Penn State Board of Trustees’ Inconsistent Firings Show They Still Care More About Image than Principles

When the Penn State Board of Trustees acted during the week, they decided to fire two people: head football coach Joe Paterno and president Graham Spanier.

There is one very simple reason for firing Joe Paterno: he did not respond well enough to a serious allegation brought to his attention by Mike McQueary in 2002. Most people should be able to agree with that, and if you believe that, it’s hard to disagree with firing him.

The firing of Spanier made slightly less sense. According to the grand jury presentment, Spanier was not involved in the meeting between McQueary and vice president Gary Schultz, and athletic director Tim Curley. Spanier was only involved when told of the actions Schultz and Curley were taking towards Jerry Sandusky in response to a “horsing around” incident in the shower.

Since perjury charges were brought towards Schultz and Curley, the grand jury believes those two were the ones who lied. And that’s where the Board of Trustees acted inconsistently.

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Ex-Penn State Player Raising Money to Pay for Jerry Sandusky’s Legal Defense

One former Penn State player is leading a fund-raising effort to help pay for the legal defense of former Penn State football player and coach Jerry Sandusky, who is reportedly facing around 40 counts of sexual abuse. We agree that everyone is entitled to a legal defense, but how can you possibly contribute funds to someone facing as many charges of child sex abuse as Jerry Sandusky?

The person organizing the effort is Sam Stellatella, who sent $100 to Sandusky to help pay for his defense. He also sent letters to teammates on his 1959 Liberty Bowl winning team to urge them to contribute.

Stellatella’s efforts show complete ignorance. First off, Stellatella says he hasn’t read the grand jury presentment. This man is supporting Sandusky because he doesn’t understand what Sandusky did. Do you think anyone who read about the eight alleged victims of Sandusky would contribute money towards his legal defense? Does Stellatella think all these children are lying? Stellatella wants to help protect a man who allegedly anal raped, fondled, molested, and had oral sex with multiple children, and is urging others to do the same.

It’s time to wake up and recognize that Jerry Sandusky, if all is true, is pure evil. He is a monster. He’s not a good ol’ boy. He’s not a Penn State lifer. He is a serial child sex abuser.

How on earth can anyone support that? The only way you can is if your mentality is to support Penn State football no matter what. That’s the exact mentality that may have resulted in a cover-up of years of child sex abuse in the name of protecting a football program.

Maybe Stellatella’s efforts mirrors the mentality of many people who were involved with the situation: they did not care, or want to know, what Sandusky was doing, so long as it didn’t affect the football program.

Mike McQueary Reportedly in Protective Custody and Done Coaching Penn State

Joe Paterno was fired as Penn State’s football coach this week. The school’s president, Graham Spanier, was also fired. Athletic director Tim Curley was placed on administrative leave. Former Vice President of Business and Finance, Gary Schultz, stepped down. That took care of mostly all the important figures involved in the Jerry Sandusky investigation which appears to have involved a cover-up.

The one person who curiously remained employed was Mike McQueary, who was said to have witnessed an anal rape by Sandusky in 2002. According to a report, he informed the Penn State wide receivers Friday that he’s no longer their coach.

The Patriot-News says McQueary spoke with his wide receivers during a conference call Friday and told them he was hiding in protective custody, and that he was done as the team’s receivers coach. He reportedly told them he’s not in State College anymore, and that he’d double-fisting drinks (drinking alocholic drinks two at a time).

It’s no surprise McQueary’s drinking heavily — few people are in a more difficult position than him right now. He’s one of the most important witnesses in the case.

UPDATE: The Patriot-News’ story has been updated. They say McQueary’s “protective custody” comment was a bad joke that the players took seriously. The double-fisting drinks comment was also removed from the story.

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Nobody Believed Jerry Sandusky’s 1999 Retirement Was for Good

There is a popular theory regarding a potential Penn State cover-up that suggests former defensive coordinator/alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky was forced to retire in 1999, shortly after University Police investigated him for a sexual assault allegation.

We have asked the question: Why was the 1998 investigation called off by the University Police director? It is quite possible they didn’t press forward because the prosecutors didn’t think they had enough evidence for a conviction. It’s also possible that the investigation was called off because the athletic department/football program got involved and told them that they would make Sandusky go away if campus police made the incident go away.

