Whistleblower says this 150-word paper got North Carolina athlete an A-


For several years now, the University of North Carolina has been accused of going well beyond special treatment when it comes to educating student athletes. A report that was published in The News & Observer a little less than two years ago claimed UNC football players took phony classes that lacked instruction and involved forged signatures.

Many of the classes in question were from the African-American (AFAM) studies department. Former UNC employee Mary Willingham, who has researched the studies of student-athletes at UNC, spoke with ESPN recently and shared some of what she found. Her findings included the paper you see above, which was allegedly written by a student-athlete for a class that never met and required just one final paper.

“Athletes couldn’t write a paper,” Willingham said. “They couldn’t write a paragraph. They couldn’t write a sentence. Some of these students could read maybe at a second or third grade level. Really, for an adult, that’s considered illiterate.”

Here is the text from the paper that was written for a class called AFAM 41, courtesy of Sports Illustrated contributor Bryan Armen Graham:

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North Carolina football players reportedly took phony classes

Several North Carolina football players took classes that lacked instruction and involved forged signatures, a report published by The News & Observer says.

One particular class — AFAM 280: Blacks in North Carolina — is under the most scrutiny. Of the 19 students who enrolled in the class last summer, 18 were football players and the 19th was a former player. The class apparently didn’t show up on the calendar until days before it began, indicating that it wasn’t intended to be available for general students.

An internal review by the school showed that 54 classes have evidence of academic fraud because they involved little instruction. What’s more troubling is that nearly all the classes were taught by one particular person — Julius Nyang’oro, who is the longtime chairman of the African and Afro-American Studies Department.

The News & Record’s report includes this damaging section:

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NCAA Reinstates UNC Receiver Dwight Jones After Suspension for Birthday Flier

North Carolina came dangerously close to being without its best receiver after Christmas when the Tarheels will take on Missouri in the Independence Bowl.  Dwight Jones’ 23rd birthday is right around the corner, and for whatever reason that caused him to forget that he is a collegiate athlete.  With his birthday falling on Jan. 1, Jones decided it would be a good idea to host a New Year’s Eve/birthday bash for himself at a club in Burlington.  The party — mainly the flier promoting it — resulted in the NCAA suspending Jones for UNC’s bowl appearance.  The thing was absolutely loaded with no-no’s, but the NCAA cut North Carolina a huge break on Thursday when they reinstated Jones. Here is the flier that landed the receiver in hot water:

Here is what the NCAA said at the time of the suspension, courtesy of the Charlotte Observer.

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North Carolina Fan Drives Custom ‘Heelraiser’ Hearse to Games (Pictures)

There are college sports fans and then there is John Snipes.  Snipes is on his own level when it comes to being committed to a school.  If you thought the Cameron Crazies love the Duke basketball team, check out the whip Snipes shows up to North Carolina basketball and football games in:

Grilling your food in a casket at a tailgating party is just plain weird.  Rolling up to a game in the HEELRAISER hearse is something only a boss can pull off.  According to The Dagger, Snipes came up with the idea seven years ago when he and his buddies saw a similar hearse that a Clemson fan had tricked out.  Snipe’s custom hearse has all the bells and whistles, from a ram’s skull on the grill and skull and crossbones on the back to a train whistle under the hood.  As Tobacco Road Blues pointed out, Snipes hope to soon rig up some nitrous under the hood so he can blow smoke from the ram skull’s nostrils.

How great are the ACC gravestones along the side? Keep doing you, John Snipes.  Keep doing you.

Can Butch Davis Claim Ignorance to Agent, Pay, and Tutor Charges?

So far, the answer is yes. That’s exactly what the North Carolina coach is doing in the face of several incriminating issues.

First, a few players from the program were being investigated for accepting improper benefits from agents (essentially traveling on their dime). Then it was alleged that an academic tutor was writing papers for some of the Tar Heels football players. Most recently Yahoo! Sports proved that one of Davis’ assistant coaches (who resigned nearly a month ago) was essentially a runner for an NFL agent.

Despite the mounting evidence against the Tar Heels program and players, the school is standing by the head coach. A.D. Dick Baddour made this curious statement, believing that Butch Davis “did not know of these things, that there were not signs of these things. I don’t believe he ignored things, so I think it’s really hard to know about these kinds of things without there being some hints around. And I acknowledge that in retrospect, there are some questions that we could have been asking, and we will ask.”

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