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Friday, December 19, 2014

Articles tagged: Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones Needs Fashion Lessons

I suppose I don’t exactly expect much from someone who visits strip clubs strictly for the food, or gets in as much trouble as Pacman does, but this harrowing description of an outfit Pacman sported recently just really makes you shake your head. Tim McMahon at The Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog has the details…Read More

Imus Makes Adam Jones Into a Victim

The one thing I didn’t think was possible has happened. Somehow, in this entire messy situation, Adam Jones — the biggest perpetrator of crimes within the last two years — was made into a victim by Don Imus. That is just maddening. It just goes to show how clueless Imus really is, and how idiotic…Read More

Pacman No Longer, Call Him Adam Jones

He’s pretty smart for a dumb guy, I’ll say that for him. When I’m writing up this story and attributing the proper tags to it, I have to go for the Pacman Jones tag in order to give all related previous news. If I respected his wishes and went straight with Adam, nothing would register…Read More

Chris Henry and Pacman: Like Brothers

If there’s ever a collegiate football program at which you’d like to point your finger, it should be West Virginia under Rich Rodriguez. We’ve already acknowledged that Rodriguez is like scum of the Earth in college football terms. Think about it — he had both of the model NFL bad boys playing on his squad…Read More

Why Is Jerry Jones Going After Pacman?

I understand he’s all about getting value and giving second chances, but honestly why is Jerry Jones going after Lapdance Jones? The track record speaks for itself: the success of T.O. after he single-handedly blew up the Eagles — a player Jerry got for a bargain price. We’ll see what Tank Johnson does — another…Read More

Randy Moss and Pacman Jones Victims of Extortion Attempts?

Let me say this first: whatever bad rap both Pacman and Moss have they have earned. That being said, I can’t help but feel that they are both the victims of extortion efforts. Just two days ago a woman was seeking an arrest warrant for Pacman Jones, saying that the Pac hit her at a…Read More

Pacman Jones Goes to Strip Clubs For the Food

Honestly, if that isn’t the lamest effing excuse in the books, then I don’t know what is. Just a few days ago, I told you that Pac was set to make his TNA debut tonight. Well, apparently he went on ESPN2’s First Take to promote the event. In between arguing over the amount of times…Read More

Coming to a Turnbuckle Near You, It’s Adam “Pacman” Jones

After much conjecture and speculation, the inevitable truth has finally been revealed. Pacman Jones will embark on his latest venture. He will be joining TNA wrestling, so says USA Today. This was something we had heard a week ago, but then the Titans said it was against Pac’s contract. No matter, I mean when’s the…Read More

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