USC Linebacker Chris Galippo on Notre Dame: They Just Quit

USC was able to defeat Notre Dame fairly easily on Saturday night in a game many expected to be an exciting one. While the score never really got away from the Irish, there were times in the second half where they appeared to be sleep walking. With the Trojans leading by only a touchdown in the fourth quarter and about eight minutes remaining, Notre Dame turned it over by fumbling on what should have been a routine swing pass.

In many ways, Notre Dame beat themselves.  In case they needed to add insult to injury after the game, USC linebacker Chris Galippo decided to kick the Irish while they were down.

“They just quit,” Galippo said according to the Orange County Register. “That’s what Notre Dame football is all about. They’re not anything like ‘SC.”

Running back Marc Tyler also added that Notre Dame “didn’t want to play anymore.”  Burn.  Brian Kelly’s program has enough questions surrounding it to begin with.  Between last night’s shaky prime-time performance and Kelly complaining about scheduling, the Irish seem to be headed in the wrong direction.  At 4-3 and with Stanford remaining on the schedule, they will have to fight just to become bowl eligible.  After watching Notre Dame turtle in the fourth quarter Saturday night, I’m not convinced they have what it takes to turn their disappointing season around.

Notre Dame ORL Won’t Suspend Michael Floyd but Brian Kelly Should

Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd caught a break over the weekend when the school’s Office of Residential Life decided not to suspend or expel him despite his third alcohol-related offense. Floyd has already been suspended indefinitely by coach Brian Kelly who says “This is not about football … Mike has so many things on his plate that he has to handle before he can even think about football — academics and personally.” Floyd surprised some folks when he elected to return for his senior season, but after his March DUI, Kelly needs to send a message.

Brian Kelly has already gotten off easily for defying common sense when he sent student Declan Sullivan to operate a scissor lift and film practice despite unsafe conditions, getting him killed. What’s it going to take from Floyd for Kelly to send an appropriate message?

Floyd, as good as he is on the gridiron, failed three field sobriety tests and blew a .19 during his arrest in March. Is that not alarming enough for Kelly? Does there have to be a horrible ending for every story for him to act? Why should Floyd be allowed to play the entire season without punishment.

I know Floyd is suspended “indefinitely,” but there are no games going on right now. When the season comes around in September, that’s when this issue really matters. Rather than being reactive, Kelly needs to be proactive here. Floyd should have to sit a few games to learn that DUIs are not alright. If this were the NFL, you know how Roger Goodell would handle it. Why shouldn’t Kelly do the same?

Notre Dame Gets Touchdown Despite TJ Jones Early Celebration

I was all over Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson two years ago for dropping a ball prior to crossing the goal line on what should have been a touchdown against the Cowboys. Jackson learned his lesson because he scored 11 touchdowns last year without any problems. Looks like DeSean isn’t alone with this issue — one of the Marshall receivers did the same thing on Friday night, and so did Notre Dame receiver TJ Jones on Saturday.

Early in the third quarter, Notre Dame was down 21-7 and they had a 2nd and 10 at their 47. Dayne Crist found receiver TJ Jones who walked into the end zone for a 53-yard score, only Jones dropped the ball before getting in. Luckily for the Domers, the refs didn’t call it. Pictures and video of the TJ Jones touchdown below:

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Joe Montana’s Son Arrested

Police officers have been fairly busy as of late trying to keep college football players in line. Last Friday, we told you about a bunch of Tennessee football players brawling at a bar. More football players found themselves in trouble Friday night, this time from Notre Dame, as they accounted for eight of the 43 people that were arrested at a party in South Bend. Among them was Joe Montana’s son, Nate Montana. Here’s a brief rundown from WNDU:

Among those arrested are eight Notre Dame football players, including Nate Montana, the son of football great Joe Montana and back-up QB; Lorenzo Wood, a cornerback and 2010 recruit; Chris Watt, a sophomore offensive guard; Robert Toma, a 2010 wide receiver recruit; Nicholas Tausch, a sophomore kicker; Ta-iler Jones, a 2010 wide receiver recruit; Steven Filer, a junior outside linebacker; and Tate Nichols, a 2010 recruit.

