OKC Thunder won’t sell playoff tickets to Tennessee residents

Thunder tickets

The Oklahoma City Thunder are doing their best to achieve a homecourt advantage during the NBA playoffs. To that end, they are limiting ticket sales during the playoffs to residents of Oklahoma and a few neighboring states.

Those attempting to purchase playoff tickets for Thunder home games are met with the following note:

Thunder tickets note

All Sales are INTERNET Only. *** VERY IMPORTANT !! *** Sales to the Oklahoma City Thunder, 2014 Home Playoff Games at Chesapeake Energy Arena, will be restricted to residents of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Residency will be based on credit card billing address. Orders by residents outside of this area will be canceled without notice and refunds given. **PLEASE NOTE: This restriction does not apply to resale tickets.

That’s bad news for any Memphis Grizzlies fans living in Tennessee who want to purchase tickets for the first-round playoff series between the teams at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

It also seems like the Thunder are one of the only NBA teams using this practice. A check of the Grizzlies, Heat, Hawks, Nets, Pacers and Rockets websites shows that none of those teams are employing a similar practice.

This seems like pretty concrete proof that the Thunder are placing playoff success above everything else, and we love it. They realize that having a good home environment increases the chances of winning, which in turn increases the chances of overall success for the franchise. Nice going, OKC.

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Kendrick Perkins was bummed his teammates didn’t invite him to hang out


Earlier this week, several members of the Oklahoma City Thunder got together to hang out. Players have their own lives and don’t alway spend their free time together, but some guys on the team hang out with certain teammates more often than others. We assumed this wasn’t really an issue for professional athletes until we saw a very sad comment from Kendrick Perkins.

On Monday, Thunder center Hasheem Thabeet posted a photo on Instagram of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and some other OKC players kicking it outside of work. Then, Deadspin noticed the following comment under the photo:


I thought this team always supported each other? Several Thunder players got Perkins’ back when he kicked Joakim Noah out of their locker room last month, but they can’t even hit him up when they’re hanging out together? Poor Perk.

Thunder half-court shot winner Cameron Rodriguez may not get to keep $20,000

Cameron-Rodriguez-half-court-shotLast week, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan named Cameron Rodriguez drained a half-court shot during halftime of a win over the Denver Nuggets and won $20,000. Remarkably, he is one of five Thunder fans to drain the same shot for the same amount of money this calendar year. However, Rodriguez may not be able to keep the cash.

Rodriguez, 23, is a basketball player at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) rules clearly state that a student athlete cannot use their sports ability for financial gain while still in college. According to SFGate.com, Rodriguez and his school are asking the NAIA for a rules exception that would allow him to use the money toward tuition.

“I didn’t really think about it at first because I was way too excited,” Rodriguez told SFGate.com. “After things settled down, I realized we might have an issue because I was receiving a large amount of money.”

John Leavens, the executive director of the NAIA eligibility center, praised Rodriguez for contacting the right people immediately and said cases like this typically take one or two weeks to resolve.

“It would certainly hurt his cause if he had tried to circumvent the rules,” Leavens said. “The fact that he connected with the right officials to make sure that he understood the proper application of the rule is something that we expect, and we’re glad to see.”

Hopefully Rodriguez gets to keep the money — especially if he is not on a full scholarship. A half-court shot is difficult for anyone to make, hence why we see reactions like this when people find a way to sink them. The fact that he plays basketball should not prevent him from keeping the $20,000.

Oklahoma City Thunder reportedly want Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo IndianaVictor Oladipo was not mentioned as a potential No. 1 overall pick, but that does not mean that the Indiana guard is not highly coveted by NBA teams.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported before the draft on Thursday that the Oklahoma City Thunder were pushing hard to trade with Orlando for the No. 2 overall pick so they could select Oladipo. Woj says they even attempted to acquire the No. 1 overall pick in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers but failed. Maybe they got the sense that the Magic wanted Oladipo and that they would have to jump ahead to No. 1 to get the IU guard.

