Nick Saban does the Electric Slide (Video)

Maybe you already knew it, maybe you didn’t, but who knew that Nick Saban had dance moves?

Saban was caught on video doing the Electric Slide while hosting recruits at his home this weekend. The video was captured and uploaded to Vine by a guy named Alex Evans, who appears to be the brother of four-star LB recruit Rashaan Evans, who is considering Alabama, Auburn and UCLA.

My favorite part wasn’t Nick grooving with everyone, but the moment he made eye contact with the camera and probably realized the video was headed for the internet:

Nick Saban electric slide

Saban must be a fan of the Electric Slide, because this is not the first time he’s done it. Here he is doing it in a Dec. 2012 video:

Nick Saban gets his nails painted at Children’s Hospital

See, Nick Saban is a real person after all. He has emotions and empathy and even some sweetness in his heart.

Alabama and Oklahoma are in New Orleans preparing for their Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2, and the teams visited hospitals on Monday. Oklahoma was at the Ochsner Health Children’s Medical Center, while Bama visited Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.

During their visit to the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, Saban had his nails painted by one of the kids.

How sweet is that? Between this and his loving embrace with A.J. McCarron after the win over LSU, Saban has been showing his softer side.

Below are more photos shared by Alabama football’s Twitter account of the Tide’s visit to the hospital.

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Nick Saban agrees to extension with Alabama

The Nick Saban saga has finally reached a conclusion. Alabama announced on its official Twitter account that they agreed to a contract extension with their head football coach.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit first reported news of Saban’s extension with Alabama.

Nick SabanRumors about Saban potentially leaving Alabama to coach Texas have been swirling for months, but the speculation was taken to the next level when a report surfaced earlier this week indicating Mack Brown will be stepping down as Longhorns coach. Alabama is said to have presented Saban with a contract extension proposal last week, and reports claimed school officials were growing uneasy as it sat on his desk.

Shortly after news of Saban’s extension was reported, it was also reported that Mack Brown would not be stepping down at Texas.

AJ McCarron: Nick Saban told me he’s not leaving Alabama

Nick SabanIf Nick Saban is planning on leaving Alabama to coach Texas, he lied to his starting quarterback. Either that, or AJ McCarron is lying to us. Either scenario is a genuine possibility.

McCarron was asked about Saban’s futur on Thursday during an appearance on ESPN’s “College Football Daily.” The senior took a shot at his coach’s age before revealing that Saban told him he is staying put.

“I messed with Coach, [saying] he’s getting too old to start up again somewhere else,” McCarron said. “He told me he’s not leaving. And I know Miss Terry [Saban's wife] well enough; she runs that house. And she’s not allowing Coach to leave either. I think he’ll be at the University of Alabama for a little while.”

As recently as Thursday morning, a report indicated that Saban is in the process of figuring out “what his staff would look like” if he chose to leave Bama to coach the Longhorns. There have also been reports about Alabama officials growing uneasy over Saban’s hesitance to sign a contract extension proposal, which has supposedly been on his desk since Friday. One second he’s leaving, the next he’s staying, and the next he’s undecided.

Of course, Saban is the type of guy that probably wouldn’t tell anyone — not even his starting quarterback that he has won multiple championships with — what his intentions are. And if he was planning to leave Alabama, he certainly wouldn’t want his players to know that before their upcoming BCS bowl game against Oklahoma.

Nick Saban reportedly ‘trying to see what staff at Texas might look like’

Nick SabanAs the Nick Saban watch continues, there has been very little that has developed over the past few days. We can expect it to remain that way all the way through the BCS National Championship Game, though the speculation is only going to get worse if and when Mack Brown officially announces that he is stepping down at Texas.

On Thursday, Geoff Ketchum of Orangebloods.com — the same people who broke the news that Brown is expected to step down at Texas — reported that Saban has begun the process of trying to figure out what his staff at Texas might look like should he leave Bama to coach the Longhorns.

Again, this is not earth-shattering news. We understand that, but any reports about Saban inching closer to taking the Texas job that come from credible sources are noteworthy for two reasons. One, it could mean Saban is actually considering leaving Alabama and starting yet another chapter in his Hall of Fame career. Or two, Saban’s camp could be planting all this information as a way to get more money out of Alabama.

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I wouldn’t rule either scenario out. Money talks, and Saban is going to get a raise whether he stays at Alabama or leaves for Texas. With Alabama officials reportedly growing more uneasy as Saban lets a contract extension proposal sit on his desk, we could be witnessing the ultimate power play from Saban and his crew.

Mack Brown and Nick Saban swap hair and it looks amazing

Mack Brown Nick Saban hair

Mack Brown and Nick Saban are both 62 years old, but it doesn’t seem like it. Saban still looks somewhat young despite aging over the past few years, while Brown totally looks like a grandpa. Is the reason for the visual disparity between the two the hair?

Our friend Cork Gaines decided to explore the possibility by creating that amazing photoshop job at the top. Mack Brown actually looks totally normal in Saban’s hair and somewhat younger. Saban still looks semi young even with the gray hair, but the style just looks funny on him.

Alright, so if it’s the hair that makes Brown look much older than he is and Saban younger, then it must be the decline of Texas’ program that gives off the perception that Brown is aging and out of touch, right? Saban is the same age and just dominating the college football scene.

Shoot, if Mack gets Saban’s hair, I think he’d be a viable candidate for many other jobs. He looks totally revitalized with that new ‘do.

Photo: Twitter/CorkGaines

Nick Saban reportedly still deciding between Alabama and Texas

Nick SabanWith all the rumors floating around about Nick Saban’s future, the only thing we can seemingly be sure of is that only Saban knows what Saban wants. In reality, even that may not be true.

According to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, a “great source” claims that Saban is still in the process of deciding whether he wants to sign an extension with Alabama or leave the Crimson Tide to coach at Texas. Cowherd’s source said Saban is “weighing both sides carefully.”

We realize this is hardly breaking news, but it is not insignificant. A lot of people believed Saban when he said he intended to finish his career with Alabama. If Cowherd’s source is correct, it would seem that Saban remaining in Tuscaloosa is not a foregone conclusion. Those of us who remember Saban insisting he would remain with the Miami Dolphins and then leaving for Bama know that you can never be certain.

Of course, there still remains a possibility that all of this information is being planted by Saban’s camp to create leverage. If nothing else, Mack Brown’s impending resignation at Texas and Saban’s perceived interest in the job has made Alabama desperate to keep him. A previous report even stated that school officials are growing more and more uncomfortable because Saban has yet to sign the extension offer that was put on his desk last Friday. Saban could just want more money, or he could actually be open to leaving for Texas.