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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Oakland A’s

Fans at A’s-Orioles Game Forced to Turn off Light-Up Jackets

If fans at the Coliseum choose to wear light-up jackets, they should be allowed to wear light-up jackets. Why? Because they’re fans and they’re at the Coliseum.  That’s a rarity.  Why piss off 20 percent of the fans that chose to attend your game? Apparently the light-up jackets worn by an A’s and an Orioles…Read More

C.J. Wilson Hates Everything About the Oakland A’s

C.J. Wilson is one free agent who will be commanding huge bucks this upcoming MLB offseason. While an agent would probably advise its client to keep all options open to improve bargaining power, Wilson doesn’t seem to care.  That’s how much he hates Oakland and everything about their baseball team.  Either that, or he’s pulling…Read More

Huston Street Rips Bob Geren

On Tuesday we brought you the thoughts of A’s reliever Brian Fuentes who ripped manager Bob Geren for his lack of communication regarding bullpen roles. It was hard to determine which side was right — Fuentes had been pitching poorly and it seemed like he was blaming someone else for his problems. Geren meanwhile should…Read More

Players Don’t Like When Things They Say Or Do Turn Into Shirts

I’ve started to pick up on a somewhat of a theme over the past few weeks.  For whatever reason, MLB players don’t seem to like when things they say end up as catch phrases on t-shirts.  I’m not sure if it’s because they want a cut of the profits, they’re embarrassed by the attention, or…Read More

In Billy Beane, the A’s Should Trust

I learned my lesson (for the 82nd time) this year, that you can never underestimate Billy Beane. After he traded away Dan Haren and Nick Swisher leading into the season, I said the A’s had conceded 2008. They’re happily in 2nd place in the AL West, well over .500. What the **** do I know….Read More

How the Heck Do the A’s Keep Winning?

Quickly, what’s the best team in the AL? If you were thinking Boston, New York, Cleveland, or Anaheim, you’re wrong. Those four playoff teams from last year are enjoying mixed success this year, with both Boston and Anaheim at 8-6. But much to my surprise, and probably yours, it’s not one of these talented and…Read More

Moneyball Star Jeremy Brown Retiring

This touches me, and pretty much anyone who read the outstanding book by Michael Lewis, Moneyball, deeply. Jeremy Brown was “the Badger” — the prototypical Moneyball player, one of the focuses of the book. He wasn’t pretty, didn’t look good with his shirt off, and he wasn’t heavily scouted coming out of college. But Billy…Read More

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