Who the Athletes and Celebs Like for De La Hoya vs. Mayweather

Here’s a nice little list compiled by the PR crew for the fight of the century (check back tomorrow for my pick and analysis)

Peeps Liking the Golden Boy

  1. Donald Trump – “Oscar has always been under-rated—he will win!”
  2. Vinny from Entourage – “Hmmmmmmhmmmm, De La Hoya.”
  3. Chris Tucker – “I love both of them…Oscar.”
  4. Jeremy Piven – “Oh man, you know, that’s a tough one you know because Mayweather may be the pound for pound best. But I love Oscar and I love his heart. I’m gonna have to go with Oscar. I want De La Hoya and I’m not a gambling man because I bet with my heart, so I say De La Hoya.”
  5. Justin Verlander – “Oscar De La Hoya is going to take this one. He’s a boxing legend and it could be his last fight. He’s going out on top.”
  6. Roberto Duran – “De La Hoya has the stronger punch. Mayweather is not used to facing bigger men. [ Carlos] Baldomir didn’t have the talent of De La Hoya and Mayweather couldn’t finish him. If De La Hoya cuts him early, Mayweather is going to be limited. De La Hoya by decision.”
  7. Sugar Ray Leonard – “As far as my prediction, I lean toward Oscar. I’ve changed my mind a couple of times. But Oscar has a little bit more desire, strength, size. Oscar has never one that big one, the most defining moment in his career. I think that this allows him to rise to the occasion. But if Mayweather wins then he can be called great, because right now it’s premature, but if he beats Oscar that label fits him fine.”

Peeps Liking Pretty Boy Floyd

  1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – “Mayweather has a huge edge in a few key areas—speed and defense being two. Floyd is closer to the prime of his career and Oscar is way past his. I like the fact that Oscar was willing to take this fight. It would be a great story if he should stop Mayweather. Mayweather will be just too much for him to handle though. It might go the distance with a small percentage of a TKO in the late rounds. Win to Mayweather.”
  2. LeBron James – “Mayweather”
  3. Bow Wow – “Mayweather is going to win. Pound for pound he’s the best. And I like his style, he is young, rich, and flamboyant. I like the fact that he is confident. And his drive and passion for what he does. Plus DeLaHoya can’t take the speed. That’s what’s going to kill him.”
  4. Barry Sanders – “Floyd wins because he is young and hungry. The fight will be close and goes the distance because Oscar raises his game to the level of his opponents and the challenge especially when he fights in his weight class. Both are too good to allow the other to dominate.”
  5. LaDainian Tomlinson – “I’m a big boxing fan so hopefully I’ll be there. Man it’s tough, you know. It’s hard to go against Floyd because he hasn’t lost a fight and he’s pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. And I think Oscar’s gotta have a good game plan against Floyd. If he does that, I think he’ll have a chance. But I’m gonna go with Floyd.”
  6. Caron Butler – “Mayweather is the best fighter of this era. He has overcome adversity, works hard, and will win on Saturday night.”
  7. Willis McGahee – “Mayweather is going to dominate the whole fight. He’s going to knock De La Hoya out.”
  8. Vernon Wells – “I gotta go with Floyd Mayweather Jr. He’s one of the best, pound for pound. De La Hoya’s getting a little old. I’m gonna go with Floyd.”
  9. Justin Morneau – “They don’t call you the best in the world unless you can back it up. Mayweather without a doubt. He’s so fast and elusive in the ring. Oscar is not going to be able to pull this one off.”
  10. Julius Jones – “Mayweather’s speed and power will be too much for Oscar to handle. Oscar is tough and prideful…this will work against him as he’ll be standing toe-to-toe and taking Mayweather’s best shots. Mayweather in a unanimous decision. Oscar hits the canvas at least once.”
  11. Jermain Taylor – “I’m looking forward to seeing De La Hoya and Mayweather on May 5th. I think is going to be a great fight and it’s a fight that’s good for boxing, but I think Floyd’s speed and youth will work well for him in this fight. I think the fight will go 12 rounds with Floyd winning a close decision over De La Hoya.”

