Alabama reportedly growing ‘uncomfortable’ over Nick Saban not signing extension

Nick SabanAt the very least, it seems obvious that Nick Saban is going to get more money from Alabama if he chooses to stay in Tuscaloosa. The impending coaching vacancy at Texas has placed the four-time national champion in an incredible position of strength, and ESPN.com’s Paul Finebaum is reporting that Saban has had a contract extension offer on his desk since Friday.

Finebaum added that the school is growing more and more “uncomfortable” the longer Saban goes without signing the new deal. As we know, there have been rumors from some pretty credible sources claiming Saban is expected to be the next head coach at Texas after Mack Brown steps down. However, one reporter admitted he does not have enough info on his Saban to Texas rumor to warrant a full news story.

Should Saban sign the extension with Alabama and stop making school officials “nervous,” it would be his second raise since March. He signed a contract extension worth $5.62 million per season nine months ago and said it would allow him to finish his coaching career at Alabama.

“From my standpoint, the acceptance of this extension represents our commitment … to the University of Alabama for the rest of our career,” Saban said at the time. “We made that decision after the season when other people were interested.”

As we know, this is the same coach who infamously said he would not leave the Miami Dolphins before accepting the job at Bama. We know better than to rule out a departure, just as Saban’s camp knows better than to pass up more money by denying he has any interest in the Texas job.

Nick Saban to Texas rumor came from guy who doesn’t have enough info to write a story

Nick SabanUntil Nick Saban makes an announcement about his future, there are going to be plenty of rumors about whether he is leaving Alabama for Texas. The difficult (and fun) part is trying to decipher what is B.S. and what is a reflection of reality.

The latest Saban to Texas rumor came on Tuesday from Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Stevenson caused the Internet to go crazy when he said a Texas source told him Saban would be the next Texas coach.

That’s a pretty bold tweet, but after realizing what he had done, Stevenson seemed to back it up a few steps.

Hmm, if you don’t have enough info for a story, how can you tweet something? And if you have enough info for a tweet, isn’t that enough info for a story? Maybe I’m missing something here.

I’m on record saying I think the Nick Saban to Texas rumors are a play by the Alabama coach’s agent to get more money from the Crimson Tide rather than a legitimate indication of what will happen. I do believe that the Texas job intrigues Saban, but I don’t think he’ll leave Alabama to take the position.

Whatever the case, this is shaping up to be an exciting week.

New report: Nick Saban will be next Texas head coach


The Nick Saban rumors are starting to get out of hand.

Not long after we shared a report saying that Saban was in contract extension talks with Alabama that could pay him $7 million per season, another report emerged saying Saban will be the next Texas Longhorns head football coach.

As improbable as that sounds, the report did come from a very legitimate source — Stefan Stevenson of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram.

Here’s what Stevenson tweeted:

Then there was this from Bobby Burton of Texas 247:

WWLS’ Dean Blevins wrote about what Texas is offering Saban:

These are just rumors and reports at this time, and I would be seriously shocked if Saban left Alabama.

In response to previous rumors about the subject, the 62-year-old Alabama coach said he was too old to go elsewhere and start over. Of course, nobody will ever forget how Saban, while the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, said he wasn’t going to take the Alabama job. Not too long after that, he became the head coach at Alabama.

Like I said, I would still be very surprised if Saban left Alabama, regardless of what these reports are saying.

In a related story, more and more reports are confirming that Mack Brown will step down at
. Brown and his agent said he wouldn’t be stepping down, but ESPN, Rivals and CBS Sports have all confirmed the initial OrangeBloods.com report. Maybe this latest Saban to Texas report is a scare tactic from agent Jimmy Sexton intended to get Alabama to offer more to keep their coach.

Report: Nick Saban in contract extension talks with Alabama

Nick SabanNick Saban is about to get paid … again.

Already the highest-paid coach in college football, Saban is in contract extension talks with Alabama, NFL.com’s Gil Brandt reports. Brandt says the extension could pay Saban in the $7 million-per-year range.

