Pat Knight gets thrown out of Lamar game, calls father Bob Knight for advice

Of all the things Lamar basketball coach Pat Knight has inherited from his father, Hall of Fame legend Bob Knight, his passion for the game of basketball seems to be at the forefront. That’s a nice way of saying they both have tremendous tempers.

Pat was ejected from Lamar’s 75-47 loss to Alabama on Tuesday night after he received two technicals while arguing a non-call. In classic Knight fashion, Lamar’s assistant coaches reportedly had to hold him back while he got his “money’s worth” after being tossed by the officials.

“I didn’t earn the first one; I earned the second one,” Knight said after the game. “The physical play, calls need to be called. It’s that simple. It’s tough being a small school coming into a bigger school. You always don’t get the calls. … I got my money’s worth.”

After he was ejected, Knight went to the locker room and called the man he knew would understand exactly how he felt at that moment — his old man.

“(He) said don’t worry about it,” Pat said. “That’s part of the game.”

It’s a bigger part of the game for the Knights than it is for most, as evidenced by Pat’s epic rant on his players last year and moments like this one where he went nuts on the referees. That’s what makes this coaching family so fun to watch.

Pat Knight goes on epic rant, calls seniors the worst he’s ever coached (Video)

Like father, like son. You can’t call one particular group of players out any harder than Pat Knight called out his seniors this week. As you can see from the rant above, the Lamar University head coach is disgusted with the way his upperclassmen have performed this year. If you don’t feel like watching all eight minutes — and I recommend you do — here are some of the best snippets from the press conference, courtesy of Lost Letterman:

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Video: Pat Knight Goes Berserk on Officials in Nebraska Game

Apparently feeling that the sport was losing its touch without his father around lately, Texas Tech coach Pat Knight went nutso on Saturday in the loss to Nebraska. As you can see in the video below, he sprints onto the court to politely disagree with the referee’s judgment on a call. Unsatisfied with the waves he had made, Knight went back for an encore. Pretty solid stuff here, just skip ahead to the :45 mark.

I dunno, I’d have to give that a 3.5 on the scale of Knight family blowups. Maybe if he mixed in a chair throw or some physical contact he could have boosted that score by a few points. Good thing he was wearing sneakers in support of the Coaches vs. Cancer week; I’m not sure he would have made as good of time in wingtips.

As for an explanation for the blowup, Knight says he was defending his players:

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