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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Pacman Jones

Coming to a Turnbuckle Near You, It’s Adam “Pacman” Jones

After much conjecture and speculation, the inevitable truth has finally been revealed. Pacman Jones will embark on his latest venture. He will be joining TNA wrestling, so says USA Today. This was something we had heard a week ago, but then the Titans said it was against Pac’s contract. No matter, I mean when’s the…Read More

Pacman Done as a Titan? Done in NFL?

Probably the funniest thing I’ve heard about Pacman Jones recently came from my buddy Ben Maller who said it’s like a cartoon — one of those black clouds must follow Pacman around. How does he get into so much trouble? Well, everything has snowballed for Pacman, and things are completely unraveling. He’s now being sued…Read More

Pacman Jones Made it Rain

Another treat from the Bradyfan83 treasure chest. All ye need know: the hook is “you outta be in jail since you made it rain.” Oh, and make sure you watch long enough to catch the guitar solo at the end — that guy can jam. Man, it’s almost like a visual version of Pacman’s autobiography….Read More

Pacman Suspension Is Wrong

The following piece has been¬†written by featured contributor, John Ramey¬† Let me first disclose I am no Pacman Jones fan. He is a defensive back for a team I care very little about in a league I like even less, especially after today’s action from NFL Commissioner, Roger “Benito” Goodell. Pacman Jones has been suspended…Read More

Nashville wants Pacman Out

Just yesterday I was harping on an issue I feel pretty strongly about — that the NFL needs to throw troubled Titans CB Pacman Jones out of the league. Even if the NFL hasn’t yet heeded my advice, it appears as if the community of Nashville has. I was recently made aware of the newly…Read More

Pacman Jones: All Talk No Walk

Pacman Jones let it reign at a Vegas strip club — apparently sparking a melee that resulted in three people being shot.

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