Serena Williams: Patrick Mouratoglou thinks like my dad

Serena Williams Patrick MouratoglouSerena Williams is playing some outstanding tennis and, at 31, may be getting better with age. She won Wimbledon and the US Open last year, and she captured the French Open this year. Williams was upset by Sloane Stephens in the quarters at the Australian and Sabine Lisicki in the fourth round at Wimbledon this year, but she’s looking dominant through the quarterfinals in Flushing. Williams’ new coach and boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou is getting a lot of credit for helping Serena play so well.

Mouratoglou’s coaching relationship with Williams was the subject of a USA Today Sports feature on Monday. In the article, Williams says a big reason why she and Mouratoglou connect is because Mouratoglou is similar to her father, Richard Williams, who was her original coach.

“That’s the only reason I was able to work with him — because of that mind frame,” Williams told USA Today. “We have the same forward way of thinking.”

Williams elaborated on that thought in a post-match interview on ESPN’s set following her 6-0, 6-0 win over Carla Suarez Navarro in the quarterfinals.

“The things [Mouratoglou] told me were identical to some of the things that my dad says,” Williams explained. “That’s the only reason I could work with him because if it weren’t for my dad, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

Williams also said that problems in her personal life led her to leave the US to train in France. There were some rumors that she was having difficulty with her father, which could be the personal issues to which she alluded.

“I was going through some stuff in my personal life and I just needed to get out of the states. I went to France and needed a place to practice, and that’s how the relationship started,” Williams told Hannah Storm.

Williams and Mouratoglou declined to discuss their personal relationship in the article. Reports first surfaced last year that the two were dating, though Williams later denied the claims. They have been photographed together in romantic embraces, and Maria Sharapova essentially confirmed the relationship during a spat with Serena earlier this year.

They might not want to talk about it, but there’s no denying that Mouratoglou seems to be good for Williams’ game.

Serena Williams denies dating coach Patrick Mouratoglou

A report came out two weeks ago saying that Serena Williams was dating her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, after photos were published showing the two awfully cozy on the street. Even though Williams and Mouratoglou were photographed with arms around one another, and Serena had her hand down Patrick’s back pocket, the tennis star is trying to tell us that they’re not dating.

More pictures of the two together have been published, including ones of them out shopping and Mouratoglou holding Serena’s purse. But if you think they’re dating, you’ve got the wrong idea, says Serena. Check out this tweet she sent on Sunday:

You got that? It’s the photographers’ fault that we’re all thinking they’re dating. I mean who would honestly get that idea after seeing Serena put her hand on her coach’s behind? Shame on us for making that improbable leap.

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Serena Williams possibly dating her coach Patrick Mouratoglou

After her disappointing loss in the first round of the French Open back in April (during which she was an emotional wreck), Serena Williams began working with a new coach in France. In the process, she may also have found herself a new boyfriend.

Serena and Patrick Mouratoglou were recently spotted in France together looking like far more than just a teacher and his pupil. As you can see from these photos that were posted on the French website PK Tennis, Williams and Mouratoglou were walking down the streets of Paris with their arms around each other. At one point, Serena even had her hand in Mouratoglou’s back pocket. Saucy!

Last week, Mouratoglou told the Gettysburg Times (via the Detroit Free Press) how his professional relationship with Williams began.

“She said, ‘I want to win Wimbledon, I want to start now,'” he explained. “That’s simple. That’s how it started.”

The interesting thing here is that all we ever hear from Serena is how she doesn’t do relationships. Since the beginning of the year, she has talked about how she hasn’t been on a date in forever, how she is totally done dating and how she plays better when she’s single. Maybe dating someone who helps you with tennis eliminates all those concerns?

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