed up at Bryant-Denny Stadium to chase down autographs from their favorite players and coaches. And nobody was more popular than Nick Saban.

If you watch the video above, you’ll see most of the fans run towards the opposite end zone and form a line down the middle of the field. That was the mad dash to get the autograph of the program’s head coach.

My favorites were the heavyset dude at the 45-second mark who couldn’t be bothered with running, and the guy in the green running with the cardboard at about the 1:15 mark. The cameras loved that stud.

Look at how far this line stretched:

Alabama line

Texas reportedly was prepared to offer Nick Saban $100 million

Nick SabanNick Saban took some time waffling between Texas and Alabama last year, and now we have a better understanding of what may have made the choice so difficult.

According to radio/TV host Paul Finebaum, Texas was prepared to give Saban a $100 million offer to coach the Longhorns football team.

Below is an excerpt from Finebaum’s upcoming book “My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Still Rules College Football,” which was co-written by ESPN’s Gene Wojchiechowski. According to AL.com, which received an advance copy of the book, Finebaum says Texas going to offer Saban a $15 million signing bonus and total package that would pay him $100 million-plus.

Here’s what AL.com says:

“Texas was dead serious about trying to money-whip Saban,” Finebaum and Wojchiechowski write. “Depending on whom you talk to — Bama big hitters or Texas big hitters — the Longhorns were prepared to give Saban somewhere between a $12 and $15 million signing bonus and a salary package worth $100 million (plus performances).”

Saban instead signed a contract extension with Alabama in December which pays him at least $6.9 million per year through 2022.

What do you make of this Texas offer? Did the Longhorns actually give him this offer and did he turn it down? Or did talks never get to that stage? If Saban were really told by Texas he could get $100 million, that would have to have commanded his attention and caused him to consider the job, which he did. Who can blame him for that?

Saban ultimately said he was too old to start over somewhere else, and that does make sense. How long would he have had to stay at Texas to see all of that money? 10 years? At this point for Saban it probably is not about the cash but about maintaining his dynasty and building a legacy of one of the greatest college football coaches ever.