Oregon State’s Jared Cunningham Throws Down a Sick Reverse Alley-oop (Video)

We all know the fast break is the best way to beat full-court pressure.  The most exciting way to beat full-court pressure is to finish the play on the other end with a dunk.  It’s even more exciting when that dunk happens to come in the form of an alley-oop.  As far as taking the cake goes, a reverse alley-oop is probably the way to go.  Cue Oregon State’s Jared Cunningham in this video from Thursday night’s win over Howard that The Dagger shared with us:

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Oregon State Sporting Turquoise Uniforms for Native American Heritage Month

Oregon State is known for its black and orange colors. If you plan on watching the Beavers play basketball and don’t recognize them, you won’t be alone. Oregon State will be wearing turquoise uniforms against Texas Southern to raise awareness for Native American Heritage Month.

Why turquoise? It’s a color of friendship in Native American culture. Why is Oregon State doing it? Sophomore Joe Burton is a part of the Soboba Tribe and believed to be the first Native American to earn a scholarship in the Pac-10. Oregon State is teaming up with Nike’s N7 division on the project, which helped design those baby blue badboys. So what do you think?

President Obama Warning Oregon State that Craig Robinson Is in Demand

Craig Robinson led Oregon State to an impressive turnaround season this past year. The team went 18-18 and 7-11 in conference play which was quite an improvement from their hideous 6-25 and 0-18 showing the previous year. With many head coaching openings out there, his name was tossed around, but never seriously considered for the major jobs such as Arizona, Memphis, or Kentucky. Outside of a few years at Brown, he only has the one season of experience at Oregon State. But a few more steps in the right direction and you never know what might happen. Robinson’s brother-in-law, President Obama has the same mentality and has already put Oregon State on notice:

“Craig Robinson is an outstanding coach. I think he’s shown that. I’m just stating facts. Anybody in Oregon and anybody who knows sports knows he turned it around. He loves Corvallis and I’m sure that as a young, successful coach he’s going to start getting offers.”

In these times when schools and fans grow unsatisfied quickly, it wouldn’t be surprising to see someone act fast in hiring Robinson, especially if he has another good season at OSU. With President Obama on his side, imagine the type of pull he’d have in recruiting. Who would turn him down? About the only limitation would be the Ivy League mentality he has and the Princeton Offense, which isn’t exactly designed for elite talent, so maybe he’d have to consider a new system. And you know whoever does get him will be praying for reelection.