JD Quinn Couldn’t Care Less About Oklahoma Football

This week we talked about Oklahoma getting punished by the NCAA to the tune of forfeiting all wins from the ’05 season, and losing scholarships for the next two recruiting classes. Don’t expect the man who said all he did was take cash — not like there’s anything wrong with an amateur doing that — to have any remorse for the Sooner program. In other words, don’t expect any sympathy from JD Quinn.

Gotta love the compassion. Gotta love the extensive answers. That must have been a joy of an interview.

Oklahoma Went 0-12, They Suck

Hey, Rhett Bomar already transferred, isn’t that enough? Apparently not, considering Oklahoma must have its wins from the 2005 season stricken from the record books. That’s nothing. Useless. Pointless. Who will remember and care? Now that this has happened, their 8-4 record has been cemented permanently in my mind. And what exactly does it mean? As The Scores Report sarcastically points out, does that mean Oregon all of a sudden won the Holiday Bowl? Gimme a break.

Now, the important aspect of the penalties to take away, is that Oklahoma will be lose two scholarships for the next two recruiting classes. It might not sound like much, but don’t let it fool you. Every scholarship counts. Also to be noted is that Bob Stoops’ career record and winning percentage takes a big hit. That has to piss him off quite a bit. Stoops is now 78-19 instead of 86-19. Now that might make a difference in the history books down the road some.

Photo Courtesy Brian Bahr/Getty Images