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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen Is a Hall of Famer Part II

There was a time and day when I couldn’t stand Ozzie. He was loud, crude, and obnoxious. He was out in front of the team, the center of attention on a World Series champ where I felt the players deserved the attention. I despised that. But now that time has gone on, I’ve grown to…Read More

Ozzie Guillen Is a Hall of Famer

This is just pure Ozzie brilliance. There really is nobody like him. And I can’t help but take enjoyment in the White Sox struggles because I know they will result in better and better press conferences. On the other hand, they can’t lose too much, because I don’t want Ozzie’s job in jeopardy. This is…Read More

Mike North and Ozzie Guillen Face Off (Audio)

Once again, The Mike North Morning Show on WSCR in Chicago was the center of controversy. Ozzie Guillen called into the show after hearing his catcher AJ Pierzynski complain to North about being left out of the lineup in favor of backup Toby Hall. Guillen absolutely goes off on North and Pierzynski for questioning the…Read More

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