Bret Bielema bows down to Nick Saban in great GIF

Nick Saban Bret BielemaBret Bielema slipped and fell down while doing the Hog Walk prior to the Arkansas Razorbacks’ loss to Texas A&M last month, and the embarrassing moment went viral. If you thought that GIF was good — and it was — LSU Freek did us one better.

LSU Freek, who is just an absolute wizard when it comes to making GIFs, decided to perfect that moment by adding in some Nick Saban.

Alabama spanked Arkansas 52-0 last Saturday, so Freek “improved” this GIF by turning it into Bielema bowing down to Saban.


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Nick Saban offered Ricky Williams a job on his Alabama staff

Ricky Williams DolphinsRicky Williams is in his first season as an assistant coach for University of the Incarnate Word, and it turns out he actually had an even better job opportunity he turned down.

When the 1998 Heisman Trophy winner was trying to get the job at Incarnate Word, he reached out to two of his former coaches for letters of recommendation. Both Mack Brown and Nick Saban came through for him, but Saban did him one better.

According to USA Today’s Laken Littman, Saban actually offered Ricky the opportunity to work on his staff at Alabama. Williams turned it down, perhaps feeling more comfortable working with Incarnate Word instead, but is considering the offer for the future.

But can you believe this? How odd of a pairing are those two?

Saban is one of the most demanding, straight-edge, no-nonsense coaches in college football. Ricky was suspended for an entire season for a reported fourth violation of the league’s substance abuse policy because he continuously smoked weed. He left Saban’s Miami Dolphins in 2006 and played in Canada because of the suspension. However, Williams rushed for 743 yards and six touchdowns for Saban in 2005.

The two must have formed a connection, because Williams says Saban is the coach he wants to emulate most.

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Nick Saban as angry as you’ve ever seen him (Video)

Nick Saban angryAlabama struggled in the first half of their game against Ole Miss on Saturday, so it was no surprise to see Nick Saban more agitated than usual. Following a false start penalty called on Austin Shepherd just before halftime, Saban exploded like you’ve never seen before.

Not only did the false start cost the team five yards when they were trying to set up for a field goal or touchdown, but it also forced them to use their final timeout of the half to avoid a 10-second runoff.

The Saban was angry that day, my friends. He was shaking so badly he looked like he had been electrocuted.

Video via @cjzero

Nick Saban brushes aside Texas rumors

Nick SabanNick Saban brushed aside any rumors that he might be interested in the Texas Longhorns coaching job should it become available, saying on Thursday that he is happy in Tuscaloosa and too old to start over at another job.

The rumors came up after the AP reported that Saban’s agent spoke with Texas regents shortly after Alabama won the national championship in January. Saban was asked about the situation during his weekly radio show on Thursday and said that nothing went on as far as he knew.

“Nothing went on that I know of. I don’t know about any of this stuff,” Saban said on the show. “I haven’t talked to anybody about that particular situation. They have a coach there.”

Saban also noted that there seems to be annual rumors about him leaving Bama.

“Every year it’s something. Last year it was the Cleveland Browns,” Saban said, via AL.com. “The year before that it was somebody else, the NFL. Terry and I are very happy here in Tuscaloosa. We’re really love the University of Alabama. We really feel like a part of the community here and we have a lot of good friends here.

“And, quite frankly,” Saban said, “I’m just too damn old to start over somewhere else.”

Saban may be happy at Alabama and focused solely on winning his fourth national championship in five seasons, but he shouldn’t act like he’s above switching jobs. He left LSU for the Miami Dolphins, and then he left the Dolphins for Alabama. He left Miami shortly after telling everyone he wasn’t going to be the next coach of the Dolphins. So excuse us, Saban, if we don’t take your word at face value.

Saban, by the way, is 61 years old. He still has plenty of time to go to a powerhouse like Texas and turn it back into a title contender.

Nick Saban interested in Texas? His agent spoke to their regents

Nick SabanNick Saban has put together a dynasty at Alabama and seems to be happy there, but if one job could make him leave Tuscaloosa, it might be Texas. According to a report, at least one side has interest in that happening.

The Associated Press reported on Thursday that Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, spoke with University of Texas regents shortly after the BCS National Championship Game in January.

Regent Wallace Hall and former regent Tom Hicks, who is the former Texas Rangers owner, spoke with Sexton. Hicks was instrumental in bringing Mack Brown from North Carolina to Texas in 1997. Hicks later met with Brown for lunch and asked whether the coach was ready to step down and retire. Brown said no, so the matter was dropped. Based on that information, it seems like Saban’s camp was at least open to discussing the possibility of making a move to Texas.

Brown is under contract with Texas through 2020 and making $5.4 million this year. Saban, whose team has won the national championship three of the last four years, earns $5.6 million per season.

Texas was one of the best programs in the last decade. The Longhorns won at least 10 games per season every year from 2001-2009, including a 13-0 national championship season in 2005. They went 13-1 season in 2009 and lost to Bama in the title game. But Texas has gone 23-18 since then, including a 5-7 season in 2010.

Texas is off to a 1-2 start this season and got embarrassed in losses to BYU and Ole Miss. Could Brown be forced out somehow if the program doesn’t improve? And would Saban consider leaving Alabama for Texas if the job were available? I definitely think he would consider it. If not simply for the new challenge, then at least to get more money from Bama.

Nick Saban walks out on press conference in response to DJ Fluker questions

Nick-Saban-press-conferenceAlabama head coach Nick Saban ended his press conference prematurely on Wednesday after he became frustrated with questions about a Yahoo! Sports article citing documents and text messages that have led to an improper benefits investigation. Former Crimson Tide lineman DJ Fluker has reportedly been interviewed by compliance officers and is cooperating with the school’s investigation regarding claims that he took money and benefits while at Alabama.

Saban, who was looking to discuss his team’s upcoming game against Texas A&M, was repeatedly asked questions about the article.

“I don’t know anything about any current players that will have any circumstances relative to this,” he replied. “So there’s no sense in asking about that.”

Of course, it was the only topic reporters wanted to discuss. Saban said multiple times that he had nothing more to add and that Alabama athletic director Bill Battle had already addressed the matter on behalf of everyone.

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Nick Saban eats oatmeal cream pies for breakfast every day

Nick SabanBy all indications, Alabama coach Nick Saban is a physically fit individual. If you didn’t know how old he was, you would have trouble guessing 61 just by looking at him. While that is not surprising considering he is the best coach in college football, it becomes a bit more puzzling when you hear about part of his dietary routine.

GQ magazine writer Warren St. John followed Saban around recently for a lengthy profile that will be published next month. One of the more interesting revelations in the piece is that Saban eats the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. The breakfast part is pretty hilarious.

Saban is a fit 61, owing in part to regular pickup basketball games with staff, a frenetic pace on and off the field, and a peculiarly regimented diet. He doesn’t drink. For breakfast, he eats two Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies; for lunch, a salad of iceberg lettuce, turkey, and tomatoes. The regular menu, he says, saves him the time of deciding what to eat each day, and speaks to a broader tendency to habituate his behaviors.

I don’t know what’s funnier — the fact that Saban eats Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies every day or his reason for doing it. The average person probably spends no more than a few minutes figuring out what they want for breakfast and lunch, but in the life of Saban that’s valuable time that can’t be wasted.

Saban also admitted that the “Satan” persona the fans and media have created for him over the years has bothered him.

“It used to upset me,” he says. “I would come and say to my wife, ‘I’m not like that at all. Why do these guys say I’m that way?’ And she would say, ‘You ever watch yourself in a press conference?’ You can blame the other guy for saying it, or you can look at yourself and say, ‘I must have contributed to this.’”

We can attest to that. Saban has a reputation for running an incredibly tight ship, which is why his teams have won three of the last four national championships. However, Satan would never eat Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. Now that we know Saban does, we can probably ditch the nickname.

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