Joe Paterno merchandise reportedly still in demand in State College

Despite the minefield of ugly findings made public Thursday after the Freeh investigation into the Penn State scandal, Joe Paterno merchandise continues to sit prominently in many State College, Pa., shops. And, if sales meant anything, they’d suggest that Paterno is still a popular and beloved figure in the Penn State community.

Here’s The Daily Collegian:

[T]oday in downtown State College, “JoePa” shirts hung on sale racks lining the sidewalks, cardboard cutouts stood in storefront windows and photographs of the former head coach running onto the field lined the walls of shops.

Despite controversy, many stores continue selling their stock of Joe Paterno merchandise. [...] Although a decrease in demand for Paterno merchandise could happen, some feel that there will still be a market for it in the future.

“We are going to continue selling Paterno merchandise as long as there is a demand for it and we continue seeing a demand for it,” one store manager said.

“Paterno is the legend here, a lot of people admire him and he was a very good coach and a great person,” one store owner added. “As long as [the artist] will make the pillows, we will sell them.”

Since the Freeh Report’s release, much debate has arisen on whether the university should remove the Paterno statue outside of Beaver Stadium. But how can Penn State expect the removal of the statue going over smoothly in the community if people are still buying frivolous T-shirts and pillows of the man?

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Bobby Bowden: Joe Paterno statue should be removed

Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno had an ongoing rivalry to see who could outlast the other to top the leaderboard for most wins in a coaching career. Bowden was forced out as head coach of Florida State in 2009 after the Seminoles became a mediocre team. Paterno refused to step down as coach at Penn State, allowing him to surpass Bowden.

In light of being peers and competitors, Bowden has been speaking about the Penn State scandal and has offered some harsh criticism of Paterno’s legacy. He told several radio programs, including Tom Krasniqi of WDAE, that Paterno’s statue should be removed from Penn State.

“If I was Joe Paterno’s family, I would want it taken down,” Bowden told Krasniqi. “Every time they play a game in that stadium, the cameras are going to flash down on that statue of Joe, and it’s going to bring up again this thing with Sandusky. To me, Penn State needs to get that behind them somehow. They gotta pay for the sins — that’s going to cost them a whole lot of money — but every time they see that statue, they’re going to bring that up. I’d hate for his family to have to go through that the rest of their lives.”

His characterization of Paterno’s legacy was equally harsh.

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Kirk Herbstreit still defending Joe Paterno’s legacy

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit spoke about Joe Paterno’s legacy on Thursday and showed little understanding about the significance of the Freeh commission’s findings.

Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback, was one of the few people who used his platform on ESPN to defend Joe Paterno the day the late coach was exposed for covering up years of Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia.

“Obviously I think a lot of us in the college football world are stunned by the details of the report,” Herbstreit said. “I think it’s very easy to sit here today and look at all the things that Joe Paterno did not do, and clearly that’s going to have a major, major impact on his legacy.

“At the same time, there are so many former Penn State players that I’ve met over the last 15 or 20 years. If there’s one school that I’m always impressed with their alumni and always impressed with the guys who played football for Joe Paterno, of all the universities out there, the one school that I would say that seems to be a step above everybody else, it’s the Penn State players. And Joe Paterno had a lot to do with how those guys went through that program and how they turned out to be. I think to completely turn away from that is doing his legacy an injustice.”

Famed college football announcer Brent Musburger was too disgusted by the report’s findings to discuss Paterno’s legacy. Mark May, another ESPN college football analyst, termed Paterno as “morally culpable” as Jerry Sandusky. Herbstreit sung a different tune.

“This is going to have a long-term effect. People are talking about bringing down the statue, Nike’s already stepped up and they’re going to take his name off of what they’ve done out there, so it’s going to have a big impact. But at the same time,” Herbstreit said, “I’m also going to choose to remember some of the good that he did, and the lives that he touched of young men that went through his program.”

Herbstreit was then asked how the findings would impact Penn State’s football program moving forward. I guess they missed the big message that Penn State’s problem was prioritizing football over everything else.

As for a response to Herbstreit, Paterno may have positively impacted many lives, but how much is that worth when compared to the lives of innocent children he severely damaged because he wanted to protect his football program? Not much to me. For an extremely well written piece on Paterno’s damaged legacy, read this brilliant column by Yahoo!’s Dan Wetzel.

