Sad Oklahoma City Thunder fans are tough to look at (GIF)

The Oklahoma City Thunder are probably going to beat the Memphis Grizzlies in the opening round of the playoffs, but there will be no sweep. The Grizzlies were able to grind out a tough overtime win to tie the series at 1-1 on Monday night, which has at least two Thunder fans very, very concerned.

You know how some people go to the game just to be seen and act like they are rooting for the home team? This dude and his girl clearly are not two of those people. If those looks of disappointment don’t say “I’d kill for a Thunder championship,” I don’t know what does.


If my wife ever loves me half as much as these two love the Thunder, I’ll feel really special.

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Thousands of Thunder fans support team at OKC airport rally (Video)

We’ve talked many times before about the Thunder fans being the best in the NBA, and these pictures and videos won’t do anything to hurt that reputation.

An estimated 5,000 fans showed up at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City to greet the team as they returned home from losing the Finals in Miami. The airport set up a special area so fans could greet the team, and as you can see in the photo above, the traffic to get there was absurd.

The reception was no surprise — we saw fans doing similar things last year in the early morning when the team returned home from an overnight flight.

Chris Bosh may have said that the crowd noise in OKC was just “regular,” but I disagree. Between customized beer pong tables, and custom-made Thunder mobiles, these fans are the best.

Below is a video of a handful of Thunder players addressing the crowd outside the airport via News 9 in OKC:

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Chris Bosh says the noise level from the Thunder crowd is ‘regular’

Teams that play the Thunder in Oklahoma City understand that no lead is ever safe. For starters, the Thunder are athletic enough to score in transition and rack up points quickly. Like the Heat, Kevin Durant and company can erase a 10-point deficit in what seems like 30 seconds. Then, there are the fans. After a game in which Oklahoma City erased a 13-point deficit and energized their notoriously rowdy arena, Chris Bosh did not seem overly impressed by the noise level in the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

“Everybody keeps talking about how loud it is,” Bosh said according to Eye on Basketball. “It’s regular. We’ve been in a lot of other arenas and it’s about the same. Once it gets really loud, it’s all about the same.”

Bosh then added that the Thunder “have a great homecourt” and called the fans “very vibrant,” but we all know it’s the word “regular” that is going to stick out in the minds of the Oklahoma City faithful come Game 2. The Thunder are 9-0 at home during their impressive postseason run, so it’s safe to say their fans take their jobs seriously.

That being said, Bosh is right. All arenas are loud in the playoffs — especially the NBA Finals. I’m sure the Mavericks fans didn’t exactly act like they were in church when Miami lost in the Finals last year, just as the Boston fans cranked up the noise in the Eastern Conference Finals this year. Once it reaches a certain level, noise is noise.

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Oklahoma church marquee tells people to ‘fear the beard’ (Picture)

The NBA Finals start Tuesday night, and basketball fans couldn’t ask for a better matchup. The Thunder and Heat are arguably the two most athletic teams in the league, so if fast-paced basketball and high-scoring affairs are your thing, you’re in for a treat. As you can see from the photo above that Instagram user Bethany_Young shared with us, even the Oklahoma churches are fired up about it.

The Community Church of the Nazarene in Midwest City is using their marquee to get Thunder fans amped for the big series with a message that reads as follows: “The great men in the bible had beards too! Fear the beard.”

Everyone in Oklahoma City has Thunder fever right now, and rightfully so. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook might even get jealous. Between this church marquee and this building entrance, James Harden and the beard are getting all of the attention.

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Metta World Peace constantly booed by Thunder fans (Video)

Think there isn’t any bad blood between the Thunder and Lakers? Think again. The dislike Thunder fans have toward Metta World Peace was evident prior to Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday when the forward was booed in warmups, intros, and every time he touched the ball during the game.

The dislike toward MWP goes back to the regular season when he concussed Thunder guard James Harden with a vicious elbow after celebrating a dunk. Metta’s seeming lack of remorse didn’t improve his status with the fans.

Of course, this is nothing new for the artist formerly known as Ron Artest. He has been Public Enemy No. 1 in many NBA arenas throughout his career, so the booing shouldn’t alter his play.

Here’s another video, this one of World Peace being booed in warmups:

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This Thunder-themed beer pong table will blow your mind (Video)

Those Oklahoma City Thunder fans sure know how to exercise the creative regions of their minds. Earlier this week we shared with you a story of one OKC fan who turned his Suzuki X-90 into a portable mural featuring depictions of Thunder players. Now, we bring you a beer pong table that will make any frat bro in the state of Oklahoma slack-jawed. The table, custom built by a fan, comes with built-in speakers (complete with a 10-inch subwoofer), LED lights and, hang on to your pants, an automatic ball washer.


That automatic ball washer… just… it’s… I mean… Wow.

Mind: blown.

Head over to Busted Coverage for the full story behind the beer pong table.

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Fan creates ‘Thundermobile’ with pictures of Thunder players on his car (Video)

Fan Drew Hooper loves the Oklahoma City Thunder so much, he decided to turn his car into a tribute to the team.

Hooper is an artist and told The Oklahoma he had been thinking about painting his 1996 Suzuki X-90 for a while. He says it wasn’t until he had lunch with his cousin before the playoffs began that he decided to make the move.

Inspired by the talk with his cousin, Hooper set out that day to begin his project. He says he spent about $200 in paint supplies, and then sanded down the car’s purple exterior, and spray painted it white.

The next day, he used transparencies and a projector to paint the faces on the passenger side: Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Derek Fisher, Nick Collison, and Cole Aldrich. The following day he put Daequan Cook, Thabo Sefolosha, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka on the driver’s side.

So what do you think? If he was driving a purple Suzuki before, he certainly didn’t make the car any worse. A few pics of the car are below.

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