Showtime: Oscar De La Hoya was ‘deceitful’ in Canelo Alvarez negotiations

Oscar De La Hoya

A Showtime boxing executive says Oscar De La Hoya was “deceitful” in his negotiations with the network regarding boxer Canelo Alvarez, who instead signed a big deal with rival network HBO.

Oscar’s Golden Boy Promotions on Tuesday announced Alvarez’s new partnership with HBO. Canelo, like many of Golden Boy’s fighters, had been fighting on Showtime in the past year. The Mexican boxer is a fan favorite and has the ability to sell out venues and generate over 300,000 pay-per-view buys. Outside of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, there are not many other fighters — if any — who have the drawing power of Canelo. That’s why the loss hurts Showtime.

Beyond that, Showtime boxing executive Stephen Espinoza says De La Hoya was deceitful during the negotiation.

“The announcement didn’t come as any surprise to me because Oscar has talked since July about wanting to having ‘Canelo’ fight Miguel Cotto in May with HBO fighters on the undercard,” Espinoza told the LA Times’ Lance Pugmire. “But the deceitful manner Oscar went about it … there’s no repercussions to this promise that was reneged on with a company you do business with.”

One of the reasons Oscar may have taken Canelo to HBO is because Showtime would not pay the $4 million license fee Golden Boy was seeking for Alvarez to fight Joshua Clottey in December. Espinoza did not think that would be a deal-breaker, but it may have been enough to sway De La Hoya towards HBO. He also said there was a verbal agreement that Canelo would sign with Showtime.

Another reason Canelo left for HBO is so he can fight in May and September on the same weekends as big Mexican holidays. This is how De La Hoya scheduled his pro fights, and it’s the same way Mayweather has done it. Mayweather, despite not being Mexican, is with Showtime, and that has prevented Alvarez from doing the same thing.

“There were many factors involved in making the decision but recouping the dates (was important),” Alvarez said. “I always wanted to fight on Cinco de Mayo (weekend) and in September (on the weekend of Mexican independence day) because being Mexican those are always the dates that are celebrated and I am excited to fulfill my dreams of continuing that Mexican tradition.”

Canelo is expected to fight Clottey in December and Miguel Cotto in May as long as all goes to plan.

Oscar moving Canelo back to HBO, where he fought from 2010-2012, is a huge step towards Golden Boy repairing its relationship with the network. HBO had problems with former Golden Boy exec Richard Schaefer and stopped doing business with the group. Golden Boy instead went to Showtime. But Oscar took control of his company after coming out of rehab, leading Schaefer to leave the company. He has put Golden Boy back in business with HBO, and his next step might actually be to work with Bob Arum’s Top Rank.

We make fun of Oscar here and there, but if he’s able to do business with both networks and set fights with Arum, then he’ll be doing a lot more good for the sport than bad.

Oscar De La Hoya vows to end ‘Cold War’ with Top Rank

oscar-arumBig things are happening with Golden Boy Promotions, and the latest step might be Oscar De La Hoya’s company actually working with hated rival Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing.

For years the two companies have pretty much refused to do business together, which has come at a detriment to the sport. The two promotions each have a stable of fighters and only pair their guys against each other, even if another promoter has a fighter who would present a better matchup. That greediness and selfishness has frequently prevented fans from seeing some of the most intriguing fights.

But, now, it sounds like De La Hoya wants to make some changes.

Following former CEO Richard Schaefer’s resignation announcement from Golden Boy Promotions on Monday, we know Oscar will be more involved with his company. And in an interview with “The Ring Magazine” — which is owned by Golden Boy — Oscar said he plans to work with Top Rank in the future.

“I don’t care what it takes,” De La Hoya told RingTV.com. “I will end the Cold War for the fans.

“I have a mission,” De La Hoya said in the interview, which took place prior to Schaefer’s resignation. “And that mission is to make the best fights happen, to bring everybody together for the fans. That’s all it is. It’s for the fans.”

Oscar says he has already met with Arum a few times to discuss things. He even has a few potential fights in mind if the promotional outfits begin working together.

“There are a lot of possibilities,” De La Hoya said. “You can do (Marcos) Maidana versus Pacquiao. You can do (Lucas) Matthysse and Brandon Rios. There’s a lot of possibilities.”

Perhaps the biggest reason why Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather never happened has to do with the promoters; Mayweather hates Arum and refused to do any sort of business with him.

Will Oscar get eaten alive by Arum when they begin working together? We’ll see. Regardless, this actually should be good for boxing.

Oscar De La Hoya takes shot at Bob Arum over bad undercard

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya may play dumb at times, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he sent this tweet on Saturday evening:

Oscar was being sarcastic and taking a clear shot at rival promoter Bob Arum and his Top Rank Boxing promotions for putting on an undercard for the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley rematch that was widely derided.

You knew Oscar was being facetious because his next tweet promised his Golden Boy Promotions would deliver a strong card, unlike the Pacquiao-Bradley undercard.

