Pat Burrell hit a home run in batting practice while wearing slacks and a polo shirt (Video)

Pat Burrell pointThe legend of Pat Burrell continues to grow.

Burrell, a former slugger with the Philadelphia Phillies now working as a scout for his most recent team — the San Francisco Giants — decided to take a hack during Giants BP before Wednesday’s game as part of a bet with manager Bruce Bochy.

It didn’t matter that Burrell was wearing some low-top casual sneakers, slacks and a polo shirt. When you’ve clubbed 292 career home runs in the majors, that kind of crap doesn’t matter.

So Burrell stepped to the plate and went yard on what was his first swing of batting practice, all while Bochy was protesting in the background.

Why was Boch protesting? According to the SF Chronicle, Boch and Burrell had a bet that Burrell couldn’t hit a home run cold. Burrell supposedly cheated by taking some warmup swings in the batting cage underneath the stands before coming onto the field.

Burrell has always been known as a big home run hitter on and off the field. He gained some notoriety for being “The Machine” in that extremely bizarre video with Brian Wilson a few years back, and the stories about his prowess with the ladies are plentiful. Back when I worked for the Dodgers several years ago, there was a gorgeous girl who also worked for the team. She always spoke fondly of Pat.

Apparently Pat still swings a big bat:

They just don’t make ‘em like Burrell anymore, I tell you.

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Pat Burrell supposedly agreed to take picture with girl only if he could grab her boob (Photo)

Pat Burrell made a valiant return to Philadelphia over the weekend to be honored by his former franchise. By the looks of things, he had plenty of fun doing so.

Known as a ladies’ man throughout his MLB career, the former slugger hit the bar scene pretty hard and apparently got touchy feely in one pic. According to Crossing Broad, the woman who shared this picture on Twitter says Burrell would only take the picture if he could grab the girl’s boob. Naturally, she relented. It’s not quite as awesome as the Brian Urlacher boob grab photo, but it’s still pretty good.

Just a reminder: Pat Burrell was the machine.

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Pat Burrell Takes a World Series Golden Sombrero Against Rangers

If there’s any advice I can give the San Francisco Giants as they look to close out the World Series against the Rangers, it’s hire Mark Grace and have him find Pat Burrell a slump buster. The Giants outfielder went 0-for-4 in Game 3 of the World Series with four strikeouts. The spectacular performance allows Burrell membership into the extremely exclusive LBS Golden Sombrero club, though B-Peso earns special recognition for accomplishing the feat in the World Series.

In case you weren’t keeping track, Peso is now hitless in nine World Series at-bats with eight strikeouts. He has walked twice and scored a run, but he’s the only regular on either team who still has the same batting average as when he started the series. Burrell left two men on with his strikeout in the first, another man on in the 4th, and then he struck out to lead off the 7th and 9th.

At the rate he’s going, it wouldn’t be surprising to see manager Bruce Bochy put Burrell on the bench for Game 4. I probably wouldn’t make that move; Nate Schierholtz is your replacement and isn’t exactly an offensive threat. Burrell at least can get on base and score runs by walking, and he always has the potential to deliver a big-time home run. I would ride him out and hope he comes up with a big hit. Maybe Philly fans are still in his head.

Pat Burrell Supposedly Was The Machine in Brian Wilson’s Video Interview

We’ve already dedicated a fair amount of coverage to the insanity that is Giants closer Brian Wilson. First came Wilson’s oddball interview with Jim Rome. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-see. Words can’t describe how strange it was. A few days prior to the Rome interview, Wilson was doing a skype interview on the Cheap Seats with Chris Rose when midway through the interview, a masked, S&M guy in a gimp outfit walked by in the background. Rose understandably freaked out and of course Wilson played it off. Then, in the middle of an NLCS celebratory interview, Wilson again mentioned “The Machine,” sending the internet into a tizzy.

So the question was asked by Deadspin: who was the gimp? SI Hot Clicks passed on word that The Fightins has the answer. The Fightins, a Phillies fan site, shared a picture of Pat Burrell in the costume from about five years ago that supposedly confirms the Giants outfielder doubles as The Machine. Here’s the pics of Pat Burrell as The Machine:

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Phillies Fans Bust Out the Pat Burrell Hate

A day after giving pitcher Tim Lincecum the poster treatment, Phillies fans decided to break out with some Pat Burrell hate. Burrell of course was drafted by the Phillies and played there from 2000-2008. He left the off-season after they won the World Series in 2008 and signed with the Rays who cut him. The Giants picked him up mid-season and he’s played well for them. Now that he’s back in Philly for the NLCS, they wasted little time in welcoming him back in a way only Philly fans can:

By the way, the guy on the left is not calling Burrell a wife cheat; the “S” was covered up, implying that Burrell’s wife is the one who cheats. I’m sure that’s gotta be comforting to see on a sign.

When it comes to Phillies fans, that’s nothing. Check this, this, this, and this out to see what I mean.

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Sign of the Recession: Pat Burrell Only Gets $16 Million as Free Agent

In the off-season baseball free agent pool I had going — the one where I bragged about correctly predicting the Yankees would sign Teixeira and Sabathia — I also had Pat Burrell signing a four-year $60 million deal with the Rangers. That was the low end for contracts we predicted for Burrell, too. The guy may leave a lot to be desired with his defense, strikeout totals, and inconsistent batting average, but it was fair to figure that a 30 home run hitter and near 100 RBI and walk guy would get upwards of three years and 40 million for his services. Why else would he reportedly turn down a measly two year $22 million offer from the Phillies? I, like many others, felt that was a low ball deal by the Phils and that Burrell would comfortably receive more on the market. Apparently not.

For all we know, there could have been other solid offers on the table for Pat, but there likely couldn’t have been anything too significant money-wise otherwise he probably would have taken it. Think about it: Burrell just won the World Series — signing to win a ring probably wasn’t a top priority. Maybe the allure of playing in Florida (he played ball at Miami in college) and for a contender caused him to overlook the few millions he may have been leaving on the table. Still, I can’t believe that he signed for so little money. I guess I’ll brace myself for the impending two-year $20 million contract Adam Dunn signs. Here I was thinking sluggers were a premium and Pat Burrell goes out and signs for just 16 mil. To show you a sign of the times, Andruw Jones got more than that after a .220 season. As for my prediction about Pat signing with the Rangers, it appears as if I wasn’t too far off. And I’m glad the Rays got Burrell; now they’ll have a decent power bat to help them compete in the AL East.