Paul George says he ‘blacked out’ after collision with Dwyane Wade (Video)

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George took a knee to the head from Dwyane Wade during his team’s Game 2 loss to the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. Wade lost control of his handle early in the fourth quarter and George got a hand on it, which sent both players scrambling for the loose ball. Wade inadvertently kneed George in the head in the process.

George remained facedown on the court for a short period of time and the Pacers called a timeout. Indiana fans breathed a sigh of relief when their two-time All Star remained in the game, but George later made some disturbing comments about the injury.


“I blacked out as soon as it happened and then … however much time was remaining, I was just blurry,” George said, via SI.com’s Point Forward. “The trainers will look at it and see what [symptoms] are going to be from that. We’re just going to go day to day with it, I guess.”

Technically, the trainers should have looked at it before allowing George to remain in the game. The symptoms he described (blacking out and blurred vision) sure sound like a concussion, but Pacers.com writer Scott Agness was told George answered all of the necessary questions on the bench before staying on the floor.

Per league rules, George must be symptom-free for 24 hours before he can play again. The league will likely monitor the situation closely because of his postgame comments. Then again, this is the NBA. It’s all about the product.

Couple of Wizards bros get inside Paul George’s head (Video)

Wizards fans Paul GeorgeWashington Wizards fans got a bad rap this postseason for not providing a loud, rowdy home environment for their team. That’s probably part of the reason why the Wiz went 1-4 at home in the playoffs. But it sure wasn’t for a lack of effort on the part of those two bros seen in the video at top.

These two bros seemed to get inside Paul George’s head as the Pacers forward was taking the ball out by the sidelines. The trash talk continued when George was subbed out. The fans were getting so rowdy that security even had to step in.

The fans may have been onto something; George went 4-of-11 for 12 points and wasn’t quite as productive as usual.

Video via Beyond the Buzzer
Well spotted by tipster Arsen D.

Roy Hibbert credits Paul George for his Game 2 turnaround

Roy HibbertRoy Hibbert finally showed up for the Indiana Pacers after over a month-long slump that saw him mocked endlessly for his poor play.

Hibbert scored 28 points on 10-of-13 shooting and grabbed 9 rebounds in the 86-82 Game 2 win to even Indiana’s series with the Washington Wizards. The 28-point performance topped Hibbert’s combined point total (23) for the previous six playoff games.

In an interview with TNT’s Tracy Wolfson after the game, Hibbert credited teammate Paul George for his turnaround.

“Paul took me out on his boat yesterday and we just sat there and we just fished for a long time. We didn’t even talk about basketball. So I think this one is really attributed to Paul’s love and care for me as a friend and teammate. So I’m thankful for such great teammates,” Hibbert said.

That’s a pretty significant comment for several reasons. One, it shows that sometimes just getting your mind off the game is the best way to regroup. Two, it shows how a teammate really helped Hibbert. And three, it also seems to crush the silly rumor that Hibbert and George had a major conflict over a girl. I don’t think they’d be out fishing together like that if they really had beef over a woman.

Paul George on Instagram denies rumors about girlfriend issues with Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert Paul George Instagram

Paul George broke one of the LBS cardinal rules by going on Instagram Tuesday to squash a rumor about him and Roy Hibbert having girl trouble. And what rule is that? Never ever address a rumor, because that just gives us a reason to write up a story we would ordinarily ignore.

Let’s start with George’s Instagram post, which featured a photo of him, George Hill and Hibbert out fishing. Here is the caption he wrote for the photo:

“These rumors have got to stop! Its gettin old now and all you that believe them are ignorant! #Brothers”

The rumors are so typical and so formulaic, too. You know, sometimes teams are broken up by girl problems, but most of the time stupid websites just start the rumors any time players go into seemingly inexplicable slumps or get traded away. As soon as a top player is traded, a site makes up a rumor that a teammate was sleeping with his wife or girlfriend. It happens all the time, and it’s usually b.s. And that’s what happened here.

Baller Alert posted on Monday that Hibbert has gone into the mental tank upon learning that George was sleeping with his girl. They also say the fight between Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson was sparked by this issue.

We don’t believe this story just like we don’t believe most of the stupid rumors, though occasionally some of them are true. But if George hadn’t said anything at all, we wouldn’t have even posted about the rumor in the first place.

UPDATE: After his strong Game 2, Hibbert specifically said Paul George was the reason for his turnaround. How much of a personal conflict could they have if he’s saying that?

Paul George could be facing suspension for leaving bench during fight (Video)

The NBA will review a fight between George Hill and Mike Scott that took place during the second quarter of Game 6 between the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks on Thursday for potential punishments.

The fight took place during the final 20 seconds of the first half after Hill and Scott got tangled under the basket. The two got in each other’s faces for a few seconds, and that’s when Paul George and Rasual Butler got off the bench.

Paul George bench

Butler took a few steps onto the court, while George only was a step or two on it. The Pacers’ coaches did a good job keeping the players away.

The NBA can suspend players for leaving the bench in the vicinity of a fight. The league actually made a controversial decision to suspend Amar’e Stoudemire and Boris Diaw in the 2007 playoff series between the Suns and Spurs, which helped San Antonio win the series and eventual NBA championship. Let’s hope the league doesn’t make the same mistake again.

Both Hill and Scott received technical fouls for the fight. Hopefully they’re the only two players disciplined in the matter.

Paul George’s home robbed of $15K in jewelry and shoes

Paul George PacersMonday night was not an easy night for Indiana Pacers forward Paul George. While his team was losing Game 5 to the Atlanta Hawks and falling behind 3-2 in the opening round of the playoffs, George’s home was reportedly being burglarized.

ABC 6 in Indianapolis is reporting that George’s home was robbed sometime between 7:15 and 11:45 p.m. on Monday. George’s parents, who live with him, returned home late Monday night to discover that drawers and cabinets were opened and the alarm leading into the wine room was going off.

Police said the thieves made off with about $15,000 worth of jewelry and shoes. Among the missing items were George’s 2014 NBA Platinum All-Star ring, 15 watches and a pair of Air Jordan 4 “Toro” sneakers.

There was reportedly no sign of forced entry into the home, which could be explained by George’s parents’ admission that they did not lock the door when they left because they didn’t have a key. The home’s alarm system was also not set, according to police. The thieves apparently let themselves in through a door in the rear of the house.

All this on a night in which a Pacers fan was heard harassing George for traveling and not playing up to his All-Star ability? Talk about one to forget.

H/T The Big Lead

Pacers fan heckles Paul George for traveling vs Hawks (Video)

Paul George PacersPacers fans were rightfully disgusted with the team for falling behind by 21 points in the first half of Game 5 of their playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks, and one disgusted fan’s heckling was captured by NBATV.

After Paul George was called for traveling on Indiana’s final possession of the first half, one fan could be heard giving the forward some crap.

The fan scolded George for traveling, questioned him for not playing up to his All-Star level, and then got on him for losing the game (and series) to Atlanta.

Pacers fans aren’t having any of this bullcrap!