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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Olympics

The Olympics and their antiquated games have returned

Friday kicks off a familiar quadrennial tradition: trying to figure out what Bob Costas will wear on a given night, while marveling at his encyclopedic knowledge of badminton. This practice may or may not include bouts of cheering for the underdog Belgian men’s national field hockey team, hoping that the country can finally get off…Read More

Cloned horses will now be allowed to participate in the Olympics

Keep a close eye on the horses you see competing in the equestrian events at the Olympics this summer. You just may see them again at the Summer Olympics in about eight or 12 years. Well, not the exact same horses, but a 98% nearly perfect copy of them. According to ABC News, the group…Read More

Yoga organization hoping to make yoga poses an Olympic event

My very limited knowledge of yoga has led me to understand that clearing your mind and relaxing are extremely important. When my fiancee is doing yoga, she prefers that I not even speak to her. Can the whole clear-headed, peace of mind thing be combined with Olympic competition? Those who participate in the National Yoga…Read More

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