Atlanta Braves 3B Paul Janish broke his nose lifting weights

Paul-Janish-BravesAtlanta Braves infielder Paul Janish recently lost a battle in the weight room. And not the type of battle where you try to bench press 350 and can only get 325; he lost the type of battle where a weight falls off the rack and drills you in the nose.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Janish was working out last Friday when a 45-pound weight fell off a squat rack and hit him in the face.

“It was a freak deal,” Janish explained. “I’ve had some stitches, but it’s not bad. It doesn’t affect anything so long as I don’t get hit in the nose again. It’s just a little uncomfortable. It’s all right.”

Janish is a utility man who appeared in 52 games this season, mostly as a late-inning replacement. He hit only .171 and drove in just two runs, so the Braves haven’t exactly missed his bat. However, he is currently the only backup infielder on Atlanta’s roster. Fortunately for Atlanta, Janish said the injury is not one that would keep him out.

Our consistently-growing list of weird injuries features a number of baseball bumps and bruises and funny mishaps, but taking a 45-pound dumbbell to the face is no laughing matter.

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Does Paul Janish Deserve Induction?

In case you’re wondering how this works, yes, I scan MLB boxscores each night. I’m not looking at standings, I’m not looking at pitching lines, I’m not looking at who went deep. There is only one thing on my mind when on Sombrero alert: the K column. And as soon as I see a “4,” my eyes light up. I saw that tonight, unfortunately it was next to the name Paul Janish (pronounced Yawn-ish, no surprise). Yawnish put the home crowd to sleep in Cincy taking the collar against the Red Sox. He punched out three times against Justin Masterson, twice swinging and once looking, and K’d the final time swinging against reliever David Aardsma. Luckily for Yawnish, Jay Bruce and Adam Dunn picked up the offensive slack, and Aaron Harang was on top of his game to make up for the 0fer. The Reds beat the Red Sox 3-1.

But onto more important items, I’m not so sure Yawnish even deserves induction into the LBS Golden Sombrero Club. When a rookie is batting just .204 with only one extra base hit, it’s hard to really consider him a legit inductee. I need guys who will have some sort of longevity so one day in the future we can reminisce and say “remember back when he took the Golden Sombrero?” I’m not sure we have much more than a guy just filling a hole here who we won’t ever hear from in two years. For now, I’ll be lenient, but let it be known: this is a reluctant induction of Paul Janish into the LBS Golden Sombrero Club. Consider yourself honored, Mr. Janish. The pleasure’s all yours. Just take a look at the company.