Roy Jones Jr. Calls Oscar De La Hoya a ‘Quit’ from Pacquiao Fight


Let’s see, Roy Jones Jr. is hanging on way past his prime, presumably to make money like most other boxers do. He got his head handed to him by Joe Calzaghe last November but still came back for two more fights since, winning both. Oscar De La Hoya recently wrote that he felt Jones Jr. continues to fight because of ego, not money; he says Roy wants to prove he’s still a top fighter. De La Hoya said Roy should retire because he’s done. Roy obviously didn’t take to that opinion very well and has now spoken:

“Yeah, well, I ain’t quit like he did, did I? I don’t even think he’s got enough respect to talk to me. I never gave up. He gave up to a smaller man. I don’t owe no explanation for that. I don’t even think he earned the right tot talk to me. I ain’t never quite. Got cut and still went on against what they called pound-for-pound one of the best fighters out there and never thought about quitting. I feel like I owe that to the fans. I feel like if they paid to see me fight, they should get a whole fight whether I’m getting my behind whooped or I’m whooping behind, they deserve a whole fight. I ain’t never quit in the ring so don’t tell me what I need to do.”

No doubt Jones Jr. is oozing with confidence from his win over Jeff Lacy two weeks ago. He was bragging about his handspeed from that fight during the interview and suggested he wants to fight Anderson Silva from MMA. The interview also confirmed De La Hoya’s feelings — that Roy still feels he’s a top fighter. But Jones Jr. is definitely correct about Oscar quitting. Both guys are right and it would have been nice if we didn’t have to experience either process as fans.

Manny Pacquiao to Extract $3 Million for Every Pound Oscar’s Over Weight

Count me as one of the people who believes the December fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao is a farce. I’m never going to knock Oscar for the simple fact that he fights everyone and anyone, bringing the fans the match ups they want. At the same time, let’s not confuse the fact that he’s a businessman and a very good one at that. Why else would he try to make a fight with Pacman happen? Manny usually fights around 130 lbs. Oscar around 154. Think there’s a size difference? So much so, that Oscar De La Hoya apparently must pay Pacquiao $3 million for every pound he’s over 147 — the agreed upon weight limit for the fight — if he’s too heavy.

“I have already talked with Bob Arum and he told me that Oscar has agreed that the penalty will be $ 3 million for every pound or a fraction thereof in excess of 147 lbs (during the weighin),”said Pacquiao lawyer Franklin Gacal yesterday.

“Oscar is the bigger boxer, is taller (at 5-10 as to Pacquiao who is 5-6) and has the reach advantage,” said Gacal, noting that the Golden Boy will have to sweat it out to make the welterweight limit.

Now the question is, does Manny try to slip Oscar some Caltene bars Regina George-style to make a quick buck, or avoid that strategy because it could be hazardous for him in the ring? As for the fight, the size disadvantage makes it a mis-match, and for that reason, I’m tempted to go with the much bigger and stronger De La Hoya. He might not be the sharpest fighter around, but he’s still pretty tough and packs a strong hook. This isn’t the fight that makes sense in the purist notion, but it sure will be one heck of a draw at the box office.

Floyd Mayweather Jr: ‘Oscar De La Hoya, **** You. I Don’t Like You’

Funny thing how I was recently pointing out Pretty Boy’s interview with The Grand Rapids Press where he called out HBO for being racist and having double standards when it comes to criticism of athletes versus announcers. Well apparently Floyd’s liberation of lashing out didn’t just stop with HBO — he also called out Oscar De La Hoya in a 45-minute documentary that premiered at his retirement party:

“Oscar De La Hoya, (expletive) you and (expletive) everything you stand for. I don’t like you, you don’t like me,” Mayweather said in the film.

Good thing Mayweather says he’s nearly a billionaire because at the rate he’s going, he’s not going to have any opponents to fight, promoters to work with, nor TV networks to show a possible coming out of retirement fight. I just hope Pretty Boy doesn’t back down from his comments and say something stupid like he was just free style rapping because he’s certainly burning any bridge built for him.

Do We Really Need a Mayweather vs. De La Hoya Rematch?

Back when these two met up in May, I analyzed the bout so well pre-fight that I nailed the outcome. Why is that? Because a matchup between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is quite predictable; Oscar is bigger and stronger while Floyd is younger and more skilled. Therefore, Mayweather will outpoint De La Hoya, though he won’t score a KO, nor be knocked out himself. Now that we know what will happen in the second fight between the two, why do we need to see this transpire on the canvas once again?