Supporting the theory that Sandusky was forced out are the comments from a December 26th, 1999 article appearing in The Vindicator, a Youngstown (Ohio) newspaper. (Credit to Busted Coverage for finding the article). Here is an excerpt from the article:

He is leaving Penn State, but nobody believes this retirement gig is for good. Not even Sandusky. After all, one reason he is leaving now is because of an attractive retirement plan offered to state employees this summer. He has turned down coaching offers in the past. He might not if something opens next year.

“I’ll coach,” [Jerry Sandusky] said. “I’m going to coach at football camps. I have to do that. I might coach midget leagues.”

He said he might decide he needs to coach Division I again.

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Barry Switzer: Penn State Coaches Had to Know About Jerry Sandusky

Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer is saying what many people believe about Joe Paterno and his coaching staff at Penn State: they had to know about Jerry Sandusky. What gives Switzer’s word slightly more credence is that he was the head coach of a big-time college football program for 16 years and was a coach in other capacities for an additional 20 years.

“Having been in this profession a long time and knowing how close coaching staffs are, I knew that this was a secret that was kept secret,” Switzer told The Oklahoman. “Everyone on that staff had to have known, the ones that had been around a long time.”

The question is: To what end did they know? Did they know that Jerry Sandusky was investigated in 1998 for alleged sexual assaults? Or did they just think his attachment to kids was a bit strange? We’ve also heard the opposite from people who believe Sandusky was just a good guy who was charitable.

If the coaches, including Joe Paterno, knew that Jerry Sandusky had a history of alleged sexual assaults and still did little after the alleged ’02 anal rape witnessed by Mike McQueary, then the conclusion that there was a systemic coverup is fair. But if they did not know about past abuse investigations, and just thought something was odd, then Paterno’s behavior was somewhat more understandable.

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Jerry Sandusky Could Face Criminal Charges in San Antonio

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky could face criminal charges in San Antonio for sexually abusing a young boy while the two were in Texas for the Alamo Bowl.

The grand jury’s investigation of Sandusky says one of the alleged victims was listed as a family member of Jerry Sandusky when the team traveled to San Antonio for the 1999 Alamo Bowl. Sandusky was alleged to have abused the boy on the trip. He was also said to have threatened to send the boy home if he did not cooperate with Sandusky’s sexual advances.

San Antonio Police Sgt. Chris Benaviedes says the police department is investigating the allegations for a possible crime. However, Bexar County First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg believes any investigation would be an uphill climb.

“All we have is an allegation contained in a an indictment from another jurisdiction. We have no evidence, no complainant yet,” he told reporter Michael Board. “It’s a preliminary inquiry.

“Obviously, in something like this, when (District Attorney Susan) Reed heard about it, she and the police chief were very concerned about it. We are going to taking what action we can to see if a case can be built.”

Who knows if they’ll be able to build a case, but this speaks to the level of animosity people have towards Sandusky. San Antonio has plenty of crimes to investigate, but because this is so visible for the public, and because people are so outraged, they want to do something to discipline him. I’m sure most people won’t disagree with their decision.

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Why Did Campus Police Director Call Off 1998 Jerry Sandusky Investigation?

The number of alleged sexual abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky reportedly now numbers 20. The amount of abuse counts he reportedly will face is in the 40s. Given the depth and breadth of his alleged sexual abuse of children over at least a 15-year period, why didn’t we know about it earlier, and why wasn’t it stopped earlier? Those are some of the most important questions to ponder.

Based on the grand jury presentment, we know that the first alleged assault by Sandusky that was reported to police occurred in 1998.

Sandusky had taken a child to work out and essentially forced the 11-year-old boy to shower with him after their workout, even though the child was not sweaty. The boy says Sandusky forced him to shower next to him even though he didn’t want to. He says he was bear-hugged by Sandusky in the shower.

When the boy was dropped off at home, his mother questioned him about his wet hair. She called University Police to report the incident.

The grand jury presentment says a lengthy investigation was conducted by the University Police — led by detective Ronald Shreffler. The county’s district attorney decided there would not be criminal charges, even though Sandusky admitted to an investigator he had hugged the child in the shower while acknowledging the behavior was wrong. The investigation included a second child that experienced nearly the same thing as the first child.

Clearly a pattern was established that Sandusky had done this with two children. Why wasn’t he charged for the reported incidents in 1998? Why did the University Police director, Thomas Harmon, tell the detective to close the investigation?

The answer to these important questions may point to the beginnings of where a school-wide cover-up to protect the image of the football program began. But before we make that charge, we must know why the investigation was closed and why they didn’t charge Jerry Sandusky — a decision that resulted in countless other children allegedly being abused.

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