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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Ozzie Guillen

Jake Peavy Says Ozzie Guillen Quit on the White Sox

Over his nine-year career, Jake Peavy has been a dominant MLB starter when healthy. The problem is he is rarely ever healthy. Since Peavy was acquired by the White Sox, that always seemed to irritate former manager Ozzie Guillen. It’s no secret that the two never got along, and it was known that Guillen believed…Read More

Ozzie Guillen Rants About Money, Marlins Job, 62-Foot Boat

When we bring you quotes and other material from Ozzie Guillen here on LBS, we usually preface it by saying something along the lines of, “nothing Ozzie says or does surprises us.”  For the most part, that is the case.  Guillen loves to rant and baseball fans are used to hearing him by now.  However,…Read More

The Ozzie Guillen Saga is a Reality Show Mark Buehrle Enjoys

Regardless of his relationship with the White Sox front office, it would be tough to argue that Ozzie Guillen has not done a ton for the Chicago franchise.  Guillen played shortstop for the White Sox for 13 seasons before becoming their manager in 2004.  In only his second year in charge of the White Sox,…Read More

Ozzie Guillen Has Never Seen a White Man Run as Fast as Peter Bourjos

One skill Ozzie Guillen has never seemed to master is the act of giving a compliment.  One of the most misunderstood personalities in baseball, Guillen frequently gets himself into hot water with his mouth — whether intentionally or not.  It’s all good.  We know Ozzie means well. After the Angels swept the White Sox in…Read More

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