Oklahoma State WR Cameron Hunter reportedly stabbed, robbed

Oklahoma-State-logoOklahoma State wide receiver Cameron Hunter was reportedly stabbed and robbed on Monday evening in Stillwater. Cody Stavenhagen of The Oklahoman reported that Hunter was treated for stab wounds to the abdomen and right forearm and later released. He is said to be doing well.

Hunter told police he was pulled into a green pickup truck by a white male after being stabbed sometime between 4:30 and 9:00 p.m on Monday. The attacker allegedly stole his belongings and dumped him at a different location in southwest Stillwater.

A witness reportedly saw Hunter walking and called police when he or she noticed that the junior transfer was bleeding. Hunter later said he was walking to a friend’s house.

Police have not yet made any arrests and are not pursuing any suspects. The Oklahoma State football team would not comment as the investigation is ongoing.

Hunter walked onto the OSU football team after transferring from the United States Air Force Academy.

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Oklahoma State RB Devon Thomas arrested for armed robbery, shooting to kill

Devon-Thomas-mug-shotOklahoma State freshman running back Devon Thomas was arrested on Wednesday for his involvement in an alleged robbery. According to the Tulsa World, Thomas and three other suspects are accused of robbing a man at gunpoint and shooting with intent to kill.

A police report revealed that the victim claims the men stole his marijuana, money, shoes and clothing and told him to leave before they “bust a cap.” As the victim was driving away, he says one of the suspects fired a shot at him that went through the rear windshield and nicked the head rest, just missing the driver.

The victim said he has known the suspects for several years and identified Thomas as the person who was carrying the gun. Thomas had not been charged as of Friday morning, but he was being held on $125,000 bail.

Thomas is a three-star recruit who enrolled early at Oklahoma State. He set a record at Broken Arrow High by rushing for 1,840 yards during his sophomore season. He was also arrested in March on a traffic warrant. Should he be charged with anything related to Tuesday’s incident, his days with the Cowboys are likely numbered.

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Mike Gundy explains decision to vote Oklahoma State ahead of Oklahoma

Mike-Gundy-Alabama-Over-OSUOklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy voted in the coaches poll this year for the first time since 2005. After voting his Cowboys ahead of Oklahoma in the season’s final poll, he might want to take another year off.

The final USA Today Coaches Poll was released on Sunday. Each coach’s ballot is made public, and the rankings factor into the final BCS computer rankings. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play in the same conference and each finished the year with with a 10-2 record. On Saturday, the Sooners beat Oklahoma State in a classic Bedlam matchup. Despite that, Gundy ranked his Cowboys 10th and Oklahoma 12th. How does that make sense?

“I just try to take into account the season in general and not one or two games and come up with the best formula that I think works,” Gundy explained, via The Oklahoman.

Gundy also added that he takes point differential against BCS opponents into account. He is apparently one of the only coaches who saw it that way in regard to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, because the the Sooners finished 10th in the USA Today Coaches Poll and the Cowboys finished 13th.

Oklahoma State did beat Baylor, who finished 5th in the coaches poll and 6th in the BCS standings. The Cowboys won that game 49-17 whereas Oklahoma lost to Baylor 41-12. I’m sure Gundy gave that game a lot of weight, but I’m also sure he was a bit biased. When two teams have the same record in-conference and one beats the either, the choice should be fairly simple.

Oklahoma touchdown on final play impacts over-under (Video)

Eric Striker touchdownOklahoma beat Oklahoma State 33-24 on Saturday in their “Bedlam” rivalry game, and a wild touchdown on the final play of the game affected the over-under total.

Oklahoma was down 24-20 after the Cowboys scored with 1:47 left. Blake Bell led them down the field and threw a touchdown pass to Jalen Saunders to give the Sooners a 27-24 lead with 19 seconds left. Oklahoma State knew they were pretty much toast and that 19 seconds weren’t enough to move the ball the entire way down the field, so they tried a desperate trick play on their last play with two seconds left in the game.

Clint Chelf completed a pass to Jhajuan Seales, who lateraled to Josh Stewart. Stewart lateraled to Desmond Roland, who heaved it behind him as he was about to be tackled. Oklahoma’s Eric Striker picked up the fumble and returned it for the score to put Oklahoma up 33-24 on the final play.