According to USA Today, Saban made $5.55 million this season. The next closest earner is Mack Brown at $5.45 million. Ironically, it could be Brown’s status at Texas that gets Saban his huge raise.

Brown’s job status has been in question since he started the season 1-2 and got rolled by BYU and Ole Miss. The Longhorns are 8-4, which marks the fourth-straight disappointing season for Brown since leading Texas to a title game loss to Saban’s Crimson Tide in the 2009 season.

Saban’s agent actually talked with Texas after Alabama won the national championship game in January and expressed to some of the school’s representatives that that was the only job he’d consider leaving Bama for.

Reports are saying Brown will step down at Texas, though Brown’s agent denies that is the case. Saban may not leave Bama to replace Brown, but the threat of him leaving is enough to get him a raise.

Nick Saban paged over intercom at Texas airport as a joke

Nick-SabanAlabama will not have the opportunity to compete for a third straight national championship this season. Mack Brown is expected to announce by the end of the week that he has stepped down as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns. What does one thing have to do with the other? If nothing else, it means the rumors about Nick Saban potentially leaving Alabama to coach at Texas aren’t going to stop.

Saban has brushed aside talk of him joining the Longhorns in the past. On Tuesday, some jokesters had a little fun with the speculation at Austin-Bergstrom International airport in Texas. Chase Goodbread of NFL.com rounded up several tweets from people who were at the airport and confirmed that Saban was paged over the intercom system.

Of course, Saban was not in Texas. He was actually in Ohio making some recruiting rounds earlier in the day. Yes, recruiting for the Crimson Tide.

Saban’s agent reportedly said back in January that Texas is the only job that could make Saban consider leaving Alabama. Now that Brown is expected to step down, Saban is going to be peppered with questions about the Longhorns. He’s not going to like it.

Did Nick Saban say before kick he didn’t think Adam Griffith could make field goal? (GIF)

Nick-Saban-Adam-GriffithAlabama had little chance of draining a 57-yard field goal at the end of regulation on Saturday, but Nick Saban tried it anyway. He knew freshman kicker Adam Griffith probably did not have enough leg to be the hero. What Saban obviously did not consider is the importance of having his players in position to make the tackle should an Auburn player try to return the missed field goal for a touchdown.

Or did he?

[WATCH: Auburn returns missed FG for TD to beat Alabama]

Just after Griffith missed the kick, Saban could be seen saying something that looked like, “I told you he can’t cover it.” Had Griffith missed wide left or right and still sent the ball through the end zone, the game would have gone to overtime. Instead, Auburn defensive back Chris Davis fielded it in the end zone and the rest was history.

As we said yesterday, the field goal attempt is a risk Saban probably shouldn’t have taken. Even if the above clip proves that he was convinced by another member of his coaching staff to try it, the blame still falls on the head coach. Whether it was returning the missed kick for a touchdown or blocking the kick and scoring that way, Alabama had little to gain if Griffith simply didn’t have the leg.

GIF via SB Nation

Nick Saban’s wife suggests Alabama fans don’t appreciate the team’s success

Nick SabanNick Saban’s wife assured Alabama Crimson Tide fans that she and her husband are not leaving Tuscaloosa, but she is not necessarily happy with the fan base.

Terry Saban conducted an interview with the Wall Street Journal and confirmed they are not going to leave Alabama despite rumors that Nick is interested in the Texas job. But Terry does believe that the success her husband has enjoyed in Tuscaloosa has spoiled the fan base.

“You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation,” Saban told The Journal last week. “We’re kind of there now.”

Bama has won three national championships in the last four seasons under Saban and is in contention for a fourth (and third in a row). Despite the success, Bama doesn’t sell out every game, and Saban has even complained about fans leaving games early.

The profile on Terry is an interesting one and shares some great information. According to The Journal, Terry and Nick are very much a team. She helps with his contract negotiations, and assistants even copy her on all of his emails.

But is she right about her comments about the fan base? Probably so. I wouldn’t say the fan attendance is an indication of that — most of the time it’s the weak opponents they are unenthusiastic about. But when you go 72-7 in six years, you set expectations extremely high, and the fans will settle for nothing less than championships.