Oscar De La Hoya out of rehab after three months

Oscar De La HoyaOscar De La Hoya is out of rehab after completing a 90-day stint at Cliffside Malibu, according to a report.

FOX News reported on Thursday that the former boxing star and current promoter was released about two weeks ago. De La Hoya announced in September just before the big Canelo Alvarez-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight that he was entering treatment.

He most notably has battled alcoholism and said he even went to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as frequently as six times a week. His latest round of rehab may have been sparked by someone shopping photos to media outlets of him on an allege cocaine bender

De La Hoya has been in rehab before, but the hope is that this time he has beaten his issues.

Floyd Mayweather mocks Oscar De La Hoya over Instagram

Oscar De La Hoya

Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not think highly of Oscar De La Hoya. That’s nothing new. But it was still a little surprising to see the undefeated boxer take a jab at the Golden Boy by re-posting a boxing meme to his Instagram account on Monday.

Mayweather posted a meme that mocked De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez. De La Hoya, who lost to Floyd in 2007, said he had been giving Canelo — one of his promotional company’s most popular fighters — a blueprint on how to beat Mayweather. Mayweather won the fight easily (even if he was only credited with a majority decision win). Floyd earned the right to mock Oscar for saying before the fight that he had given Canelo a blueprint to victory, but seeing him post the meme was a surprise.

De La Hoya entered rehab last week and did not attend the fight, which was a pretty shocking turn of events and interesting side-story in the buildup to the bout.

Last week, Mayweather made his thoughts on De La Hoya pretty clear.

“Richard Schaefer’s a good guy, but Oscar’s [not],” Mayweather told the LA Times regarding Golden Boy Promotions’ top two figures.

Mayweather also told The Times that De La Hoya’s public appearances were “real embarrassing. I wouldn’t even show up to the fights if I were him.”

Maybe Floyd’s comments hit Oscar hard, because the Golden Boy ended up going to rehab. And Oscar’s biased pick of Canelo to win the fight proved to be a foolish one.

UPDATE: Mayweather issued a statement of apology for the photo and said he was not the one who posted it.

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Oscar De La Hoya entering treatment, will miss Canelo Alvarez fight

Oscar De La HoyaOscar De La Hoya said in a statement issued on Tuesday that he will not be in attendance for the Canelo Alvarez-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight in Las Vegas because he will be receiving treatment.

Here is what Oscar said in the statement:

Canelo Alvarez and I have big fights coming up this weekend. His is the ring and mine in treatment.

I will not be at the fight to cheer Canelo to victory since I have voluntarily admitted myself into a treatment facility.

I explained this to Canelo and he understood that my health and longterm recovery from my disease must come first.

Thank you for your understanding. I ask for your support and privacy during this difficult time for me and my family.

De La Hoya has recently been open about his struggles with alcoholism. An August LA Times article said Oscar sometimes goes to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings six times a week, sometimes twice a day.

“This is a battle I have every day,” Oscar said of his alcoholism.

De La Hoya created Golden Boy Promotions, which is one of the most successful fight promotion companies along with Bob Arum’s Top Rank. Alvarez is one of his top fighters, and Oscar has been picking his boy to beat Mayweather on Saturday. This is one of the biggest fights in the company’s history, so you know Oscar has to be in bad shape to miss it.

Bob Arum Says He’s Friendly with the Mayweathers; Oscar De La Hoya Says Arum is a Liar

Remember that story we posted a few days ago about Bob Arum trying to structure the Floyd Mayweather Jr-Manny Pacquiao fight without Golden Boy Promotions involved? Yeah, well that got around to Oscar De La Hoya, and he’s not happy about it.

De La Hoya went on a Twitter rant late Tuesday night and called Arum a liar.

Bob Arum please please stop lying to the public. Sit down with my CEO Richard and make the big fight happen. Before Manny asks questions.

Hahaha Bob Arum is saying there are a bunch of investors he’s talking to try and make PAC vs mayweather. I can’t stop laughing.

I talk about it so I can expose this guy to the fans who are demanding this fight. But it’s ok for him to lie behind the press?

Bottom line is mayweather wants Pacquiao what’s the hold up? Bob”

To answer the last question, Arum reportedly is negotiating terms for the fight. He is really laying it on too. In a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Arum said he considers himself friendly with all the Mayweathers. Yeah, whatever Bob.

Even Pac Man reportedly said the deal is almost done. I don’t know if that’s the case, but Oscar’s rant just comes across as the desperate words of a man whose company is being left behind. Yahoo! boxing writer Kevin Iole told Oscar the same thing, but Oscar doesn’t care.

There’s a reason Arum has called De La Hoya one of the stupidest guys he’s met. But when it comes to his word against my word, I don’t mind people using their outlets to voice their side. The issue here is that Golden Boy has no leverage. Still, I always want to see Top Rank and Golden Boy working together because it’s better for boxing longterm.