Jason LaBarbera Honors Pat Tillman on New Goalie Mask (Picture)

Scoping goalie masks is a fun thing to do for hockey fans. Masks allow the goaltenders to express their personalities through personalized decorations. Some guys go elaborate, some go simple, and some people go patriotic. That’s what Phoenix Coyotes goalie Jason LaBarbera decided to do, as Puck Daddy informs us:

LaBarbera apparently wanted to pay tribute to the military, and decided to do so by choosing one of the best role models possible. Former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman is pictured in his football uniform, and also alongside his brother in Army Ranger gear. Tillman, as you probably know, turned down a multi-million dollar contract from the Arizona Cardinals because he wanted to join the military and protect the country after 9/11.

Puck Daddy spoke with artist David Arrigo, who explained some of the mask’s finer design points.

“Multiples stars and maple leafs that serve as a tribute to “both Canadian and American forces serving in their respective theaters,” said Arrigo. “On the front of the mask is a yellow ribbon, an acknowledgement that those serving overseas are in the thoughts of those back home.”

Head over to Arrigo’s website for more pictures of the mask. We never thought too much of LaBarbera’s goaltending abilities, but we think highly of him now after seeing his tribute. Nice job all the way around, gentlemen.

Billy Mayfair Wears Pat Tillman Jersey as Tribute During Phoenix Open (Pictures)

Golfer Billy Mayfair is from Phoenix and lives in Scottsdale — a born-and-bred Arizona native. He went to college at Arizona State, so he decided to use his second round Saturday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open as an opportunity to pay tribute to Pat Tillman.

Tillman is a former Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year for Arizona State who played for the Arizona Cardinals but left them to join the Army Rangers. Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan and is widely considered to be a hero and role model.

Mayfair put the jersey on for the 16th hole and his drive hit the pin, lipping out in what was nearly a hole in one. He ended up with a birdie on the hole. Mayfair is several strokes off the lead, but no doubt he’s the fan favorite after that tribute.