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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Pac-12

Pac-12 Looking to Expand into China

On the heels of adding two universities to its conference, and securing a $3 billion TV contract, the Pac-12 has turned its attention overseas. The New York Times reports that Larry Scott, the conference’s commissioner, boarded a plane headed for Beijing on Sunday. Yes, Beijing. Scott has ambitions of playing Pac-12 sporting events in China….Read More

Pac-12 Making the Upgrade with New National and Regional TV Deal

Upgrade today like the Pac-12 and Best Buy will buy it back when you’re ready for the next big thing Larry Scott continues to impress as the commissioner of the Pac-12. Since taking over as the conference’s commissioner two years ago, the conference has expanded from 10 to 12 teams, flirted with major programs like…Read More

You’ll Need a Stanford Education to Understand the New Pac-12 Video

The Pac-10 has officially expanded to 12 teams after adding Colorado and Utah this offseason. Being admitted to the conference should not be taken lightly; between Stanford, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, and yes friends, I’ll include USC, the Pac-12 has some of the strongest academic institutions in the country. It seems like the people who created the…Read More

Pac-12 Faces Battle With Tupac Fan Over Domain Name

With the additions of Colorado and Utah next year, the Pac-10 will officially become the Pac-12. The conference’s current domain name is, but according to TNSP Sports Net via the Examiner, the conference is attempting to acquire the rights to the domain name The only problem is that domain name is already taken….Read More

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