Rudy Gay on OJ Mayo gaining weight: When you’re hurt in Wisconsin, you eat

OJ Mayo has had some conditioning issues this season that have prevented him from playing. He missed 10 games from late January-February after getting sick/needing to get back into shape, and then he received six DNP-CDs (did not play – coach’s decision) in March because conditioning apparently was still an issue.

Rudy Gay, who was teammates with Mayo in Memphis, spoke with his former mate and had an explanation for the conditioning problems. Keep in mind that Gay said this in the context of complimenting Mayo for playing well in the game between his Kings and Mayo’s Bucks on Sunday.

“He’s had a bad season, but he’s still a good player. He’s a little overweight, hasn’t played a lot this season, but he’s still O.J. Mayo in there and I’ve seen him do things like that all the time. So I wasn’t surprised at all. He can hit tough shots. He’s a ball player. He can do it. For whatever reason of how he turned out or whatever, gained a little weight, whatever, he’s still a good ball player,” Gay said via Cowbell Kingdom.

“Was I surprised to see [the weight gain]? Little bit. I haven’t seen him, but we talked a little bit. He said he was hurt, and I guess when you’re hurt in Wisconsin, you eat.”

Was Gay clever enough to come up with that line on his own, or did he get it from Mayo? We’re guessing that’s what OJ said to him.

To be fair, though, when you have a name like OJ Mayo, it’s almost predetermined that you’re going to be a little heavy.

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O.J. Mayo ejected for punch to throat of Greg Stiemsma (Video)

mayo-stiemsmaIt’s been a rough season for Milwaukee Bucks guard O.J. Mayo. His 12.1 points per game is the second-lowest output in his six seasons as an NBA player. Mayo’s 40.2% shooting from the floor is the worst of his career. And, the Bucks are last in the Eastern Conference with a 12-48 record.

O.J. Mayo’s forgettable season turned ugly during Friday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans. After attempting to fight through a screen set by Greg Stiemsma, Mayo retaliated with a punch to his throat area.

Not surprisingly, Mayo was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul, which carries an automatic ejection. He can probably expect to hear from the league office as well.

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OJ Mayo tied his shoe instead of playing defense (Video)

Milwaukee Bucks guard OJ Mayo returned to action on Thursday night after missing 10 games with flu-like symptoms. It will likely take the former USC star a little time to get back in the swing of things, both physically and mentally. For example, he needs to remember that tying your shoe is something best done during a stoppage of play.

During the second quarter of his team’s loss to the Denver Nuggets, Mayo literally took a defensive possession off to tie his shoe. The Nuggets wound up converting an easy basket.


With a record of 10-44, the Bucks are by far the worst team in the NBA. Are you surprised?

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OJ Mayo wants the full video of his game against Michael Jordan

OJ Mayo has actually been a good sport about the story of him getting schooled by Michael Jordan going viral this week.

To recap, MJ did an interview that corresponded with the release of NBA2K14 on Tuesday in which he shared a story about how he schooled Mayo when Mayo was a cocky high schooler at his basketball camp in 2006. Jordan recalled the events from that night at his camp almost exactly as it played out. MJ boasted that he taught Mayo a lesson that night.

“If I could ever share you that film … ask him what happened,” Jordan said.

Well ask and you shall receive, MJ.

Larry Brown Sports was able to obtain the video of Jordan schooling OJ that night, and it played out exactly how Jordan described it. But there is one person who still isn’t satisfied with the video. Mayo.

Mayo responded to our tweet that we had video from the night by asking why we only showed Jordan’s offensive clips.

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Video: Michael Jordan vs. OJ Mayo at Jordan’s camp

Michael Jordan was not lying when he said he beat OJ Mayo badly at his basketball camp years ago.

Jordan gave an interview to promote the release of NBA 2K14, and the interview received attention on Tuesday. During the interview, Ahmad Rashad asked MJ about how much trash he talked during his career. Jordan said he didn’t trash talk unless he personally knew the player, and he also said he usually let his game do his talking. The line of questioning led Jordan to recall a great story.

According to Jordan, current Milwaukee Bucks player OJ Mayo attended his basketball camp as a high schooler. Mayo was considered the top high schooler in the country and a player who could make the jump straight to the NBA if the league hadn’t changed its rules. Mayo was feeling cocky and kept trash talking Jordan, so Jordan decided to send his campers to bed so he could play Mayo and teach the young player a lesson.

A tipster who was at the camp emailed LBS to confirm the story.

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OJ Mayo talked trash to Michael Jordan, so MJ taught him a lesson

OJ MayoMichael Jordan knows that when you have a reputation for being the greatest player of all time, people are going to try knocking you off that perch. And when those people come after you talking trash, sometimes you have to teach them a lesson. That’s exactly what happened between Jordan and current NBA player OJ Mayo.

In an interview to promote the launch of NBA 2K14, Jordan shared a story about how Mayo, who was a top high school player at the time, talked a ton of trash to him at his basketball camp. MJ decided to teach the youngster a lesson.

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Rick Carlisle rips OJ Mayo after loss to Grizzlies

OJ-Mayo-MavericksOJ Mayo has been one of the most inconsistent players on a disappointing Dallas Mavericks team this season. He played fairly well at the start of the season with Dirk Nowitzki nursing an injury, but Mayo has had a tendency to disappear for nights at a time over the past month or so.

The Mavs are officially out of playoff contention, but head coach Rick Carlisle was hoping Mayo would turn in a solid performance against the Memphis Grizzlies — his former team — on Monday night. That did not happen, as Mayo scored only two points on 1-of-6 shooting and recorded only one assist.

“He wasn’t into it in the first half,” Carlisle said after the 103-97 loss, via NBA.com’s Jeff Kaplan. “We showed him some film at halftime where he was virtually just standing around defensively and said, ‘Hey, we need you’; just tried to get him going a little bit. He just had a bad night. I guess I’ll write it off to that. But I tell you what, if I was playing against my former team, I’d come out ready to go. I’d come out ready to go at them. But that’s me, you know, that’s me.”

Carlisle, who typically goes to great lengths to defend his players, was clearly angry with his point guard’s lack of effort. When asked about the poor performances Mayo has been prone to as of late, the Mavs coach pulled no punches.

“Well, the good news is there’s only an opportunity for one more [poor outing],” Carlisle said. “I just want to see him show up. I just want to see him show up and compete. He didn’t compete tonight. And I tell you, with all the time we’ve put into helping him develop and bringing him along, in the biggest game of the year – an opportunity to be a winning team – for him to show up like he did tonight, I was shocked. Look, sometimes guys have bad nights, so make sure to put that in there, too.”

It was probably a little too late for that last comment from Carlisle, as the message was already sent that he has not been pleased with Mayo’s lack of consistency. Just two years removed from an NBA championship, Mayo’s poor play toward the end of the season has been a microcosm for the disappointment Mark Cuban’s club has endured.