Steve Spurrier jabs Paul Finebaum over prediction (Video)

Steve SpurrerSteve Spurrier can talk trash with the best of them. He can also coach with the best of them. And after coaching South Carolina to a 38-35 win over Georgia Saturday, Spurrier decided to take a little jab at respected SEC media personality Paul Finebaum.

“I knew we had a good chance to beat ‘em when I heard Finebaum picked ‘em to win by about 25 points. He picked Alabama to beat Oklahoma by 25 too, so I said we got a chance tonight,” Spurrier said.

“I like Paul Finebaum. I’m just kidding him a little bit. He has a tendency to miss a lot.”

Awesome. Love Spurrier. But was he actually mistaken?

C’mon, Paul. Don’t ruin a good storyline!

Audio: ‘Smokey’ Calls into Paul Finebaum Radio Show Despite Having Heart Attack

We have a section here at LBS called “crazy fans” where we write about people so passionate about their teams that they lose perspective of normalcy. For instance, there was that Arizona Cardinals fan who got a tattoo on his butt for tickets to the NFC Championship Game. Or there was this Packers fan who let his toes freeze off to watch Green Bay play. Most of these incidents center around fans of a team, but I believe we have our first example of someone so passionate about a radio show that he ended up in this category.

On Thursday, a caller named “Smokey” called Paul Finebaum’s radio show despite having a heart attack. I was alerted to this insanity by SI reporter Andy Staples who tweeted out the news via Dennis Dodd, and of course I had to check into the show to hear it myself. Sure enough, Smokey put a nurse on to confirm he was in the hospital. Worst part of all, Finebaum kept the guy on hold for 15 minutes because he had no idea the guy was actually having a heart attack. Listen to this classic audio:

That’s how you know you’ve truly arrived as a radio program. You don’t have a following until your callers dial you up from the ER, you know?