All those arrested were held overnight in the St. Joseph County jail until their blood alcohol content had dropped to legal levels.

Nothing like spending an evening in the drunk tank. It’s unclear if all of the people involved were arrested for underaged drinking, but it sounds like a scenario of kids being kids. The real question is how do they manage to get bagged? I may or may not know plenty of people who have been to parties and had a few drinks before the big two-one. How is it that Division 1 athletes can’t seem to keep themselves out of trouble with the law when they choose to engage in such behavior?

Eight Notre Dame football players, basketball star among 43 arrested at party [WNDU]
Nine Notre Dame Athletes Reportedly Arrested for Underage Drinking [The Sporting Blog]

Miami and Notre Dame Bringing Back Catholics vs. Convicts?

Someone must be working behind Charlie Weis’ back because I think he’d be too much of a wuss to step up and play Miami while he’s coaching. And with that line, it’s pretty evident that you’re on one side or the other when Miami and Notre Dame play — there aren’t many schools that are more diametrically opposed when it comes to their football programs. The Canes and Irish played annually from ’71-’85 and ’87-’90 before Notre Dame broke things off because they were too scared to face the big bad U each season. But with some initiating by the Miami program, it appears as if ND’s ready to get back on the wagon:

After a nearly two-decade break, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said the Fighting Irish is ”very interested” in playing Miami again in football, and the interest is mutual.

UM’s Kirby Hocutt initiated talks with Swarbrick, who became Notre Dame’s athletic director in July. No dates are set, but talks will resume in April, Swarbrick said by phone Monday.

Swarbrick mentioned the possibility of a home-and-home series, as well as a neutral site game between the schools. I’d totally be down for that. And I’d just hope the Irish will be up to snuff by then because I know Miami’s going to be back on top in just two short years. Wouldn’t want to see another repeat of the 58-7 thumping from ’85, would we?

Is 0-8 a Reality?

Forgive me while I get all giddy here. But now that the loss to Michigan State is out of the way, it really seems possible that Notre Dame starts the year 0-8. I got really excited after the first week when ND got smashed by Georgia Tech. Unfortunately for you Charlie, Lloyd Carr isn’t here to bail you out this time.

Honestly, was there any game that appeared more win-able for Notre Dame than this one? Home against Michigan St., which is arguably the weakest of the first eight teams on the Domer schedule. They’re not beating Purdue or UCLA on the road at this point, so 0-6 looks pretty solid. Then home to a juggernaut like BC, and a national title contender like USC? I’m really starting to think 0-8 is possible.

Heck, the way Notre Dame is going, beating Navy doesn’t seem like much of a guarantee. Could we be seeing 0-9? Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves. We are in the midst of seeing history unfold before your very eyes. This is priceless!

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Fake Priests Running Rampant in South Bend

Dude wasn’t quite running through the sidelines for a Jay Leno skit, but he might as well have been. In one of the better pranks I’ve seen in quite some time, right up there with the iron soccer ball, Brian Stouffer at FanHouse points out that a man sneaked onto the Notre Dame sidelines dressed as a fake priest. From the AP:

A man posted on the Internet a video showing how he sneaked into Notre Dame Stadium before the Georgia Tech game by posing as a Roman Catholic priest, prompting the university to re-emphasize its security procedures.

The six-minute video on the Web site YouTube showed the man posing by the team’s signature yellow sign reading “Play Like a Champion Today,” chatting with a television reporter and greeting the Fighting Irish as they ran onto the field to play Georgia Tech on Sept. 1. The video has since been removed.

As commenter GP John quipped, they defend their sidelines about as well as their end zones. Amen. Touchdown Jesus ain’t got nothing on this guy.