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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Articles tagged: Pacman Jones

Nashville wants Pacman Out

Just yesterday I was harping on an issue I feel pretty strongly about — that the NFL needs to throw troubled Titans CB Pacman Jones out of the league. Even if the NFL hasn’t yet heeded my advice, it appears as if the community of Nashville has. I was recently made aware of the newly…Read More

Pacman Jones: All Talk No Walk

Pacman Jones let it reign at a Vegas strip club — apparently sparking a melee that resulted in three people being shot.

Pacman Jones Trouble Magnet

Titans CB Pacman Jones finds himself in the middle of trouble once again, this time being present for a Las Vegas shooting outside a strip club. Presently he’s not regarded as a suspect.

Pacman is Free

It was a big day in the life of Titans cornerback Pacman Jones Thursday.  He received the good news that his misdemeanor assault case for allegedly spitting on a woman at a club was dismissed.  The case was thrown out after the judge found too many holes in the woman’s case.  Apparently the accuser’s credibility was…Read More

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