Nik Stauskas and dad have great handshake to celebrate draft pick (Video)

Nik Stauskas’ father is making a strong case to be named coolest dad of the NBA Draft.

Nik and his dad, Paul, celebrated Stauskas being selected No. 9 overall in the draft Thursday by the Sacramento Kings with a great handshake. The coordinated effort ended with both of them throwing up the three goggles:

Nik Stauskas dad handshake

Stauskas made his name as a fantastic outside shooter at Michigan, where he shot 44 percent from 3-point range for his college career, so the three goggles were quite appropriate.

Video via @gifdsports

Stephen Curry challenges Nik Stauskas to 3-point shooting contest

Nik StauskasMichigan’s Nik Stauskas returned home to Canada this week and decided to release a new shooting video. In the video, Stauskas went 70-of-76 (92.1 percent) on his shots in the rain, including 46 straight makes. Needless to say, the exhibition was impressive.

Stauskas’ show was so impressive that it even caught the attention of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, who just set the NBA record for most 3-pointers made in a season. Curry tweeted the video and gave a friendly challenge to Stauskas, who made 44 percent of his threes last season for the Wolverines.

Stauskas was thrilled to hear from Curry and said he was down:

Sounds like fun, but I would definitely have Curry in this one. He shot 45.3 percent on threes in the NBA this season, which was a higher percentage than Stauskas despite being at a further distance. Though, if the contest took place in Stauskas’ backyard, I might lean toward him because of the home court advantage.

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