Brian Robison Kicks T.J. Lang in the Nuts (Animated)

A definite fine and possible suspension will be coming this week for Vikings defensive end Brian Robison.  Throwing a punch in the NFL is already an automatic ejection, but Roger Goodell and company may want to look into adding nut shots to that list.  During the Packers game against Minnesota on Sunday, Robison was on the ground when he booted Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang in the nuts while Lang was standing over him.  Needless to say, it looked painful.  Check out the Brian Robison-T.J. Lang nut shot, courtesy of Gifulmination:

Accidental nut shots like this one with a towel, this one on a tackle, and this one during Vikings practice on the Ol’ Gunslinger happen, but there’s no excuse for something like that.  Lang is probably going to be talking in a high pitched voice for the rest of the night, so Robison better pay for it somehow.

Knee to the Groin Reveals Cancer, Saves Taylor Statham’s Life

When 18-year-old Taylor Statham took a knee to the groin during a prep school basketball game last October, it felt like any other shot to the stones: It hurt.  Statham rolled around on the court floor in pain when the incident occurred and the swelling in his groin lingered for a few weeks.  Thank goodness for that.

When we feature nut-shot stories here on LBS, the context is usually light-hearted and joking like the Novak Djokovic prank, Chandler Parsons taking one from a teammate, or Brett Favre experiencing an incident during practice.  This particular knee to the groin, however, is hardly a laughing matter.  In fact, it saved Statham’s life.

As The Dagger shared with us on Wednesday, Statham decided to visit his doctor after he took a blow to the groin from teammate Dushon Carter during practice last year.  The 6-foot-6 center was attempting to incorporate taking charges into his game to make himself more appealing to Division I programs.  Upon visiting the doctor, it was revealed that Statham had an aggressive form of malignant testicular cancer.  Had he been examined a few months later, the doctor told Taylor it may have been too late to beat the cancer.

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Novak Djokovic Pulls off Nut Shot Prank on Reporter Jean-René Dufort (Video)

It has been quite a while since we’ve featured a nut shot video here on LBS.  Those of you who enjoy them can thank the jokester of tennis, Novak Djokovic, for inspiring us to bring them back.  On the court, Djokovic is known for being one of the best tennis players in the world.  He is equally famous off the court, entertaining people with his hilarious impressions and quirky antics.  Canadian reporter Jean-René Dufort became Djokovic’s latest victim recently after he was on the receiving end of a Jimmy tap.  Check out the Novak Djokovic nut tap on a reporter video, courtesy of Deadspin via YouTube user TCtenniscanada:

The video would not be nearly as funny if Djokovic didn’t enjoy it so much.  It became hilarious for me when I realized how hilarious Novak thought it was.  Nothing wrong with being your own biggest fan.

Video: Chandler Parsons Nut Shot with Towel After Hitting Big Three Pointer

The 9 points Chandler Parsons scored in double-overtime for Florida on Wednesday night to lead the Gators to victory came with a hefty price tag.  Parsons hit some big three pointers during the win over Georgia that excited the Gators bench — maybe a little too much.  Check out the Chandler Parsons nut shot video:

That may not look like much, but rat tails hurt no matter where you get them.  Have you ever been rat tailed?  Have you ever been hit in the nuts?  Have you ever been rat tailed in the nuts?  I didn’t think so.  You have no idea what this man is going through.  A true Wednesday night hero in every sense of the word.  Thanks to Deadspin for the video.

Brett Favre Hit in the Nuts With Football During Practice (Video)

It just seems to keep getting worse and worse for Brett Favre as the days go by.  He’s had to face questions about allegedly sexting Jenn Sterger and sexually harassing her.  He’s been accused of sexually harassing a massage therapist that worked for the Jets.  His elbow hurts.  His consectuvie games played streak could be in jeopardy if he’s unable to play because of injury or suspension.  Now, he’s getting drilled in the nuts with footballs during practice.

It’s unclear when the above Brett Favre nut shot pictures took place because he reportedly didn’t practice on Wednesday.  However, it must have been pretty recent as indicated by the protective sleeve he has over his throwing elbow.  Check out the Brett Favre nut shot video:

Video Credit: YouTube user williampowellschin

Bolivian President Evo Morales Knees Soccer Opponent in the Balls (Video)

Now here’s something you don’t see every day — the president of a nation participating in a full on soccer match.  But you know what’s something you probably never see at all?  The president of a nation kneeing someone in the balls during said soccer game.  Yes, that actually happened in Bolivia and it could be the most unique nut shot video we’ve ever featured here at LBS.

Bolivian President Evo Morales decided to celebrate the opening of a new pitch in La Paz by participating in a “friendly” match between his ruling party and the opposing party.  Easy to see where that could go wrong, huh?  Check out the video of Bolivian President Evo Morales kneeing a player in the balls during a soccer game:

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Carl Crawford Takes One in the Nuts

Any time I played ball I ALWAYS wore a cup. I know it’s uncomfortable and screws you up when you’re running or lifting your leg during a pitching windup, but dealing with that discomfort is much better than the alternative. The problem is some guys don’t understand how bad the alternative is until it happens to them. Take for instance Rays star outfielder Carl Crawford who got dosed in the nuts on a pickoff attempt. He went down writhing in pain over an ordinary cup check. Watch this Carl Crawford nut shot video and tell me he doesn’t wish he were wearing a cup:

Ordinarily I’d feel badly for him, but Crawford should know better. I hope he’s not hurt but man, he learned his lesson the hard way. Weird thing is that can happen to a guy and he still might not learn his lesson; Adrian Beltre went on the DL with a testicle injury after getting hit in the nuts and still said he might not wear a cup in the future. Can you imagine that?!

Thanks to LBS contributor Alan for the heads up on this injury and The Last Angry Fan for the video. Here are some pics: