Nate Robinson Films Thunder Fans Greeting Team in Oklahoma City (Video)

Nate Robinson got himself into trouble last week when he called Thunder fans the best in the world. The praise was nice, but it alienated the fans in Robinson’s hometown of Seattle, where the Thunder came from before moving to Oklahoma City. Even if Robinson exercised poor judgment with that statement, he might not be wrong.

A few hours after beating the Mavericks in Game 2, the Thunder arrived home in Oklahoma City and a strong crowd was there to support the team. The only difference is Nate Robinson flipped the script on them, filming the experience. Check out this video to see the support Oklahoma City has for its team (beware of an s-bomb around the 2-minute mark):

It had to have been around midnight in Oklahoma City when the team arrived, if not later. If that’s not dedication shown by the fans I don’t know what is. Fans generally are extremely supportive whenever they have a new team (see most expansion teams in the history of sports), and it doesn’t hurt that the Thunder is really good, but these fans look pretty legit to me. Nice show OKC, well done.

Nate Robinson Upsets Seattle with Praise of Oklahoma City Fans

Praising the hometown fans is almost always a good P.R. strategy for athletes to employ. For instance, Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun is probably a god in Milwaukee after what he said about their fans this week. The fans help pay athletes’ salaries by supporting the team and attending games — you almost can never go wrong with praising the fans. Unless you’re Nate Robinson.

The Oklahoma City Thunder bench player found himself in the middle of a murky situation Thursday after he tweeted his praise of Thunder fans. Robinson wrote on twitter “OKC aka Thunder fans are the best on the planet hands down.”

When it comes to playing to the home crowd, it doesn’t get better than that. The local fans will love a guy who shares the love with them. The problem is Nate Robinson is from Seattle, went to high school in Rainier Beach, and played college ball at Washington. He’s a local icon in Seattle, has a 206 tattoo (Seattle’s area code), and a tattoo of the Seattle skyline on his neck (pictured above). For someone who represents Seattle as well as Nate does, he clearly wasn’t thinking about how his hometown would be hurt by his words.

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