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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Articles tagged: Nick Saban

Nick Saban compares up-tempo offense to smoking and getting cancer

The NCAA playing rules oversight panel will vote on Thursday to determine if a “10-second rule” that will slow down offenses will be put into place next season. Nick Saban and Bret Bielma are two of the more prominent coaches that support the new rule, citing player safety as the basis of their argument. On…Read More

Nick Saban does the Electric Slide (Video)

Maybe you already knew it, maybe you didn’t, but who knew that Nick Saban had dance moves? Saban was caught on video doing the Electric Slide while hosting recruits at his home this weekend. The video was captured and uploaded to Vine by a guy named Alex Evans, who appears to be the brother of…Read More

Nick Saban gets his nails painted at Children’s Hospital

See, Nick Saban is a real person after all. He has emotions and empathy and even some sweetness in his heart. Alabama and Oklahoma are in New Orleans preparing for their Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2, and the teams visited hospitals on Monday. Oklahoma was at the Ochsner Health Children’s Medical Center, while Bama visited…Read More

Nick Saban agrees to extension with Alabama

The Nick Saban saga has finally reached a conclusion. Alabama announced on its official Twitter account that they agreed to a contract extension with their head football coach. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit first reported news of Saban’s extension with Alabama. Breaking News….Nick Saban has agreed to a multi year contract extension to STAY at Alabama! Details…Read More

AJ McCarron: Nick Saban told me he’s not leaving Alabama

If Nick Saban is planning on leaving Alabama to coach Texas, he lied to his starting quarterback. Either that, or AJ McCarron is lying to us. Either scenario is a genuine possibility. McCarron was asked about Saban’s futur on Thursday¬†during an appearance on ESPN’s “College Football Daily.” The senior took a shot at his coach’s…Read More

Mack Brown and Nick Saban swap hair and it looks amazing

Mack Brown and Nick Saban are both 62 years old, but it doesn’t seem like it. Saban still looks somewhat young despite aging over the past few years, while Brown totally looks like a grandpa. Is the reason for the visual disparity between the two the hair? Our friend Cork Gaines decided to explore the…Read More

Nick Saban reportedly still deciding between Alabama and Texas

With all the rumors floating around about Nick Saban’s future, the only thing we can seemingly be sure of is that only Saban knows what Saban wants. In reality, even that may not be true. According to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, a “great source” claims that Saban is still in the process of deciding whether he…Read More

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