Nyjer Morgan Calls Albert Pujols ‘She’ and ‘Alberta’ on Twitter

Nyjer Morgan is a wanted man in St. Louis following his antics on Wednesday evening against the Cardinals. The Brewers center fielder punched out to start the ninth against Chris Carpenter. He appeared to cuss at Carp and then escalated matters by chucking a wad of tobacco towards the mound. Albert Pujols came barreling in from first base, but Morgan was restrained by the umpire and Prince Fielder. The incident turned out to be nothing, but the Cardinals did win 2-0 to take two of three in the series. Then the real fireworks began.

Morgan called Albert Pujols out on his Tony Plush Twitter account after the game.

It’s pretty clear that Morgan is just hyping things up. He is an intense dude who plays with an edge during games, but for the most part he doesn’t mean any harm. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took one in the ear the next time he faced St. Louis. Remember what happened the last time someone called out the Cardinals? It’s not all fun and games when your best player is being called a female.

Brewers to Give Out ‘Tony Plush Rally Towels’ for Nyjer Morgan Fans

Love him or hate him, Nyjer Morgan is one of baseball’s most eccentric personalities.  The guy is a certified nut job.  He also happens to be a damn good player on a first-place team, which is why the fans in Milwaukee have grown to love him.

While the Brewers are currently one of the best teams in baseball and headed for a playoff appearance, they still only rank 10th in average attendance.  Realizing that many of their fans come to see Morgan’s crazy interviews and unmatched passion for the game, the Brewers have decided to give away “Tony Plush Rally Towels” on Friday, Sept. 9 against the Phillies.  The image to the right shows you what the towel will look like, as passed along by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Tony Plush, you can read a great explanation here.  Tony Plush is Morgan’s self-proclaimed alter ego.  Since he is supposedly a fairly calm dude off the field, it makes sense for Nyjer to have an alter ego and claim it to be responsible for outbursts like this and borderline obscene gestures like this.  His antics are quirky and sometimes controversial, but a giveaway like this proves that the Brewers want Morgan to keep it coming.

Video: Nyjer Morgan Flips Off Giants Fans [UPDATE]

Brewers center fielder Nyjer Morgan was flying all over the field to haul in deep balls against the Giants Friday night. After running down an Aubrey Huff ball to lead off the bottom of the seventh, he made a sweet grab on a ball hit by Nate Schierholtz. Leave it to Nyjer aka Tony Plush to show up the fans with a nice middle finger. Hey, at least it’s an improvement from the legendary fit he threw last season.

Believe it or not, he’s not the first baseball player to flip off fans during a game.

Forearm bash to Sports Grid for the video

UPDATE: Another angle shows he did not flip off the fans but rather he was flashing the sign for two outs. He still did it by crossing his arm at the elbow, which is another gesture to symbolize the same thing as the middle finger. Here’s a look at the other angle:

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Nyjer Morgan Interview After Walk-Off Hit is Hilarious (Video)

Nyjer Morgan is a weird dude. And by weird, we mean totally off-the-wall crazy. The guy threw an epic fit after missing a ball last year, and it led to an inside-the-park home run. He’s started fights, he ripped on the Nationals organization, and he’s continued his hilarious antics as his altar ego, Tony Plush. I have no idea who did this interview after delivering a walk-off double Wednesday night, but I’m going to guess it was more Tony than Nyjer. Check out this hysterical video courtesy of Los That Sports Blog and SI Hot Clicks:

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Nationals and Marlins Brawl After Nyjer Morgan Charges Mound, Throws Punch

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan was already facing a seven game suspension for throwing a ball into the stands at a fan, but with his latest shenanigans, MLB might as well send him home the rest of the season.

In the last week alone, Morgan has made headlines for elbowing Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson, running into Marlins catcher Brett Hayes (dislocating Hayes’ shoulder), and the latest antic was being ejected from Wednesday night’s game after charging the mound. Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad threw a pitch behind Morgan and Nyjer decided to charge. The result is this Nationals and Marlins fight video which is one of the best sports fights we’ve had in a while. Check it out:

Aside from separating Hayes’ shoulder on Tuesday, the Marlins were also pissed because Morgan displayed poor baseball etiquette stealing second and third in the 4th inning with his team down 14-3. I defended Nyjer after he threw this legendary fit earlier in the season, but now it’s becoming clear he’s a hot head who seeks controversy. There’s no defense for his recent behavior. Hopefully the commissioner’s office, and especially the players’ union, will see it the same way.

Video Credit: YouTube user nickynick5529

Nyjer Morgan Throws Legendary Fit

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things in Major League Baseball but I’ve never seen a play like the one Nyjer Morgan made. The Nats center fielder went back on a ball hit to the wall by Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. As Morgan leaped up to make the catch, the ball hit off his glove. Thinking the ball went over the wall for a home run, Morgan spiked his glove into the ground in disgust and began to stomp around. Little did Morgan know the ball actually stayed inside the park and was sitting on the warning track while he was throwing his fit. Left fielder Josh Willingham came racing over to grab the ball and throw it in, but Jones beat the relay home for an inside the park home run making the score 4-2 Orioles.

Morgan explained after the game that he thought he knocked the ball over the wall and that’s why he lost his head. Anyone who sees the play can understand the explanation because there’s no other reason why he would get so pissed off. It was obviously a stupid play by Nyjer — one he regrets — but as manager Jim Riggleman says, it wasn’t done with malicious intent. I doubt Morgan ever does something like that again but I’m certainly thankful he did it the one time. It gave us this incredible video that we probably won’t see at the major league level ever again:

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