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Friday, October 9, 2015

Articles tagged: Nick Saban

Nick Saban is ‘the devil himself’ according to Florida coach Tim Davis

Nick Saban is the best coach in college football, so that means he has his share of detractors. People really can’t get on him for his accomplishments (though Steve Spurrier once tried), so they often resort to dissecting the Alabama coach’s personality. In January, Vanderbilt coach James Franklin apologized after it got out that he…Read More

Nick Saban doesn’t have time for Bob Stoops’ anti-SEC remarks

Nick Saban does not have time for Bob Stoops’ anti-SEC remarks. He made that clear when speaking with reporters on Thursday, though he did say it in a nice way. First, let’s start with Stoops’ comments. During a caravan stop in Tulsa, the Oklahoma coach defended the Big 12 and said all the hype surrounding…Read More

James Franklin apologizes for calling Nick Saban ‘Nicky Satan’ (Video)

Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin phoned Nick Saban to apologize for calling the Alabama coach “Nicky Satan” while speaking at a Georgia high school banquet on Monday. Video of Franklin speaking at the Macon (Ga.) Central High School fall sports banquet went viral on Wednesday, leading the Vandy coach to smooth things out with the…Read More

Urban Meyer wants Nick Saban’s coaching staff to be raided

One could sense the bitterness and jealous coming from Urban Meyer as he spoke on ESPN’s postgame show following Alabama’s win over Notre Dame in the National Championship Game. The Crimson Tide had just won its third national championship in four seasons, and it was clear the program had done something Meyer did not think…Read More

Nick Saban reportedly banned ESPN in his players’ hotel rooms

Nick Saban wants his players focused for the national championship game and not getting lost in all the hype surrounding the team. In his quest to have his team achieve the proper mindset, Saban reportedly banned ESPN in his players’ hotel rooms. According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, Tom Rinaldi said Saban had the team’s hotel…Read More

Steve Spurrier still trying to nudge Nick Saban back to NFL

Steve Spurrier is still doing his best to nudge Nick Saban back to the NFL. The South Carolina coach recognizes that his chances of winning the SEC championship are slim as long as Saban is coaching at Alabama. That’s why every chance he gets, Spurrier seems to try to push Saban back to the NFL,…Read More

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