Woj also reported that “everyone” in the lottery says “no one’s readiness for the NBA has impressed them more” than Indiana players Oladipo and Cody Zeller.

The chances of the Thunder pulling off a trade for Oladipo may be unlikely, but this is an important note. If a team really likes a player around draft time but is unable to select him, they may be inclined to trade for the player in the future.

Also, based on the draft success the Thunder have enjoyed, other teams should take note of which players they like. The Thunder drafted Kevin Durant in 2007; Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka in 2008; and James Harden in 2009. Keep in mind that Westbrook, Ibaka and Harden were considered gambles at the time.

If OKC really likes Oladipo, other teams should take the cue and lock in on him. I will add personally that I really liked Oladipo at Indiana and believe he is one of the top players in the draft. He is an above-average defender, good shooter, and he has excellent athleticism.

Kevin Durant on Royce White: ‘Ain’t that the guy that’s afraid to fly?’

Royce WhiteMore often than not, taunting an opponent on Twitter is something that will make a player look bad. If you are a D-League player taunting an NBA team and one of the best players in the game, you are always going to look bad.

Royce White gave us a perfect example of that earlier this week when he sent a tweet at Kevin Durant about how the Oklahoma City Thunder are starting to look “shaky” against the Houston Rockets. The irony of the whole situation is that White suffers from an anxiety disorder that has put his NBA career in doubt. However, Durant claims he isn’t all that familiar with him.

“Who is that?” Durant said Friday when asked about White’s comments, via Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman. “Who is that? I haven’t seen him on the bench. I haven’t seen him on the bench. So, I mean, I’m not worried about guys that’s not even in our series. Ain’t that the guy that’s afraid to fly? Well I wish him the best, man, and if I see him next year I’ll let him know who we are.”

Game, set, match. There was really no winning for White in this situation. Boston Celtics guard Jordan Crawford got called out by Carmelo Anthony’s wife after he talked trash because he’s a benchwarmer. White isn’t even on the Rockets’ NBA roster, so he’s a step below that. The former Iowa State star was simply looking for attention and he got it. If he wants to look like an idiot to earn a share of the spotlight, that’s his prerogative.

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Kendrick Perkins says Thunder aren’t stressed, tweets picture of Celtics ring

kendrick-perkins-kevin-durantThe Oklahoma City Thunder are heading in the wrong direction since Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury. After putting the Houston Rockets in a 3-0 hole, the Thunder now find themselves preparing for Game 6 on the road. Kendrick Perkins is not concerned.

No team has ever come back to win an NBA playoff series after being down 0-3, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation. Some people feel as though the Thunder could be in trouble now that they have to adjust on the fly without their floor general, and there is certainly some truth to that. However, Perkins wanted his nearly 50,000 Twitter followers to know that the team is not panicking. He just had an interesting way of showing it.

That’s great, but that would be a Boston Celtics championship ring. Perkins may have championship experience, but he is not going to carry the team to an NBA title. In my opinion, tweeting a picture of a Celtics ring doesn’t exactly help him prove his point.

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Russell Westbrook wears ‘Let’s Go Thunder’ T-shirt, cheers team on (Picture)


Russell Westbrook is stuck with the role of cheerleader for the Oklahoma City Thunder while he is out recovering from a knee injury. On Wednesday night, he was in attendance rooting for his teammates while wearing a “Let’s Go Thunder” shirt. Yes, THE Russell Westbrook.

Many of you are probably thinking to yourselves, “So what?” Let us not forget that this is the same Westbrook who wears cutoff sleeves and a gold chain to his postgame press conferences. This is the same guy who had the stones to wear this outfit during All-Star weekend earlier this year.

Seeing Westbrook wearing something we can’t make fun of is like seeing Superman without his cape. Something just isn’t right.

Photo via @cjzero