What’s interesting is that the over-under total closed at 57 or 56.5 at most sportsbooks, meaning that final play took a game that was looking like a lock to go under and made it either push or go over.

Mike Gundy believes Sports Illustrated report helped Oklahoma State’s recruiting

Mike-Gundy-Alabama-Over-OSUIt has been more than two months since Sports Illustrated released its bombshell report about all the illegal stuff the Oklahoma State football program has allegedly done over the past decade-plus. A weeklong series that was broken down into chapters called The Money, The Academics, The Drugs and The Sex, some people felt that the evidence would help expose a widespread problem across college football. Instead, it has largely been ignored.

Not only have people stopped talking about Les Miles and his so-called team hostesses (aka prostitutes), but Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy has wondered if the report actually boosted the program’s recruiting.

“I think it helped us in recruiting,” Gundy told The Tulsa World on Monday. “It benefited our program. It was interesting. We had four or five players that were really good players that started calling on us and showing interest the next few weeks after the article came out. That was the only thing I could attribute it to, because we certainly weren’t playing very good. So it was just kind of interesting.”

Gundy said Oklahoma State had 19 verbal commits from the class of 2014 before SI published the report. They have 22 verbals now. Picking up three recruits in two months is nothing out of the ordinary, but Gundy said the calls coincidentally came right after the report.

“I know people think, ‘Well, he’s lost it again.’” he said. “But the truth is, you guys, and I hear people say in marketing, any publicity is good publicity. So I thought about that and I thought, ‘I wonder if (prospects) thought, ‘Well, you know, we’ll check them out or see or whatever.’ I don’t know. It was just kind of weird. But there was interest from players that we didn’t have any interest in until that came out.”

I wouldn’t doubt it. Is the alleged activity illegal? Yes, but to 17- and 18-year-old kids some of it also sounds fun. You think high school athletes don’t want beautiful women at their disposal and teachers who wouldn’t dare give them a lousy grade? Let’s be realistic.

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Oklahoma State players reportedly paid bonuses starting in Les Miles era

Les-Miles-Oklahoma-StateThe Oklahoma State football program is well on its way to a catastrophic scandal in the wake of Part 1 of a bombshell investigative report Sports Illustrated published on the school Tuesday morning. The first part of the five-part series is entitled “The Money,” and it cites eight former Oklahoma State players who claim they received cash payments from people associated with the program as far back as 2001.

Les Miles was the head coach of the Cowboys when the players say the bonuses began, and the players named another 29 former student athletes who allegedly received payments for various reasons including on-field performance. Multiple players told Sports Illustrated that the annual payments ranged from about $2,000 to well over $25,000 in some instances.

The payments reportedly stretched from the Miles era in 2001 to at least 2011, when current head coach Mike Gundy was in charge. Gundy served as an offensive coordinator for the program beginning in 2001 and was named head coach in 2005.

Multiple players identified former assistant coach Joe DeForest as having a major role in the payment system. Players were allegedly paid various sums of money for big plays like sacks, interceptions, fumble recoveries and the like. Others claim they were given money by boosters who were simply looking to keep the program’s stars happy.

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Mike Gundy says Oklahoma State scored without trying against Savannah State

Savannah State has become one of the most well-known teams in all of college football for all the wrong reasons. Last Saturday, Oklahoma State beat  the Tigers by an embarrassing score of 84-0. That final has resulted in the widest point spread in college football history, as Florida State is favored by an astonishing 70.5 points against Savannah State this weekend. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy insists his team was not trying to embarrass their opponents — they simply couldn’t help it.

“Well, we didn’t run up the score,” Gundy said during an interview with XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix on Wednesday. “We took most of our starters out in the first quarter. So we did everything we could to keep the score down. It was a tough situation for everybody. … But, we did the best we could to keep the game in check.

“That’s why, we’re a no-huddle team. We tried to manufacture a way to huddle up and use the clock and break out at a certain time and then just ran the same plays, basically, over and over and over. We ended up scoring and really not even attempting to.”

It may sound crazy, but there really is only so much a coach can do. Taking a knee for the entire second half would be the only way for Oklahoma State to not score against a team as horrible as Savannah State, and that would be even more insulting. Gundy may have a history of showing he despises his opponents, but I highly doubt he was trying to humiliate the Tigers. After all, you can’t just take a handoff and run backward with it.

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