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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Ole Miss fans

Ole Miss fans carry goalposts down street after upsetting Alabama

How pumped up were Ole Miss fans about pulling the upset win over Alabama in Oxford on Saturday? Those nut jobs tore down the goalposts and carried them down the street outside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium after the 23-17 win. Below are several photos of the goalposts beginning with when they were taken down to when they…Read More

Ole Miss student Shelby Herring stole the week with amazing video

Ole Miss student Shelby Herring became the greatest thing on the Internet since Iowa student Vodka Samm blew a .341 at a Hawkeyes football game and tweeted all about it. This amazing video came from, which attended the Aggies’ game at Ole Miss last weekend. They walked around the famous grove at Ole Miss…Read More

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