58 Games in and Ozzie Guillen’s Finally Warmed Up to Mid-Season Form

Ozzie Guillen was like a dormant volcano the first two months of the season. You always knew he was capable of unloading one of his Hall of Fame rants but he held back for the most part. Meanwhile typical hot heads like Carlos Zambrano and Milton Bradley already had their moments, but Ozzie remained patient. He decided to wait for the season to develop more before injecting one of his inspiring speeches. And boy, did he get off a beaut after the Sox lost the first game of a doubleheader to the Tigers:

“If this was the 1980s, (none) of these guys would be in the big leagues right now because if you hit .210-.230 and you can’t execute, I don’t think you should be out here,” Guillen said shortly after third baseman Josh Fields went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and committed an error in the top of the ninth inning that set up the Tigers’ winning rally.

“When you can’t bunt, hit-and-run, squeeze and move the guy over, you better hit 40 home runs and drive in 140. The only positive about this game was (reliever) D.J. Carrasco and a couple home runs here and there. A little excitement, fans got a little excited, and that’s it.”

“Is the clubhouse closed?” Guillen said. “We should open it and let them (answer) why they’re so horse (bleep).”

OK Ozzie, tell me how you really feel. Sometimes he’s just like a toy — wind him up and let him go. Maybe it’s when the calendar turned to June that Ozzie officially started to panic, realizing it was time to identify the team as either a contender or a rebuilder. Clearly you know where he stands. Any wonder why he was so critical of the Gordon Beckham promotion?

David Ortiz, Ozzie Guillen Are on the Right Track with One-Year Bans

I used to be one of the biggest baseball fans around. This year, things will change. I’m tired of the steroids issue tainting the game and obscuring my enjoyment of it. I’ve had enough of seeing guys like J.C. Romero, Rafael Betancourt, and Guillermo Mota get busted and come back like nothing happened. I’d like to watch the game without having doubts or second thoughts about the legitimacy of player’s performances. To achieve this peace of mind, harsher penalties for banned substance violators should be put in place. To that end, both Ozzie Guillen and David Ortiz took a stand. Guillen says a one-year ban should be in place for first-time violators rather than just 50 games, and David Ortiz expounded up on that thought:

“Ban ‘em for the whole year. I would suggest everybody get tested, not random, everybody. You go team by team. You test everybody three, four times a year and that’s about it. I think you clean up the game by the testing. I know that if I test positive by using any kind of substance, I know that I’m going to disrespect my family, the game, the fans and everybody, and I don’t want to be facing that situation. So what would I do? I won’t use it, and I’m pretty sure that everybody is on the same page. I just want to go out there and make sure that people are not looking at you like, oh, look at this guy. He’s big now. What’s going on?”

Amen. Thank you, Big Papi. Now this is what I’ve been waiting for. What’s so hard about players telling the Union that they want harsher penalties and testing so they can prove their legitamacy? Now it’s on MLB and the union to amend the CBA to make this happen. Ortiz wants it, Ozzie wants it, and I want it. They need to make a bold move to save the game, and this is the one to make. Only difference is I’d like two years for first-time violators. Boy, would that send a message. Best of all, it still wouldn’t prevent creeps like Gene Orza from tipping off the superstars that tests were coming!

Ozzie Guillen Has Interesting Thoughts on Race, Is Against Affirmative Action

I recently posted a few excerpts from Ozzie Guillen’s interview with Sporting News Magazine, talking about how lucky Chicago was to have both him and Lou Piniella in the same town. I was pretty pumped to tear into the article once I picked up the magazine, and it didn’t let me down. (Incidentally, SN Magazine has improved tremendously since they changed page formats and printed issues less frequently — there are many more feature stories that are worth reading). In the interview, Ozzie was candid as always, first off expressing his thoughts that Latin players are mentally tougher than other players. Here’s why:

“I think the Latin players are smarter than American players in one way: It’s hard to play the game when you don’t speak the language. And you have to overcome that problem, the homesickness, maybe being criticized by somebody and you don’t know what they’re talking about, maybe you watch the TV and you don’t know what the hell they’re saying. … And the competition is getting harder because now you got Korean players, Japanese players, Chinese players … That’s why I criticize a lot of teams — because what is the reason we bring Japanese translators and Latinos no have one? Maybe because you have other teammates that are Latino, or one of the coaches? … Is it because there’s less Asian players in the big leagues? Or do they have better treatment because they bring fans and TV and revenue to baseball?”

I have to admit, that guy that appears so dumb on the surface, actually has provoked a lot of thoughts in my mind. Why don’t Latino players have translators? I think Ozzie hits on a lot of the reasons in his last sentence — the run of the mill Asian player doesn’t have a translator, but the superstar Asian player does — because he brings in revenue. Additionally, the cultural transition between Asian and Latino players is much different and more difficult for Asian players. Not to mention, the fact that there are several Latin players on each team makes it easier to adjust. Anyway, we’re not quite done. Ozzie was asked whether or not he thinks baseball should create opportunities for minorities, maybe in a similar vein to the Rooney Rule in the NFL. Ozzie’s answer:

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Ozzie Guillen: Chicago Is Lucky to Have Him and Lou Piniella in Same Town

I’ve already been pretty outspoken regarding my feelings for Ozzie Guillen. The man has some of the best rants in the history of the game. The guy just really livens things up and knows how to make a 162-game schedule interesting. And does it get much better than Ozzie’s comments about Dustin Pedroia being a jockey? I don’t think so. Well, Ozzie was out to prove that he can be funnier than that, holding nothing back in an interview with Sporting News Magazine. Check out some brilliant excerpts:

“I got Cubs fans who are friends. I say (expletive) you. The Cubs fans, they’re cocky. They’ve been (expletive) for a lot of years, but they’re cocky. They let you know they’re No. 1 in town. But I got a lot of friends with the Cubs. Lou Piniella, I love that man. That’s my goal-manage that many years. The best thing that happened to (expletive) Chicago is Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen in the same (expletive) town. (Expletive) the boring-(expletive) guys every day. Some people have to be politically correct, some people have to be (expletive) up. That’s Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen.”