Seems pretty clear who the favorite is … Check back tomorrow for my analysis and pick.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says Oscar De La Hoya has No Personality

The Golden Boy — known for his charm, looks, and personality — was called out by Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. in PBF’s most recent conference call leading up to their May 5th bout (it’s only nine days away!). When asked if he had seen the “24/7″ special that’s been running recently to promote the fight, here was Floyd’s response:

Oh, yes, I watched them. I checked them out. It was cool, it was funny. It really – it was really exciting, it’s just that his was a little boring. His was a little boring and mine a little bit – you know mine – as I said before, my life is – my life is about excitement. I’m happy. I’m happy and it’s me, man. I’m going to tell the truth, I’m not going to bite my tongue for nothing, like I always said, only God can judge me.

He’s dry. There’s no personality.

Well how about that. I have known Oscar to be many things, namely tough, courageous, charismatic, amiable, but never, never, never boring. Man, looks like Pretty Boy’s bringing out all the stops with this one.

I also thought it was quite notable that PBF said Oscar lost to Pernell Whitaker — a sentiment with which I’ve agreed since the night Pernell got robbed. I think PBF is stretching it however when he suggested that Ike Quartey also beat Oscar (which many people believe), and that Oscar really beat Trinidad (not even close).

Anywhoo, I know boxing has fallen off most people’s radar, but not mine. Expect plenty more coverage throughout next week as we lead up to Cinco de Mayo.

My Day at De La Hoya vs Mayweather Conference

Here's an audio recap of my day at the De La Hoya vs Mayweather press conference promoting their May 5th bout.

Listen to hear how each fighter was received by the fans, Pretty Boy Floyd talk all kinds of trash, and Oscar make his prediction.

MP3 File

The Day in Hollywood, De La Hoya vs. Mayweather Jr.

I told you I’d be checking in today at the final stop of the 11 city tour promoting the May 5th bout between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and let me tell you, it was a lot of fun.

The conference took place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood, right on the Walk of Fame. Pretty Boy Floyd wasted no time trying to go “LA” on the crowd. Let me tell you, they weren’t having any of it. Oscar was the real hero of the city.

Pretty Boy did most of the talking, matter of fact, all of the talking. Oscar was quite humble in his approach. There’s the photo below (explained in my audio recap of the day) and plenty more pictures if you continue reading.

[Read more...]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs De La Hoya, The Tour Concludes

So Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya are concluding their 11 city tour (11 cities!!) aimed to promote their May 5th fight with an announcement in Los Angeles on Wednesday and guess what, yours truly will be in attendance. 

I’ve already expressed my elevated level of interest in the fight and I can’t wait for all the pre-fight excitement.  Check back later today for a recap of how the day went. 

As the tag-line for the 11 city tour says, Everyone is talking…on May 5 the whole world will be watching…(and I’ll be there reporting)

Fans Excited for De La Hoya vs. Mayweather

I can remember clearly, the last time I truly got excited – I mean eyes as big as Reche Caldwell, heart jumping through the chest, full on arousal – for boxing news was when Sheffield, England native Prince Naseem Hamed announced that he would come out to fight in the U.S. for the first time a full decade ago.  That’s right, a full decade ago, back in 1997, was the last time I was truly excited to hear boxing news – until November of ’06 – when it was announced that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be fighting Oscar De La Hoya on May 5th, 2007.

photo courtesy NotiFight.com

Finally, it would seem as if the uber-talented Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be fighting someone challenging.  Not only is De La Hoya bigger, stronger, and more powerful, but Oscar also has the big-fight experience that Mayweather will finally gain.  Additionally, the fight pits a Latin-American against an African-American naturally polarizing the boxing fan community.  And of course none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s father, Mayweather Sr., happened to be Oscar De La Hoya’s trainer (De La Hoya has since chosen Freddie Roach to train him).   

That is why it comes as no surprise that the boxing community has shared in my alacrity – as noted in the press release I received below:

“Tickets for the highly anticipated super fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather sold out in three hours Saturday afternoon at MGM Grand’s box office and thru TicketMaster’s website.  More than 5,400 tickets for  the fight, Saturday, May 5 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, were devoured by fans eager to help establish the record-breaking live gate of $19 million.  The previous record was $16,860,300 for the November 13, 1999 Lennox Lewis vs. Evander Holyfield II championship event at the Thomas and Mack Center.”

You better start making your plans now because on May 5th boxing fans and sports fans at-large will finally have something to be excited about. 

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