New Penn State Trustee Anthony Lubrano needs a dose of this little thing called reality (Video)

What planet are we on? Is this for real? We all know Penn State and its devoted clan live in their own little bubble in State College where things known as “facts” and “reality” get brushed aside for popular opinion, but this is absurd.

Anthony Lubrano, who was recently elected as a Penn State Board of Trustee member, needs to be sent to a far, far away land to where his thoughts have little to no affect on actual life. The above video was uploaded to YouTube on March 15 as a campaign video to help Lubrano get elected to the Penn State Board of Trustees. For Lubrano to not only say that Joe Paterno wasn’t involved at all in the crimes, but that this wasn’t a Penn State scandal? Dude needs to be stabbed in the nuts to wake him up and bring him back to the real world.

Screw the absurdness of the denial part, did you catch the part to where Lubrano wants Paterno to be named head football coach of Penn State, posthumously? Meaning give the dude who’s been basically a walking corpse for 8 years but is now officially dead his job back. Seems sane.

These are the people still running Penn State. It’s an extremely scary thought and it shows us that not much had changed concerning the attitude of Penn Staters as of March.

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Scott Paterno, Jay Paterno still denying the truth about father Joe’s cover-up

The Freeh investigation into the events surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse concluded that Joe Paterno knew about the 1998 shower incident and that he was instrumental in administering a cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes. The commission’s most incriminating evidence against Joe Paterno comes from information found in two emails.

A 1998 email from Tim Curley to Gary Schultz said Paterno was “anxious to know” where the investigation stood. A 2001 email from Curley to Schultz said Curley no longer wanted to confront Sandusky about the shower incident McQueary witnessed after “talking it over with Joe (Paterno).”

That hard evidence has been lost on Paterno’s sons Scott and Joe.

“I honestly believe that it [sic] a situation where people who thought they were doing the right thing made mistakes,” Scott Paterno told The Patriot-News. “I know my father did not know Jerry was a pedophile and did not suspect he was a pedophile. Everything I saw in the Freeh commission report supports that. He reported what he saw in 2001, and the 1998 case was investigated.”

Scott omits the information from the email that says Curley decided not to address Sandusky’s 2001 anal rape of a child after “talking it over with Joe.”

Meanwhile, Jay Paterno, a former Penn State coach, came off looking even worse during an interview on SportsCenter. He did his best to poke holes in the Freeh report but instead came off looking like a liar and man in denial.

“This is not a legal document in any way,” Jay Paterno said. “This has a much lower bar and burden of proof. It’s really an opinion. There are no new facts in here, just some new interpretations of things.”

Apparently Jay doesn’t consider inside emails to be facts, unless he believes they were fabricated by the commission. But that wasn’t all he offered.

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Freeh investigation concludes Joe Paterno knew about 1998 shower incident, was instrumental in Jerry Sandusky cover-up

The Freeh investigation commissioned by Penn State released its findings on Thursday morning and confirmed the public’s worst fears: Joe Paterno and other Penn State leaders knew in 1998 that Jerry Sandusky was a child sex abuser, and they let him continue his behavior because they wanted to protect the football program’s image.

The first sentence in the “Findings” section of the Freeh report (download PDF here) states the disturbing truth: “The most saddening finding by the Special Investigative Counsel is the total and consistent disregard by the most senior leaders at Penn State for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims.”

The report concludes that some of Penn State’s most powerful men — including Joe Paterno — knew that Jerry Sandusky was investigated in 1998 for showering with a boy. Their response in 1998, and in 2001 after Mike McQueary told them he saw Sandusky anal raping a young boy, was essentially that Sandusky could continue to do what he wants so long as it weren’t on Penn State property. The report also finds the Penn State Board of Trustees at fault for not holding the highest university administrators accountable and for not investigating matters when they learned Sandusky was being investigated by a grand jury in 2011.

Below is some of the most damning info from the press release:

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Roddy White defends Joe Paterno, Penn State with incredibly ignorant tweets

For those of you who didn’t already think someone needs to ban Roddy White from Twitter, this should officially seal the deal. On Thursday, Freeh’s firm produced a 267-page report from their eight-month investigation into the Penn State scandal. The investigation revealed that Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials covered up child abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky in order to protect the image of the football program.

Freeh said in a news conference that Paterno “was an integral part of this active decision to conceal” and deserved to be fired. White apparently disagrees and decided to send this incredibly insensitive string of tweets to share his thoughts with the public.

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