It’s just one giant f-bomb filled rant. Typical Guillen. But he does make a great point about the Chicago media bias towards the Cubs.

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Ozzie Guillen: Dustin Pedroia Is a Jockey, Just Came Off Big Brown

There’s a reason Ozzie Guillen’s a two-time Hall of Famer here at LBS, and comments like this one are helping his case for a bronze statue as well. Keep in mind that Ozzie Guillen was complimenting Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia who had gone 8-for-8 against his team at the time of his comment:

”I never thought I was going to walk a goddamn jockey. ‘Walking a guy who just came from being on top of Big Brown. Right now, he’s on a roll. This guy right now is on fire. No matter what you throw up there, he’s going to get it. I can’t believe you can change professions in one year, go from the Kentucky Derby to the Boston Red Sox ballpark.

I think Pedroia is the heart of [Boston's] ballclub right now. A lot of people talk about Manny [Ramirez] leaving, I wish Pedroia was the one who was leaving because this kid can beat you so many different ways.

Honestly, how can you read a comment like that and not like Ozzie Guillen, or at least appreciate him for his comedic value. I can’t believe you can go from the Kentucky Derby to Fenway, go from Big Brown to the batter’s box? Does it get better than that? This guy is freaking hilarious. And if I’m Mr. Laser Beam Pedroia, I would assuredly take those words as nothing but a compliment.

Thanks to Jerry Bailey err Will Brinson at FanHouse for the story.

Please Send All Comments/Questions to OzzieGuillen13@hotmail.com

A few years ago, Ozzie Guillen made his email address public notifying fans that they could send comments and questions, good or bad, to him personally at ozzieguillen13@hotmail.com. I thought I had sent him one at some point in time, but I can’t really locate it. Regardless, whatever I may or may not have sent could not have been as good as the chain Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Morrissey sent Ozzie recently. By my count, Morrissey sent about five emails from a pretty generic address where it would have been tough for Guillen to connect the dots back to the writer, before he finally got a response. As Morrisey told it:

On Saturday morning, I was sitting in the Busch Stadium press box before the Cubs-Cardinals game when I thought of the TV commercial Guillen and Piniella had recently made for some car dealerships. In it, they have a rap-off.


I just saw your car dealership ad with Piniella. You should stick to managing. 77-year-old Jack McKeon can rap better than you.


Then I forgot about it. Four hours later, I checked my mail, and there it was. From: OzzieGuillen13@hotmail.com. I opened it.

You have to be stupid. Get a life, loser. I hope you have no kids. They have to be like you.

So there you go, badger Ozzie from a generic email address about five times, and you can wind up hearing a response like that. Actually, OG13 says he has used the advice of fans to make a lineup change in the past, batting Pierzynski 2nd and Quentin 3rd. I’m going to wait until this blows over before I start sending him my thoughts. And I probably won’t stop until I hear a response, either. At least he should appreciate that I want to induct him into the Hall of Fame. I’m probably the only one.

Is Ozzie Wearing Thin on Ken Williams?

Ozzie Guillen went on one of his beautiful rants yesterday after the White Sox had lost their third game in four to the Rays. Never mind the fact that the White Sox are first place in their division by one game and over .500 by four despite losing three in a row, Ozzie still was not happy with his club. He promised changes on Tuesday, clearly dissatisfied with the lack of offensive production by the team. His rant was amusing as usual, though not quite Hall of Fame material as it so often is. One person who would not share my opinion however, was GM Kenny Williams. Williams was perturbed Ozzie was saying the White Sox need to make changes — a suggestion that falls under Kenny’s umbrella of responsibility.

“Very interesting, very disappointing. It’s never a good idea to throw your boss under the bus, especially when that boss has had his back as much as I have. I guess that lineup will be real interesting to see on Tuesday.

We have the horses. Everyone has to stay positive and keep grinding. If you’re looking for a quick fix personnel-wise, with the climate right now, you’re not going to get it. I expect more of everyone in that uniform and certainly the guy leading the team on the field.”

Baseball’s season lasts 162 games. You can’t just flip your lid every time your team loses three games in a row and strands runners in scoring position — that’s what the fans do. You figure the manager should be more calm and sensible about things, unless you’re Ozzie Guillen of course. I’m actually surprised Williams reacted the way he did. I figure he would just sweep it under the rug and move on, knowing that’s just Ozzie being Ozzie. But this is the same Ken Williams who came out and aired the dirty laundry with Frank Thomas, so it’s pretty clear he likes to keep a fresh image in front of the press. Probably wasn’t worth doing this time.