Kate Upton cutouts being used by A’s fans for Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander Kate Upton

Oakland A’s fans are taking a page out of the Toronto Raptors fan book — yes, there’s such a thing — and resorting to the ex-girlfriend cutout head in an effort to distract an opposing player.

CSN Bay Area’s Casey Pratt shared a photo prior to ALDS Game 5 between the A’s and Detroit Tigers on Thursday that shows a few A’s fans holding a cutout of Kate Upton:

CBS Sports’ Scott Miller also shared a photo of the fans behind the Tigers dugout:

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Oakland A’s fan gets tasered after trying to fight several cops (Video)

A's-Fan-TaseredAdmit it, when you read that headline you weren’t picturing a middle-aged man with gray hair trying to take on a crew of police officers and Oakland A’s stadium security. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened.

I don’t know if this guy was all liquored up or what, but he’s going to jail and likely going to face some serious charges. There’s resisting arrest and then there’s straight up throwing haymakers at a cop, which is what grandpa here decided to do.

Both Games 1 and 2 were stressful, so maybe he was all worked up over that. We’ve seen fans get Tasered for rushing the field and heckling Tiger Woods and many people wonder if the cops used excessive force in those situations. I doubt anyone will disagree with this guy catching the voltage.

Video via Deadspin

Chris Perez says fan he cussed out has been harassing him for years (Video)

Indians closer Chris Perez is one of the more emotional players in baseball, and we saw yet another unique example of that on Monday before Cleveland’s game in Oakland. During warmups, Perez walked over to the stands and got into it with an A’s fan. Players are typically advised not to engage in this sort of behavior since it gives the fan exactly what he or she wants, but according to Perez he has heard it from the same guy for years and finally grew tired of it.

Here is the video of the exchange, which contains some very NSFW language:

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A’s fan’s dog barks and snaps at Giants fan (Video)

On Thursday night, some real A’s fans finally got a chance to catch a ballgame. Oakland may rank near the bottom of the league in average attendance, but that’s because the team only allows it’s four-legged friends to sit in the stands at the Coliseum one night a season. If they held Dog Day at the Park more often, maybe we’d see some more passion from fans like this bro you see in the video above.

That St. Bernard wasn’t having it. It may have taken him a few seconds to realize the dude who was petting him was a San Francisco Giants fan, but the important thing is he sprung into action when he figured out what was going on. Real A’s fans don’t care if their team isn’t even playing the Giants that day. The dog knew it was a rare opportunity for him to even be at the ballpark in general, and he wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity to put a rival fan in his place slip through his paws. The 842 dogs that filled this hockey arena aren’t fans — they just made a lot of noise. This St. Bernard showed everyone the meaning of true commitment.

A’s fan catches foul ball while on cell phone (Video)

A fan at the Oakland A’s-Texas Rangers game on Monday night made a sweet grab on a foul ball, and he impressively did it while talking on the phone. Yup, the fan was able to haul in the foul ball — moments after missing a previous foul ball (video of that further below) — despite chatting up a pal.

In addition to bringing home a souvenir, the fan got to witness a no-hit bid by A’s rookie pitcher Jarrod Parker, who took a no-hitter into the 8th before it was broken up by a Michael Young single. At least the A’s still cruised to a 12-1 win.

Consider us impressed by the fan; when people talk on cell phones at games, the results are usually much worse.

Here’s another video that shows the same fan whiffing on a foul ball moments earlier:

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