It’s being said that Mayweather and De La Hoya will fight some time in September, though the venue and exact date are not certain. It’s pretty clear to me exactly what is going on. These are two smart business men who are excellent at marketing themselves and their bouts. They plan to get around $25 million per man by fighting, so why not make it happen again? I know it’s a good payday, but come on guys, you really expect us to get all excited again to see the same thing? This is not what the boxing community wants from you, Floyd. This is just as bad of a money grab as what these two clowns are doing. Why not get with it and sign on to fight Miguel Cotto or Paul Williams? That might not get you the same type of green, but it will give you a place in the conversation as the best pound-for-pound fighter in history. So tell me, what’s the real goal at hand?

Oscar De La Hoya to Dress Up as Ring Card Girl?

I’ve seen people do lots of stupid things when faced with some sort of a challenge, but I don’t recall the last time the terms of a bet involved Oscar De La Hoya dressing up in a bikini. I guess when you’re promoting some crap fight between a couple of dudes I’ve never heard of, you gotta break out all the stops. And that’s exactly what Oscar De La Hoya, and fellow promoter Sugar Ray Leonard are doing. From a press release I received promoting the Juan Manuel Marquez/Rocky Juarez card on September 15th at the MGM,

The winners of the bouts will decide the winner of the bet between De La Hoya and Leonard with both decorated fighters agreeing that the loser will provide ring card girl duties between the first and second round of the main event. If it’s a draw with one bout a piece for each side, De La Hoya and Leonard will share ring card duties.

“I can’t think of a better way to top off a night of “Fireworks” than by seeing Oscar climb into the ring during the Marquez vs. Juarez fight dressed as a ring card girl. I know I’m not the only one who wants to see that,” said Sugar Ray Leonard, Contender Series Host.

So yeah, it depends on the outcome of two fights. I’m just hoping Leonard’s guys win. Hmm, Oscar in drag as a ring card girl? Twoeightnine is going to have a field day with this one. I’ll say this much though — Oscar will have a tough time looking sexier than this guy.

UPDATE: The fight has been called off due to an infection on Marquez’s hand.  Hmm, maybe Oscar thought twice about his bet huh?

UPDATE II: You may be looking for alleged photos of Oscar De La Hoya dressed up in drag.  De La Hoya’s people are claiming the photos are fake.

Oscar De La Hoya Does Not Listen to his Wife

Instead, Mr. De La Hoya follows his heart and passion. Oh yeah, and the green. Despite making a boatload of it in his most recent fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., which was publicized like no other, Oscar says he’s not hanging it up. That is contrary to popular belief, and contrary to his wife’s wishes.

“I went back home and watched the [Mayweather] fight with my wife, and alone,” De La Hoya said. “I didn’t feel like the loser, not from what I watched. I pressed that fight, but Mayweather’s a master at what he does. He’s slippery.

“And not for a second did I think I wanted to retire after that fight. I’m leaving doors open. I had a discussion with my wife about it, and I told her I wanted to erase that fight from my record books. I know there are good arguments on both sides of me retiring, but I want to leave this sport with exciting fights, fights where the fans are looking at the faces of both guys afterward and knowing, ‘Those guys were in a heck of a fight.’ “

I’ll say a few things for Oscar. For one, he loves to fight, and that’s great. Secondly, and most importantly, the guy shows up at the box office. He takes all the big fights and never backs down. Regardless of whether or not he’s doing it for the paycheck, he still gives fans what they want to see — a marquee fight. This is a good day for the sweet science, to be followed by a better day when Oscar announces an upcoming opponent.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a Split Decision

If you’re this far down and still reading, it probably means you have at least a mild interest in my analysis of tonight’s fight. That being the case, I urge you to read my story at The FanHouse explaining why this will be an extremely disappointing fight. Your call, you can check it out now, or after you read the following analysis:

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. is much quicker and more athletic than Oscar. He’s as fast and sharp a boxer as De La Hoya’s faced since Pernell Whitaker. And we all know how that fight turned out (Sweet Pea was robbed off a decision). Which is exactly what I fear to be the outcome in this fight. PBF will dance around the ring, wisely avoiding toe-to-toe action with the bigger and stronger De La Hoya. He will shrewdly stick jabs and quick combos before ducking away from contact. He will win the fight by out-pointing De La Hoya in what figures to be a close decision — most likely split. I am extremely confident that this fight will last all 12 rounds.

However, I would not be inclined to bet on this fight. The reason is simple — Oscar has knockout power. The Golden Boy’s good looks are deceiving; he’s as tough as it gets in the ring, coupling tremendous courage with a powerful left hook. If PBF ever starts feeling pressure to create action and excitement, it will open up the window for Oscar to floor him with one deadly punch. Furthermore, Oscar was able to steal a decision against Whitaker because he threw more punches and was constantly the aggressor — something ringside judges reward. I have no doubt Oscar will win several rounds tonight 10-9 because of his aggression. Heck, even his trainer Freddie Roach said their strategy would be to attack Mayweather.

If you’re a casual boxing fan reading this, here’s your warning: tonight will not be an exciting fight. Read this story to find out why.