Pat Haden goes onto field to argue with refs (Video)

Pat-HadenUSC came away with a thrilling win over Stanford on Saturday afternoon, but the game did not pass without controversy. These are the Trojans, after all.

USC head coach Steve Sarkisian was not a happy camper when linebacker Hayes Pullard was ejected for targeting after he hit Stanford receiver Ty Montgomery on a kick return. Sarkisian argued the call and ended up picking up an unsportsmanlike penalty of his own when an official ruled that he was standing on the field of play while a play was in progress. Here’s the targeting play that got Sark’s blood boiling:

That’s when USC athletic director Pat Haden somehow became involved. Haden, who had been sitting in a private box, jogged down onto the field at Stanford Stadium to argue with the officials. He later explained during an interview with ESPN’s Heather Cox that Sarkisian had summoned him via text message.

“I got a text just to come down because Sark wanted to talk to me,” Haden said, via Fox Sports. “He felt the penalty was unfair and the referee explained he had warned him, so that’s why he got the penalty. It’s been a really frustrating quarter with the penalties, believe me.”

As if an athletic director arguing with refs in the middle of a game isn’s bad enough, Haden also happens to be one of the 13 members of the College Football Playoff selection committee. His behavior would not have been acceptable for any AD, let alone someone in his position. That was not a good look for the NCAA.

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Desmond Howard Calls Out Pat Haden for Keeping Reggie Bush BCS Money

When Reggie Bush officially decided to “forfeit” the Heisman Trophy he won in 2005, I said it would end the hotly debated topic. Boy was I wrong. A good portion of the day was spent discussing the morality of Bush giving back the Trophy, and maybe Desmond Howard made the best point of all. For someone who didn’t have a lot of opinions on all matters college football last week, the former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner was outspoken on College Football Live Wednesday. He called out new USC athletic director Pat Haden for a hypocritical act:

“Pat Haden, the new athletic director, earlier in the month he said ‘If I were Reggie Bush with Pat Haden’s soul, yes I would give back the Heisman.’ OK, the Heisman’s given back. But Pat Haden, what are you going to now as far as correcting these transgressions? They played with an ineligible player, they went to BCS Bowl Games with an ineligible player, you don’t have the wins no more but you still have the money. What is your soul telling you to do with that money now that you got with an illegal player? That’s the big question that I want to hear answered now.”

Howard’s not the first person I’ve heard say USC should pay back the BCS money they earned while Bush was an ineligible member of the team, but he did a good job relating Haden’s “soul” comment with what Bush finally did. He’s absolutely right. Bush gave back something for which he gave his butt off and rightfully earned on the field (but lost based on what he did off of it). Where’s Haden now to make good on his end? Wouldn’t that be the right, just, and moral thing to do too? Desmond’s absolutely correct. Next move is on you, Pat.